Tuesday, December 27, 2016

If god is so good, how come he doesn't cure cancer and let's people die?

If god is so good, how come he doesn't cure cancer and let's people die? Live Day Vlog #1894

ok guys answer me this if god is so good
how come he doesn't cure cancer
how come all these years there hasn't
been a cure for cancer or a cure for
muscular dystrophy remember all the
years of the Jerry Lewis muscular
dystrophy telethon and they raised all
that money what they do with it
how come there's and it's always a cure
raise a you know for raising money for for
a cure but yet no cures ever happen
no cures ever happened with cancer but
yet they have medication for everything
if god is so good why do people die from
why does he let people die from cancer
yeah that's the thing all these diseases
and they get the people who are the
sickest out raising the money for
feeling sorry for corporations they're
the ones doing the legwork raising all
the money but yet nothing ever gets
solved it
it never nothing ever gets cured so yeah
that's the question of this video's if
god is so good how come
cancer is still around.

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Nature's Lullaby

Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays - The End of Times is Near

Well, its the time of the year where the year ends and then it immediately begins after it ends. So every day is an end of times and a new beginning to new times. The Numpties are celebrating the end of fall and the beginning of winter, which is more of a generic celebration to holiday festivals. You see, congress still wants to get the day off as a federal worker and holiday pay for work they don't do. However getting the day off for a religious holiday violates the law of the land with separation of church and state. So now we are being reconditioned to celebrate a new holiday and festival so those lazy congressmen, house and senate don't have to go to work to continue not doing work, they were already not doing.
I have always been fine with creating a new holiday, more embracing of everyone, instead of a holiday where people are discriminated and told they are going to hell in a hand basket for being a sinner.
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

How To Winter Holiday Crochet Knit Puff Hat Beanie Google Home Live Stream Hangout

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Winter Holiday Crochet Knit Puff Hat Google Home Live Stream Hangout

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why do you love Inflatable Dolls in your yard? Google Live Streaming at Home Free MP3 Download

Why do you love Inflatable Dolls in your yard? Google Live Streaming Free MP3 Download

I have gone on a journey cycling to see if I can figure out why you guys like inflatable dolls in your yards.  Toys, ornaments and all the junk.  During the day, the inflatable dolls are flat and dead in the yards during the day.

ok we're doing our holiday tour and I
want to know what is that you guys love
about inflatable crap holiday Christmas
crap and toys and ornaments in yards
what is it? I know I don't have room to store everything
and we got joseph and mary and over here we
got some reindeers and the snowman and
yeah so well will drive further down or
ride a drive
we're driving my bike  oh and heres some
trees so must be last left over from the
oh they got rocks dropped off so let's
go around the corner here

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Does Christmas Make you Cringe?

What do you celebrate this time of the year?  I thought I would find something fitting to this time of the year even though everyone has their different celebrations and traditions they do.  Leave me a comment and tell me about your celebrations here on my blog powered by blogger blog.

Hanukkah is celebrated by the Jews The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a unique candelabrum, the nine-branched menorah (also called a Chanukiah/Hanukiah), one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. The typical menorah consists of eight branches with an additional visually distinct branch. The extra light, with which the others are lit, is called a shamash (Hebrew: שמש‎‎, "attendant") and is given a distinct location, usually above or below the rest.[1] Other Hanukkah festivities include playing dreidel and eating oil-based foods such as doughnuts and latkes. Since the 1970s, the worldwide Chabad Hasidic movement has initiated public menorah lightings in open public places in many countries.

I saw Mommy Kissing Tickle Santa Claus Free MP3 Download YouTube Video Editor 😱 😀😁
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

I saw mommy kissing santa claus 😜
underneath the mistletoe last night 😜
she didn't see me creep, down the stairs to have a peek 😱
she thought that I was tucked up in my bedroom fast asleep
then I saw mommy tickle santa claus
underneath his bed so snowy white
Oh, what a laugh it would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night
I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night
She didn't see me creep
Down the stairs to have a peep
She thought that I was tucked up
In my bedroom, fast asleep
Then I saw mommy tickle Santa Claus
Underneath his beard so snowy white
Oh, what a laugh it would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Please Donate Fundraiser Knit Crochet Toys Messy Bun Hat Charity Drive Sponsored by Wank Yarn

