How to make knit crochet mini troll written instructions ENGLISH Teresa Richardson

How to make knit crochet mini troll written instructions ENGLISH Teresa Richardson.

Troll Body
Work a Magic Circle!
Round 1: Knit 8 single crochet through the magic loop. (8 single crochet)
Round 2: Knit 2 single crochet in each stitch around. (16 single crochet)
Round 3:  Knit 1 single crochet in each stitch around. (16 single crochet)
Round 4 : Knit 1 single crochet, Knit 2 single crochet.  (24 single crochet)
Round 5:  Knit 1 single crochet in each stitch around.  (24 single crochet)
Round 6:  Knit 1 single crochet in each of next 2 stitches, Knit 2 single crochet.  (32 single crochet)
Round 7 - 16:  Knit 1 single crochet in each stitch around. (32 single crochet)
Change color
Round  17: - 20: Knit 1 single crochet in each stitch around. (32 single crochet)
Round  21:  Knit 1 single crochet in each of the next 2 stitches, knit a single crochet decrease, (24 single crochet)
Round 22: Knit 1 single crochet in each stitch around (24 single crochet)
Round 23:   Knit 1 single crochet, Knit a singl…

How To Appeal a Community Guideline Strike on YouTube English Translatio...

good morning good evening good afternoon good night Internet warriors crochet geeks I'm going to show you what needs to be done when you get a strike on your account and it I happen to get a strike on my account for using the word untitled okay here is the message it says hi Theresa warrior as you know our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow and don't allow on YouTube your video untitled was flagged for review upon review we've determined that it violates our guidelines we've removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike or temporary penalty to your account video content restrictions we are always constantly working to keep YouTube free of spam apparently they're calling untitled video spam or someone misinterpreted the use of the word untitled and tip in the middle of it I don't know okay this is the first strike applied to your account we understand this users seldom intend to violate our policies that's why strikes …

How to make Rojo Red knit Crochet Lace Heart Tutorial English Spanish Su...

00:00 this tutorial will show how to make a 00:02 crochet heart I am using left over yarn 00:05 this is the variegated yarn and a size K 00:10 crochet hook so I'm attaching a slipknot 00:14 to the crochet hook I'm going to work a 00:17 chain of three joined with the beginning 00:23 chain wrap the yarn over pull through 00:25 pull through the loop on the hook work a 00:27 chain one and now I'm going to work 00:30 three double crochet thats 1 2 3 chain 1 00:44 work three more double crochet one 00:56 two three chain one work three more 01:03 double crochet one two three chain one 01:14 work three more double crochet one two 01:19 three I'm going to work a chain one and 01:26 I'm going to be working triple crochet 01:28 in the third double crochet over we will 01:32 work one work a chain one two chain one 01:45 and the double crochet is wrapping the 01:47 right yarn around your hook twice put it 01:50 through the stitch we're working all 01:51 these in the same s…

Secret Tips Magic Knit Crochet Winter Tricks: How to Sewing in Tails Eng...

is is going to show how to sew on the tail and I'm going to make a little knot right here in the corner like that and I'm leaving it between the stitches going down here in this direction and I'm going just right through the fibers and back in the opposite direction and then I found that I like this way a little bit better than just leaving a tail between the stitches because we don't want this coming apart I have had people over the years bring afghans to me and think that they

Hobby = Health + Happiness

Hobby = Health + Happiness

In today’s hustle and bustle culture, your downtime may have a different look, and it may not be a good one. Where people once enjoyed a round of golf, knitting a scarf, practicing a new instrument, or woodworking; the new norm seems to be overrun with scanning news feed on social media or binge watching a new television series everyone’s talking about. But, how you spend your free time can have a significant impact on your health and well-being.
Researchers at the University of California, Merced, set out to explore the correlation between productive leisure time and health and well-being. They studied 100 participants who each wore a heart monitor and recorded their feelings after daily activity. What they found, was that those who engaged in leisure time were 34% less stressed and 18% less sad.
The study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine concluded that, “leisure appears to have a consistent within-person benefit on a person’s daily health and we…

Top 10 Panda YouTube Crafting Knit Crochet Videos January 23, 2018

Hey crocheters, knitters, crafters!!  I am sharing, collaborating with these youtube content creators because I thought they look like fun knitting, crocheting projects to make with DIY.  We all love Pandas, don't we?  If you have content you want shared, please leave a comment for what you want shared.

Pom Maker
Published on Jan 24, 2017
How to Make a Panda Pompom - Pom Maker Tutorial
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Hello Pom Makers! This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to make a cute panda pompom with a Pom Maker.

Check out the donut pompom maker:

Pom Maker is the most delicious way to make a pom pom!
The original wooden pompom maker in a delicious donut design.

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Rock your pompom!


El Desvan de Pat Published on Jul 28, 2017
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How make quick and easy Knit Crochet Dreamer Heart Scarf English Spanish Subtitles Translations

How make quick and easy Knit Crochet Dreamer Heart Scarf English Spanish Subtitles Translations. Right hand. View more tutorial for scarf ideas. Make a heart scarf for Valentines Day.  Fun DIY projects for the family,  gift giving and winter hobby.  We will be using 4 ply worsted weight yarn.   πŸ‘‰πŸπŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ΌπŸ˜Ό

this tutorial is going to be a crochet
heart scarf let me know in the comment
section what type of stitch you would
like to see me make next with a crochet
scarf for this tutorial I'm using four
ply worsted weight yarn and a size K
crochet hook six point five millimeters
I will end up with a hundred and ninety
rows for the scarf that I made I'm
attaching a slip knot to the crochet
hook and I'm working a chain of sixteen
one two three four five six seven eight
nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen
fifteen sixteen we will be working 15
single crochet across for this first row
I'm working one single crochet in each
chain across for a total of fi…