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For Hearing Impaired How to make Crochet Round Shell - Catherine's Wheel Blanket Tutorial Online Class YouTube #26

Happy Spring Crabelax!! It was brought to my attention that this video for a crochet knit blanket didn't have instructions for the hearing impaired on youtube.  So now it does have translations and closed captions for the hearing impaired knitters and crocheters on youtube.

With this blanket we are working with the double crochet and single crochet to form a circle.  It's that time of year again for new babies, weddings, birthdays, family reunion celebrations and summer events.  This will be a fun knit crochet stitch.

Happy Crochet Knitting
Peace Love and Avocados
Teresa Richardson

I'm updating my email list. Can you please PM me your current email address?

I'm updating my email list. Can you please PM me your current email address to

Pussy Cat Hat Project - How to Knit Crochet Tutorial

Make your own Knit Crochet Pussy Cat Hat.  You are even welcome to make a video and copy what I do in the video, then upload it to youtube.

Inbox me at for knit crochet ideas you want to see in the future.

The red hot sexy knife challenge #1901

The red hot sexy knife challenge #1901

hello friends family and internet I'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang
out and explore the universe with me
now please remember to subscribe if
you're new subscribe and watch the video
the whole way through share it with your
this is the red hot sexy knife challenge
so other people are doing it with the
blowtorch and all that and i decided i
don't have all that so I'm going to do
it my way so I found some red paper here
spud is gonna help me
oh he's biting my hand so let's look
see if we can do no let's see if we
can make when oh no come here
scissors could be as dangerous as a red
hot knife
I don't know if I'll get this done or not because
he's being naughty
oh goodness okay you sit no no oh hes trying to
oh this isn't gonna work out
oh he's gonna knock the camera down ok
let's see we need to cut the knife
no no okay nobody wants to see your butt
oh no Spud ok
oh no he&…