Please Donate Fundraiser Knit Crochet Toys Messy Bun Hat Charity Drive Sponsored by Wank Yarn
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oh hello friends family and internet i
am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out today and explore the universe
with me at home.
ok so we're having a charity fund drive
today please donate fundraiser knit
crochet toys messy bun hat charity
sponsored by wank yarn that's right wing
okay i'm gonna show hang on a second
here I might have to put my thing down
hang on a second here oh okay let's see
here is my this is the wank yarn working
with today and I've been working on a
messy bun hat so you see it has a hole
in it right there that's so well
hang on a second here let me see maybe I
have to talk louder because I put my
zoom zoom microphone and we're going to
talk about some things to some things
going to tell you guys a secret or 22
we're going to reveal some secrets
oh my dog is trying to play he was
trying to force me to play with him but
oh ok what you do
okay i don't think i have a ponytail
holder but this is what you would do you
like make sure messy but oh wait I think
I can probably i'm gonna make a messy
bun like this and so let's stab it
hang on a second okay I'm gonna see my
hair is messy alternative anyway that i
have a la make our appt I oak hill are
you doing splat I alright so i don't
have trouble ack messy at oh ok so we
have it with the crew shame i write like
ok let's stab it with another one okay
we're okay I got something going on here
so no this is my back when it's done
this is what its gonna look like hangin
here okay if i can get it through ok
there it missing but look at this but
that's actually pretty cool right there
yeah okay so i got my eye on a messy bun
half that's what I'm walking on and
actually I'm gonna have a problem matter
would you be quiet I'm want you here
be quiet spot
ok so tangled in my cords and everything
okay now I'm gonna have a problem though
if I want a crochet cuz i was using this
oh he's trying to unhook me you little
go get in the chair don't get the cheer
oh he got the chair behind he is so
obnoxious he just wants all the
attention like it's just like a kid when
you have a kid you get on the telephone
and then the kids start swatting acting
up and acting bad and stuff that's what
this dog does he's just completely
trained to to like when i turn the
camera on he's naughty he's really
really naughty but I think I hello as to
if you guys have questions leave them in
the comments section and please remember
to subscribe please subscribe and hi
Anna hello yes please subscribe and
donate to my fundraiser charity drive
for Nick crochet sponsored by wink yards
and messy bun hats
that's what we're doing here today is
yes we are
we got something really cool your your
dog is the same way I know
oh gosh my my dog is worse than any kid
I ever had
he's worse because he liked my kids
might have forgotten things but the dog
remembers everything it's just like
whoever said a dog lives in the here and
now is full of crap because my dog
remembers everything he doesn't forget
things and so like when he comes to me
at the exact same time a day
ok my dog can't actually tell time but
what he does is he follows shadows on
the wall so when it gets to be like
about five o'clock in the afternoon
he'll be out in the sun room and so he
starts looking at the walls when we're
doing things and looking for shadows he
even does it at night too and so yeah
it's truly strange and so okay I think I
need to get back to talking about messy
buns and charity and please donate
donate to my fundraiser for toys and oh
yeah for wank yarns my wank yarn crochet
knit what and my hat i'm working on my
hat but i'm actually not going to be
able to do my hat
well this is what i did i'm going to
tell you guys how to crochet knit this
hat i'm just going to tell you how to do
it because i can't actually do it
because my hook is in my hair because i
made a messy bun with my crochet hook
that's what i did and so we're knitting
a knit crochet hat messy bun hat hair
thing and I had to make a messy bun to
actually show you guys how it works even
though my hats not done and so okay so i
made a big chain i think i made a chain
of about thirty but i can actually show
you that right now so i made a chain of
30 and then I worked 30 that I joined it
together and work 30 single crochet
around and I will continue in the
continual round working single crochet
and knitting my yarn and my fibers
together with my wank yarn my wank yarn
right here this is the wank yarn i'm
using i I'm I'm gonna be probably using
another brand maybe eventually here but
right now i'm using this wank yarn brand
it's kind of fun to use right now and so
yeah but ok I want to explain you guys
the reason that i'm doing the charity
fundraiser is that
I realized that ok for all these years
that ok I'm kind of like a oh well if
you look at public broadcasting but do
any of you guys ever watch Public
Broadcasting TV so um public
broadcasting every quarter they beg for
money and oh thank us 2i haha odd thank
you very much and so they beg for money
every quarter and they say we want to
stay commercial-free and so and this is
the the thing that I'm kind of thinking
about is that they say they want to be
commercial free but we never actually
thought that the the the content that
they're showing on public broadcasting
actually was a commercial so we never
thought of it like that
Thank You iris Cervantes thank you very
much and so we never thought of public
broadcasting as being loaded with
commercials action so if you think the
sesame street and all the little
characters on there and then you see the
little characters and then you go to the
store and you see the characters and
even when I was a little kid
oscar the grouch was in the grocery
well not at I don't know about the
grocery store but he was in the store
oscar the grouch and so anyhow and I
loved watching public broadcasting but I
wouldn't realize actually that it was a
commercial and being a little kid I
probably didn't think about commercials
much and but actually the truth is those
are commercials but here's the kicker
so they do the quarterly fundraising and
so they get us to pay for commercials so
us the consumers are paying for
commercials and that's just like cable
TV so like you think about our cable TV
delivery system so we're paying inflated
prices for commercials to come to us and
so I was just thinking the other day
when I was down the street walking I had
my mobile device its half-assed working
fast is still pass broken and so anyway
I get this alert clear as a bell that
there's a missing child and I'm thinking
so you can deliver to me that there's a
missing child that's like four or five
hundred miles away in the state that I'm
in but you can't give me free internet
access on my same mobile device and so
if i was down the street and I wanted to
say something to you guys i want free
Wi-Fi to be able to give it to you guys
and and so I'm thinking if it's all an
anyway it should be free so we the
consumers have been suckered into paying
for advertising and that's the same
Oh like with crochet magazines even to
what everything is an advertisement you
can look at everything as an
advertisement with product placement
that's kind of what YouTube has taught
me is that everything is an
advertisement and so the inside the way
that us on YouTube can earn revenue is
either we have to work with an
advertiser who pays with something and
some of them you know stuff like that or
we get that the real commercials and I'm
thinking I want to go back to the real
commercials so you know so i get stuff
on my channel i want the real
commercials I wouldn't mind working with
an advertiser but as well you know if
you know but the thing is to be
transparent but the the traditional
delivery methods have not been very
transparent that's kind of what I'm
seeing right now is they haven't been
transparent with us and so if you think
about that think about the news and the
election and all that stuff and now that
they've got this thing where they're
saying that Russia that have played a
rule within the election so I'm
wondering like is that truth is that
part of the fiction that that a company
has come up with a part of a story that
somebody has come up with because
they're threatened by the internet
yes they're threatened by the internet
because it's a new system and really we
shouldn't be paying for average
rising I mean the consumer should not
you know back in the day
ok and i was writing to my daughter
about this this morning on facebook back
in the day we had um a like two or three
TV stations you know we lived in the
sticks in Iowa who live in the sticks
and so we had two or three TV stations
they they would play come midnight one
o'clock depending on how much
advertising the head to give us they
come they play the star-spangled banner
and they shut it off and then there'd be
the big sign thing across and it would
go be in the end it would just go blank
and it would be just be nothing so I
never thought of that as like oh that
they didn't have advertising to play all
night you know any because there i would
want at that time I was young and I
would have watched TV all night i guess
a lot of young folks nowadays they do
watch TV all night and sometimes if I
can't sleep i'm more awake in the middle
of the night or I have been in the past
and you know I might have turned the TV
on or something
so now there's a lot of different
avenues and places to put um content and
but it's just gets it just kind of it
drives me insane to think that we are
paying for advertisements and I guess
that's what I think that like even when
i think of these crochet magazines their
advertisements and that's a funny thing
when you talk about copyright i'm going
to show you guys like okay um
Oh like this one right here i don't know
i'm going to be able to read it
that's an advertisement so you see the
advertisement right there the specific
just the second and say it
the specific brand and see I kind of
caught on to this a few years ago but I
didn't know how deep all this went it
says coordinate a crochet cotton so
they're advertising coordinate crochet
cotton yarn but yet the delivery method
is that we pay for it in all reality
to be creating advertising for free we
should be getting it for free instead of
us paying for advertisements so like I
mean I hope that kind of makes sense and
so yeah that's kind of what's been
sticking on my mind and so then when it
comes to let's go back to public
broadcasting it goes back to public
broadcasting and every quarter or so I
remember I what I love Public
Broadcasting I didn't realize that there
I never even knew about product
placement and so like in the middle of
public broadcasting public broadcasting
ok so when you watch those knit crochet
shows those are advertisements you
because ok you see the sponsors at the
end of the show and that's kind of like
bob ross when you watch bob ross the ego
you'll see advertisements for Michaels
and so but then they still do the
fundraising all we've got to find a way
to keep this station running and I'm
thinking now Arthur sponsors paying to
keep the station running you know so
they're creating this this show and and
showing products that they want to show
you know which is scissors yarn paint
any kind of thing you know and well
there might be some value a little tiny
tiny bit of value is just like cooking
shows you know when you watch a cooking
show you watch rachel ray or something
like that they're using their products
they're selling products to you and and
so you can look at every show that they
have and see the products that that they
have within that show and so so goes
even further and I guess which i'm
thinking to the news and so like to me
that's the biggest thing right now is
like how much did that sway the election
and a lot of the fake news stories that
they created which are advertisements
hello advertise
basements and now they're blaming it on
Russia so they create a story and which
may or may not be true did the CIA you
know actually are find evidence or is
that something that they're just making
up just to create a story because they
can regarding freedom of speech freedom
of the press
so which means that is anything that was
from the news ever actually real or true
so is it was there ever any stories in
the media in the press that were ever
really true
that's what I'm curious about you know
where they ever true was any of them
ever true so yea even in the newspapers
all of it you pay
we're paying as consumers for
advertising we are paying when really
the advertisers should be footing the
they're the ones who have a product
they're making money from their products
they should be footing the bill
that's that's my thinking and so instead
they create these fake news stories and
I guess that's what i was thinking about
like with the jcpenney news story the
other day you know like uh are are they
really marking their private well they
very well could be because so things are
so blurred right now the lines are so
blurred and I'm sure that that's how a
lot of these entities like to keep
things is with the lines blurred keep
people confused and so they don't don't
know what to do a don't know how to stay
engaged and you know but it's the I
guess the thing that I see is a big
business politics politics the media
business and politics
it has all kind of been running the show
and us as consumers are the ones for
getting fucked over
that's that's that's the conclusion that
I've come to is that we're the ones who
get screwed over and make bad decisions
based on some advertisements oh really
like where is the truth
was there ever really any truth in
anything that they do and so yeah that's
kind of um yeah that's kind of a thing
where i'm at right now is you know
because being on YouTube has taught me a
it's actually taught me a lot in the
past 10 years so I'm and its kind of
help to see through the matrix the
matrix of how all of this is working
I wanted to see how it worked and you
know so yeah um I'm gonna keep playing
and but i just wanted to get that off of
my chest today during my fundraiser
because since it's actually relevant and
and so I'm actually hoping I'm teaching
you guys something that is one of the
secrets that may not have been revealed
you know so it's not something that you
think about and you know another one of
the things i think about regarding the
mainstream media is they're threatened
because the internet right now is very
very popular that's the future where
things are so if it's free they could
lose a huge source of revenue if
everything shifts to the internet so
they would actually have to advertise
more to get people over to their to
their sites and things like that they
would end and they have to do a lot a
lot of advertising because you know some
of their new stuff is really stupid
it's like and so like I I don't even
have I have zero trust for CNN for ABC
NBC CBS News any of that stuff I have
zero trust you know i can look at some
of their other stuff is entertainment
you know yeah blah blah blah but but i'm
thinking at least with YouTube red when
when uh with YouTube red they actually
provide a service so you pay a fee a
monthly fee and you can take your
content with you
how many of you can take your content
with you with cable TV
you can't go with you to bread you can
take it with you
you can take it to go you can order it
out take it to go take it with you on
YouTube red and there's a lot of other
things that you can watch as well and so
yeah and so anyway so if you guys want
to donate there's a lot of places you
can donate to 2 i'm on patreon to google
and 20 gosh I'm having a brain fart
what's the other one that I a PayPal
PayPal it's on my main channel in under
the about section and like I'll stick it
in the right here in the a comment
section so you can go find those if you
want to donate to my cause and so yeah
for charity and so and we're making the
messy bun and so it any questions anyone
have any questions so about anything I
mean because a lot of this stuff it's
kind of like you know you don't know
what you don't know right
you don't know what you don't know and
so sometimes things have to be revealed
to you and taught to you then you know
when you know better you do better kind
of like Maya Angelou always said when
you know better you do better and and so
uh yeah so it's kind of easy now in
hindsight so i can take where I'm at
right now in life and think back over 40
45 years and and and it kind of really
resonates a lot you know so so if you're
not doing something related to the media
it's going to be a quite a bit more
challenging to understand how it's done
and so and and the thing that I think
about too is that like so by keeping
eyes focused on just one very narrow
place then a certain segment of the
population controls controls everything
they basically control the country so
they can control advertising they can
control consumer habits they can control
politics they control arm how things
people do they control trends they
control a lot of things you know they
can plant seeds of good they can plant
seeds of bad and we've seen that like
with the mainstream media planting the
seeds of bad and um I have any way you
know regarding a lot of the crap it's
like the things that they do in the way
they do it right now with the news is
just really a huge huge turnoff like I
don't uh I would just be happy to not
have to have zero cable TV right now
because it's to me it's a big huge
but that's just me so you know my
there's two of us and my husband likes
it for some unknown reason but anyway so
yeah any questions anyone questions
leave them in the comments section
please subscribe subscribe for and then
you guys can leave suggestions to me
make sure you subscribe watch this video
the whole way through from the beginning
to the end and so yeah I'm glad you guys
liked my messy bun hat here so we're
going to just keep doing things I've got
other channels that i'm posting on as
well and so yeah but I want to thank you
guys for watching and please thumbs up
this video share it with your friends
subscribe leave comments suggestions
ideas i'll see you soon peace love and

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hang out at home live stream Gold Pixel Teresa Richardson

Hang out at home live stream Gold Pixel.  Subscribe to me on youtube.

hello friends family and internet i'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out at home with me today and
explore the universe and so this is a
new channel and I'm trying some new
things at home i'm using live streaming
and mobile and yes we just want to do a
lot of things at home and you know start
some things start some things and power
them up and use our mobile cameras and
devices and oh touch on some gold
golden ideas gold gold and diamonds you know the
golden diamonds of life the mines mining
things and make some money along the way
you know how it is when you make money
and you really like making money
yeah and so yeah we're going to hang out
more often
we're going to hang out oh I got it
ding and ding ding from facebook a ding from
facebook while I'm hanging out with you
guys so I'm hanging out with facebook at
the same time hanging out with you guys
yes and so I don't know do you guys know
how to dab I don't know what dabbing is
but I saw some guy dabbing in the middle
of the street when I went to pick up
some takeout and he stopped and he was
dabbing and playing in the sandbox with
his iphone he had an iphone sandbox
scoop and then he got on his iphone and
sent an email the emails and the email
server he sent it to a Google pixel at
home you know the home page the home and
then he went and he got the snowflake
the snow shovel climbed up on the roof
and started pushing
snow down with the snow shovel he was a
police officer and he was helping this
little old lady who needed a lot of help
with the diamond casino she was losing
her money and so then he helped her get
it down and then they posted a picture
of it on facebook and instagram and
Yahoo and did you guys hear about the
hacking at yahoo today
yeah and it seems like everybody's
having a lot of hacking but yahoo sent
me a notice to change my password so
that my emails would not be stolen by
the hackers possibly the Russian hackers
and Putin so yeah and so anyway I think
that's it for now we're going to see how
this works and i want to thank you guys
for watching and please thumbs up this
video subscribe please subscribe
subscribe we want subscribers a lot of
subscribers and share it with your
friends across the internet thumbs it up
leave comments suggestions ideas and
i'll see you guys soon peace love avocados

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

All Free Knit Crochet Granny Squares Blanket Trolls with Teresa Crochet Geek

Greetings fellow friends, family and Internet. All of my original knit crochet blanket all free video tutorials still exist on my all free crochet live streaming channel and my other crochet live streaming channel. I am vlogging and doing a mix of content now. You can live stream my content on TV by using a Google Chrome Cast or an Internet ready TV.  So I wanted to give you an idea where they are so you can find them.

I realize things may be confusing at times.  I still love to crochet, knit whatever you want to call it.  Sometimes there are trade secrets that people just won't share so you have to venture out on your own to figure it out, the magical secrets that is and ask questions. It makes sense that the status quo is threatened by new media.  My type of content would not exist if new media were not around. I am a content creator on YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and mobile. What I do is a genuine WORK FROM HOME JOB.  There are wonderful people behind the scenes who do help and I will forever be grateful to my invisible mentors who took the time to help me discover new avenues to content creation.  The biggest is discovering everything does not have to be so serious all the time.  We can play at home and work when we want to.

In order to go the step above and beyond, its important to unlearn what was taught.  The original teaching process may have been a roadblock, hurdle, deception or part of the learning experience.  I don't know but I am a Home Depot and Hubspot for content creation. My videos will be delivered to you faster than Federal Express or the United States Mail system.

How about that election.  I know, I am a heathen for hillary clinton.  I really wanted her to win, which she did with the popular vote.  Isn't it funny how so many weeks after the election, the mains stream, lame stream media is still dissecting her loss, even though she won the popular vote.  Everyone is scratching their heads and their butts to, why Donald Trump won this election.  He is a big nincompoop and apparently can say anything nonsensical he wants to say and get away with it.  He is like a big troll.  Maybe a media troll is a fitting expression for him.  I think its alright to talk about politics and discuss things that create a little drama on the side.  It keeps things interesting.

Thank you again for staying with me on this journey.  Friends stick around when times are tough and don't jump off the ship.  Please subscribe to me on all of my social media sites, watch my videos the whole way through and lets chug along hard on this journey together.

Love you guys,
Teresa Richardson aka Crochet Geek

3000 pound Shark Hooked off of Hilton Head Live Stream Knit crochet tooth

Live Stream Knit crochet tooth 3000 pound Shark Hooked off of Hilton Head

hello friends family and internet I'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out today and explore the universe
with me
so today and making a 3,000 pound
shark's tooth hooked shark
yeah I'm hook crochet hooking a shark tooth
a shark
yeah okay so this was inspired by my
local news WJCL they have this story
about this fisherman first they said
that they caught the fish that's right
first they said they caught a 3,000
pound shark off of hilton head
well then they said that it was just
hooked and so and I was just thinking
how in the hell do you actually know
that a shark is 3,000 pounds if you've
just hooked it and you didn't even get
it out of the water and so this is so
that's what i'm making is a shark's
tooth right here so i just made a circle
and i decided to make it red
yeah I don't know why I just wanted to
make a red sharks tooth and i'm just
working a little bit of increasing here
you know i'm increasing tiny bit don't
want to increase a whole lot just a tiny
little bit and yeah so I'm sure there's
some of other you can't even talk
there's others of you who will want to
make sharks tooth for whatever reason or
maybe that's like the houndstooth
pattern but look isn't that lovely we've
got a red shark's tooth right here
yeah that's right we've got a red
shark's tooth that we are crocheting
that we're croshitting as some of you put
your right croshitting which is kind of
funny right there croshitting
oh and and we're still using wank yarn
yep my what is it called my my pilot
company my pilot company wank yarn and i
was supposed to have a fundraiser today
a crowdfunding fundraiser but we're
getting a new internet company a new
cable let's put it that way
AT&T and DirecTV are putting down a new
cable out in front of our house like a
big round orange cable so we have some
competition so yeah we have some
competition and that's right so yeah
this is a pretty good shark's tooth
right here right there like that
look at that just in just a few minutes
we've got our own little fish tail here
we've got our own little fish tail and
the sharks tooth maybe its found off of
hilton head as well yeah that's right
this sharks tooth can be found off the
hilton head especially if i were to go
throw in the water now if i was going to
do that i'd have to throw in the water
so nobody sees me so it's not considered
yeah we don't want to be throwing are
knit crochet sharks teeth and littering
in the water so anyway that looks pretty
good for right now so we've got a little
point here see that
yup there's our red sharks tooth
oh that looks kind of like a tongue
wait a second huh
ok alright I'm having too much fun here
and I thank you guys for watching please
thumbs up this video share with your
friends subscribe leave comments
suggestions and ideas and i'll see you
guys soon peace love and avocados.

Thanks you so much for watching my shark week story.

Teresa Richardson

So if you want to know how to make a crochet granny square, here is a playlist full of crochet granny squaresl

My Live Stream Crowdfunding Knit Crochet Urinals in Public Women Bathrooms

All in a long tough days work, with the all time low, in all we know, all about that bass, all about that bass, all about that bass.

OK, having a bit of fun here with some word play and wordplay logic.  Its the holiday season approaching. I've noticed there are a lot less lights this time of year than what there used to be.  I am guilty of it as well and don't decorate for holidays. I don't even have a place to store decorations if I did have a bunch of them.   You see in the south, we don't have basements.  I guess where I live in this development, they are trying to cram and pack us together like sardines with how close together they are building the houses.  Don't get me started on home association dues.  Uggggg, I'll save that for another time.

Lately I've been feeling a lot like writing again.  Mainly because I have a better understanding about some things that escaped me in the past. You don't know what you don't know. It's sort of like a glimpse through the matrix and how it all works.  However I will remain a student to higher learning and education on the chance the business model changes, which I don't think it will.  I was watching the Andy Griffith show, which is an early glimpse in to entertainment.   It really reflected the times of how people live.  Funny, how entertainment can govern and control people in what we do as a society.  With reality based content, the lines become very blurred. Who are the actors and who are the real people?  Whatever happened to good old fashioned advertising, where we have a commercial and know its a commercial.  So there have been some of my thoughts for the past couple days.

I did a crowd funding for knit crochet and two live streams.  I was going to do a live stream today but we have construction going on for ATT and DirecTV cable being put down for competition to the Comcast Monopoly.

My Live Stream Crowdfunding Knit Crochet Urinals in Public Women Bathrooms

My Live Stream Crowdfunding Knit Crochet Urinals in Public Women Bathrooms Part 2

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I'm deleting my channel for good knit crochet wank yarn

I'm deleting my channel for good knit crochet wank yarn

hi guys
ok hello friends family and internet i
am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out with me today and explore the
well okay so I have some sad news to
tell you about i'm going to delete my
that's right if Hillary Clinton gets
selected by the electorate's what they
say the 19th of december i'm going to
delete my channel so yeah I really wish
that I could say you know do like
pewdiepie when he says that well with
you said he was going to delete his
channel which turned out to be
jacksepticeye2 so what do you have like a
million subscribers on that one too so
he gets so he does a publicity stunt
pretty much click bait with deleting
your channel and how in the heck he got
that many subscribers on the
jacksepticeye 2 i'll never know i would
really like to know and figure that one
out because they seem to be able to do
it really really fast i want to do it
fast too so yeah I've been working on
this channel for a year but I still
probably have some things to learn so
but yeah anyway so yeah but apparently
Hillary Clinton she gets elected as
president by the electorate's the 19th
i'll delete my channel so yeah I want to
thank you guys for watching please
thumbs up this video share it with your
friends subscribe leave comments
suggestions ideas I'll see you soon peace love
and avocados

Fundraiser Donations with Wank Sock Yarn for Knit Crochet

Hello Friends Family and Internet, I am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hangout and explore the universe with me.  I am having a fundraiser with Wank Sock Yarn Brand for Knit Crochet.  You can donate to me through Paypal, Patreon and Google Wallet.  I will also be working with another Powered by Lithium yarn brand as well real soon.  Powered by Lithium featured Chrome yarn, Windows Yarn, Carnival Yarn, Pixel Yarn, Yahoo Yarn to name a few of the favorite sock yarn brands at this time.  Another future venture of mine will be the News Yarn featuring PBS Yarn, CNN Yarn, OWN Yarn, ABC Yarn, CBS Yarn, FOX Yarn, MSNBC Yarn, Universal Yarn, Time Warner Yarn, Viacom Yarn and NBC yarns.  The video from YouTube is featuring a messy bun knit crochet hat.

I was thinking since the yarn companies are typically affiliated with PBS and fundraising and asking for money, I should do the same.  Good grief, we wouldn't want anyone to think there is advertising on PBS or CREATETV in the middle of of the programming.  The cable TV program on Comcast that turns out to be a 30 minute infomercial.

Eye am also doing an awareness campaign for free WIFI.  My thinking is that we as consumers should not be paying for advertising or cable TV.  The advertisers should be paying for the advertisements, so all content delivery should be free, including Netflix and Hulu.  Hell, even the newspaper, where they put ink all over your hands is full of FAKE news stories designed to have consumers thinking those are real news stories, when they are advertisements for a political agenda.  Thats how they make their money and consumers have been the victims of paying for advertising to be delivered to them, to us.  Its kind of like paying for the crochet pattern magazines.

People like me are real people who are willing to deliver real quality content.  My library of content still exists.  Real commercials and real advertising pays the bills.  Not this hidden product placement where brands work with one content creator only or one corporation only to hide the advertising.

Something I've been curious about on Carnival Cruise Line as well has me wondering how many passengers are passengers and how many are paid actors.  This last recent cruise we were on had many bizarre incidents. John Heald will talk about old people rushing the elevator on his Facebook Carnival Page.  When you go on the cruise, old people with canes, scooters, walkers are rushing the elevator. Maybe Carnival has a partnership with the Scooter companies?  Karaoke was the most strange. There were several people who were the same every night who sung every night. Granted they sung bad.  There was even a guy who looked like Walter White from Breaking Bad. The comedy clubs sell a bright blue drink, similar to blue meth only Carnival refers to it looking like Windex.  Prior to Carnival Cruise investing in Karaoke, no one ever showed up for Karaoke.  So could these people be paid actors to act as passengers?  Dinner in the main dining room was another strange one.  There was this couple who I saw on a cruise last year who has this kid who looks about 7 years old and they push him around in a stroller that is entirely to small for him.  Then they set kitty corner to us at dining at a table for two.   One of the biggest complaints from people is how they set up the main dining room tables if you want to dine alone.  They place the tables about two inches apart so its still like you are setting with someone else.  During the welcome aboard party sail away party they have the cat in the hat, thing 1 and thing 2.  All their employees were sporting bright red Nike Shoes.  I guess they must have some partnership with Nike.  When you go cruising, you get the best of gambling in the casino, smoke smell throughout the ship, even though no smoking is permitted in most of the ship. Diamonds, watches and jewelry sold to you everywhere you go.  One of the things folks new to cruising may not think about is, even though you don't pay taxes or duty on the ship, you still have to claim your purchase through customs and pay taxes there.  This happened to me years ago when I sent my mom some crochet doilys I had made when I lived in Germany.  I included the value of what I would charge for them and they assessed her $80 through customs.  The box would have been about 12 to 18 inches.

Please subscribe to Teresa Richardson aka Crochet Geek on YouTube and watch the live streaming videos the whole way through.  Like, Comment, Share videos to social media including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

Until next time, I will see you guys soon.  Peace, Love and Avocados, Teresa Richardson

Spinning and Weaving our way through the Matrix with Knit Crochet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

hi guys ok now i told you when I started
this journey two years ago all over
two-and-a-half maybe that I was still
going to do crochet videos every once in
awhile so today is going to be a knit
crochet granny square for the mentally
ill it's a mental illness crochet granny
square yes and it's from the promoters
of mental illness get a good look at
that the promoters of mental illness and
ok so we're going i got a green crochet
this crochet hook came from
it could have been from some previous
mentally ill people because oh yeah oh
boye ok anyhow you know how us mentally
ill crocheters are when we just
can't spit things out
that's just one of the signs of mental
illness is losing your mind and dr. Phil
says so and so does dr. oz and TD jakes
and fox news and all those people the
Republicans tend to like to really call
everybody else mentally ill so yes we're
making we're dedicating this square to
mental illness to the mental illness of
people calling each other mentally ill
when they maybe they need to take an
inventory of their own closet and so
yeah okay so and you know i think that
like maybe i'll just make a granny
square crochet granny square of a lot of
other things you know maybe it'll just
be the same crochet granny square over
and over again maybe it won't
don't know because you know the thing
I'm thinking is that this is working out
right now you know do make changes and
some of these things so okay yeah i
ramble rambling is a sign of mental
illness mentally enslaved people
enslaved to a i-don't-know-what mentally
enslave morons like okay so this is
dedicated to mentally enslaved morons to
so we ok so we finished this particular
first round and so i'm going to work a
chain one and work three double crochet
right up here in the corner so yes i like
it like the longer i was in the South
the more retarded i become then mentally
enslaved by become living in the south
and yeah okay so we're working a chain
two and then working in the corner again
here with this crochet square for
mentally enslaved morons or no wait
did I mentally enslaved morons or was a
mental illness i think it was mental
illness and not only that i need to add
in some schizophrenia and for the
mentally enslaved morons and mental
yes this is dedicated not only to
crocheters and knitters it's a knit
crochet granny square for mentally enslaved
morons and mental illness that men
and women all around the world
well actually the truth is from my
understanding is the people around the
rest of the world don't deal with the
same mental
illness that we have here in America
here in America it's a lot worse it's
epidemic proportion the mental illness
that we have is an epidemic proportion
yeah you know with really i mean like
they need a lot more shows like dr. Phil
I mean we need like a here on YouTube we
need a doctor Phil for mentally
enslaved morons
oh I said it wrong i meant mental illness
so this granny square for mentally
enslaved morons its kind of two still
turning out pretty good so far and or
no mental illness is the word and
schizophrenia yeah we can dedicate part
of this the schizophrenia and what else
pills some psycho pills and psychotic
you know people going into a fit of
psychotic craziness and nauseous and
throwing up because it's cold and flu
season now and and everybody is getting
oh spud is down oh what the hell my dog is
crazy too i have a psychotic dog he's
down here growling at the floor
see it's contagious a lot of people say
mental illness is not contagious but
it's contagious
I mean why would everybody who crochets
do this it's contagious all crocheters
and knitters are mentally ill and
sick and they spread it through church
christianity spreads it
ok so i know it just makes no sense does
oh gosh i got a hair in my boob
oh that's one of the things that happens
when you're mentally ill you get hair
and strange place or wait that's
menopause but right they call people who
go through menopause and have hormone
changes are mentally ill as well and
mentally enslaved and yes the man behind
the curtain the wizard of oz the great
and powerful oz has spoken and ok so
we're finishing up this granny square
for mental illness so I think there's
going to be a probably a lot of I have a
lot of more ideas a lot more this is
kind of fun now yeah
oh my goodness sometimes you live you
learn and you know I have to say thank
thank you to somebody you guys know who
you are thank you you guys know who you
let me put it that way and I want to
thank you guys for the help that you
folks who say thank you to god and jesus
so like you know we all have a higher

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Would Any of you Like to Do a Guest Blog?

If you would like to do a guest blog on my blog, please let me know.  You can contact me and send your blog post to 2btyme@gmail.com and I will include it here.  

The Best Crochet Puff Stitch Hat Every for woman Fast & Easy ASMR Video Class

The Best Crochet Puff Stitch Hat Every for woman.  Hey, there is lots of counting in this video so it is great for sleep, asmr as well.

The Best Double Crochet Video Ever

You will learn how to make the Double Crochet in this How to Crochet Video. #DIY

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Humor: Poop Polls

The poop polls are in, looking good for the Dump Trump movement. Kinda gone to the dogs.

Quick Poll:  Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill or just Retarded?

#DumpTrump #hacked #poop

Screaming in Walmart

Friday, October 28, 2016

Jesus Hates Harry Potter!

Jesus Hates Harry Potter!!! You will all burn in hell for partaking in the sins of Satan. Babies will be burning in hell!!!  Join us on here and on Facebook for this heated discussion.

How to Crochet Harry Potter Scarf
How to Crochet Harry Potter Scarf Left Hand

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Crochet Toilet Seat

What do you think of this yarn bomb crochet meme? Someone yarn bombed a public toilet seat.
Flush the Insanity!
Jesus Loves all poo!
Yarn Bomb
Caution Toxic Waste
Do not Eat
Got made poo and pee. He didn't make poo & TV.
Try flushing the next time.
Public Domain
Please do not flush the yarn!
Please do not share the poo as it falls under copyright infringement.

Not intended for anyone to be offended, however I know some of you will be offended.  Its a personal choice to be offended.

Crochet Ideas Basket Weave Style Crochet Hat

This crochet hat is made with the front post and back post double crochet, creating this very thick fabric.  I think it would keep you warm in the deep wilderness of Alaska and the north pole, it is that thick.  Keep this in mind for the upcoming cold weather events that take place with the upcoming holidays and christmas events.  Will the word christmas continue as we know it or will it evolve to something more generic?  I know its been suggested that change of season celebrations existed long before christians hijacked the winter solstice to force a way of life.  Politics and religion go hand in hand.  Almost like they were intentionally designed to accompany one another.  I'm looking forward to see how everything progresses over time.  Share your thoughts with me here on Blogger in the comments, on youtube in the comments or on facebook.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Crochet Subjective Art Hat Modeling Review day 16

I made a video showing you guys one of my hats.  I hope you will watch my video and let me know what you think of this hat.  I have another video coming up soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to #Crochet a Shell Hat - #CrochetGeek

Learn how to make a #crochet hat.

#CrochetGeek will who crochet hats, Crochet for Beginners, how to knit for men, women, boys, girls, babies, newborn, toddler.   https://goo.gl/sVF6bS New Videos Weekly!  Fun #DIY, crafting and hobby projects for the family,  gift giving, birthday, winter and summer hobby to keep kids entertained during school breaks.  Make for holiday gift giving for christmas, hanukkah, halloween for charity to the homeless.  I make family friendly videos, TV show for children, youth, teenagers, adults.

On Crochet Geek you will find youtube help videos for how to crochet, knit patterns for beginners, crochet hats, free crochet patterns, crochet flowers, crochet scarf, crochet stitches, crochet baby blankets and crochet afghans.

How to make a #Crochet Shell hat with the backpost and frontpost double crochet.    Ice Yarns - Silver Shine Turquoise - http://www.iceyarns.com/silver-shine-turquoise

More YouTube Crochet Tutorials

Beginner Crochet Videos - Free Crochet Lessons

Crochet Hats by Crochet Geek

Hey Guys, it's Teresa aka Crochet Geek!  I make my own fun.
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to make a Crochet Mesh Hat - Crochet Geek

You will learn how to make a crochet mesh hat.  This is a light weight hat for an adult size head.

Crochet Geek will demonstrate a mesh crochet cap. This hat is worked with  four ply worsted weight yarn and a size I, 5.5 millimeter crochet hook. Subscribe Today for free crochet lessons and patterns - http://goo.gl/DxXpTr  and hit the like button.  

You are welcome to share completed crochet projects, pictures, videos and free patterns to Crochet Geek's Google+ Community.

Mesh Crochet Beanie Skull Cap

Video Tutorial: 
Lightweight Crochet Beanie Skull Cap

Video Tutorial: Lightweight Crochet Beanie Skull Cap Left Hand Version

Skill Level:
 Easy Beginner

Written by Teresa Richardson

HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
ST - Stitch
SC - Single Crochet
Size I/5.5mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn or cotton
Tapestry Needle for sewing in the tails

Chain 3, join. You can also use the magic circle instead of the chain.
Round 1: Chain 3, This will count as the first half double crochet chain 1 now and through the remainder of the pattern. Work 9 HDC, CH 1. SC in the beginning chain to join. The single crochet will count as the chain now and through the remainder of the pattern. (10 Half double crochet chain 1 total)
Round 2: Chain 3, Work HDC, CH 1 in the same space. *HDC, CH 1, HDC, CH 1 in each space around. Repeat from *. Join with a single crochet (20 Half double crochet chain 1 total)

Round 3-4: CH 3, HDC, CH 1, in each space around. Join with a single crochet. (20 Half double crochet chain 1 total)
Round 5: CH 3, HDC, CH 1 in the same space, HDC CH 1 in the next space, *HDC CH 1, HDC CH 1 in the same space(This is the increase), HDC CH 1 in the next space, Repeat around from *. Join with a single crochet. (30 Half double crochet chain 1 total)
Round 6-7: CH 3, *HDC, CH 1, in each space. Join each round with a single crochet. Complete around from *. (30 Half double crochet chain 1 total)

Round 8: Chain 3, in the next space, 1 HDC, Increase, HDC, CH 1, HDC Ch 1 in same Space, *in the next space, HDC, CH 1, in the next space  (Increase, HDC, CH 1, HDC Ch 1 in same Space), continue around from *, work a single crochet to join. (45 Half double crochet chain 1 total)

Round 9 - 20:  CH 3, *HDC, CH 1, in each space around. Join each round with a single crochet. Complete around from *. (45 Half double crochet chain 1 total)

Round 21 : CH 1, 2 SC in each space around. Join with beginning single crochet or you can work in the continual round.

Round 22 : CH 1, Single crochet in each single crochet around, join. 

How to Crochet Mesh Hat

How to Left Hand Crochet Mesh Hat


Monday, March 14, 2016

Crochet Deer and Top Crochet Blogs

I thought this was to cute of a crochet deer not to share with you.  Leah shared this deer with me on Facebook.

Check out this cute little deer from Leah. How adorable.
Posted by Crochet Geek on Monday, March 14, 2016

We also have a listing of the top Crochet Blogs on Google+.  I think it would be fun to put together some crochet blogs.  Leave me a comment with the link to your favorite crochet blogs.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to make a Crochet Baby Dress Crochet Geek - Blossom Stitch

How to make a Crochet Baby Dress.  This is for a newborn baby up to 9 months or so. The size of the baby dress can be easily modified to different sizes by using different size crochet hooks and yarn.

Size F Crochet Hook

Size Estimate is 16 inches around

Stitch Abbreviations
HDC - Half Double Crochet
ST - Stitch
CH - Chain

Top Front Yoke
Work a chain of 29
Row 1: Work 1 HDC in each stitch across, turn (28 total stitches)
Row 2: 1 HDC in each stitch across, turn (28 total stitches)
Row 3: We will reduce 2 stitches on each end,  Sl St across 2 stitches, work 1 HDC in each stitch across, not working in the last 2, turn (24 total stitches)
Row 4-5:  1 HDC in each stitch across (24 total stitches)

Straps (one on each side)
Row 6-9: Work 1 HDC in 7 stitches across, turn at the end of each row.  Cut off the tail with a little extra length for sewing to the back strap upon completion.

Top Back Yoke (make 2)
Work a chain of 15
Row 1: Work 14 half double crochet in each chain across. Chain 1 turn.
Row 2: Work 1  half double crochet in each stitch across. Chain 1, turn. (14 half double crochet total)
Row 3: Work 1 half double crochet in each stitch across. Do not work in the last 2 stitches.  (12 half double crochet total)
Row 4-5: Work 1 half double crochet in each stitch across. Chain 1 turn.
Row 6-9:  Work 1 HDC in each of the next 7 stitches.

 Align the front and back sections to sew them together.

Skirt of Dress
Attach the yarn to your crochet hook and join the bottom stitches of the back together.
 Round 1:  Work a chain, pull up, wrap the yarn over your hook, insert where we just joined, yarn over pull through.  Wrap the yarn over your hook, put it through the next stitch, yarn over pull through,  There are 5 loops on the hook.  Wrap the yarn over pull through all 5 loops. Yarn over pull through to create a little eyelet.   The beginning is an abbreviated stitch.  *Put your hook through the eyelet, yarn over pull through,  Wrap the yarn over your hook,  put it through the base of the stitch we just worked in, yarn over pull through.  Wrap the yarn over your hook, put it through the next stitch, yarn over pull through.  There are 6 loops on the hook, yarn over pull through all 6 loops,  Chain to secure and create the eyelet. Continue around from *.  At the beginning, work a slip stitch to join.
Round 2-12: Work through the eyelet, yarn over, hook through the base, yarn over, work through the eyelet of the next stitch.  Continue around to the beginning and for the length of the dress.

Right Hand Version


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to make a Single Crochet Hat

You will learn how to make a single crochet hat. It is the most basic and simple type of crochet hat to make.
I'm using a size L crochet, and bulky yarn.
I'm going to attach a slip knot to the crochet hook.
And a lot of you guys have been telling me that you want things quick, easy and simple. So that's what I'm gonna do. Is quick, easy and simple for you guys. So I'm going to work a chain five. Join with the beginning chain, just like that.

Round 1: And I'm going to be making ten single crochet through the loop for round 1.
Round 2: I'm going to be working the continual round. This is where I just work, continue working in the first single crochet. Instead of joining, I'm going to work one single crochet like that. And I'm going to work a second single crochet in the same stitch. We will have a total of 20 on round 2.
​Round 3: Now round three is going to be one single crochet in each stitch around for a total of twenty.
Round 4: Now we will be working on round four. This will be an increase round, I'm working two single crochet and one single crochet all the way around. We will have a total of 30 stitches on round four.
Round 5: Round 5 is going to be one single crochet in each stitch around for a total of thirty.

Round 6: is going to be an increase round. We are working two individual stitches. And then an increase, two single crochet in the same stitch. Round six is going to have forty single crochet. 
Round 7: ​Round 7 will be one single crochet in each stitch around for a total of forty.
Round 8: Round 8 is going to be an increase round, there will be a total of 50 stitches. We will work three individual and then an increase stitch. Increasing is working two stitches in the same stitch.

Round 9: 1 SC in each stitch around for a total of 50 single crochet.

Round 10:  Work 4 individual single crochet stitches, work 2 SC in the same stitch, there will be a total of 60 single crochet.

Round 11: Work 1 SC in each stitch around for a total of 60.

Round 12: Work 5 individual single crochet stitches, work 2 SC in the same stitch, there will be a total of 60 single crochet.

Round 13 - 26: Work 1 single crochet in each stitch around for the length of the hat.

Beginner Crochet Stitches and Techniques

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