All Free Knit Crochet Granny Squares Blanket Trolls with Teresa Crochet Geek

Greetings fellow friends, family and Internet. All of my original knit crochet blanket all free video tutorials still exist on my all free crochet live streaming channel and my other crochet live streaming channel. I am vlogging and doing a mix of content now. You can live stream my content on TV by using a Google Chrome Cast or an Internet ready TV.  So I wanted to give you an idea where they are so you can find them.

I realize things may be confusing at times.  I still love to crochet, knit whatever you want to call it.  Sometimes there are trade secrets that people just won't share so you have to venture out on your own to figure it out, the magical secrets that is and ask questions. It makes sense that the status quo is threatened by new media.  My type of content would not exist if new media were not around. I am a content creator on YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and mobile. What I do is a genuine WORK FROM HOME JOB.  There are wonderful people behind the scenes who do help and …

3000 pound Shark Hooked off of Hilton Head Live Stream Knit crochet tooth

Live Stream Knit crochet tooth 3000 pound Shark Hooked off of Hilton Head

hello friends family and internet I'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out today and explore the universe
with me
so today and making a 3,000 pound
shark's tooth hooked shark
yeah I'm hook crochet hooking a shark tooth
a shark
yeah okay so this was inspired by my
local news WJCL they have this story
about this fisherman first they said
that they caught the fish that's right
first they said they caught a 3,000
pound shark off of hilton head
well then they said that it was just
hooked and so and I was just thinking
how in the hell do you actually know
that a shark is 3,000 pounds if you've
just hooked it and you didn't even get
it out of the water and so this is so
that's what i'm making is a shark's
tooth right here so i just made a circle
and i decided to make it red
yeah I don't know why I just wanted to
make a red sharks tooth and i'm just
working a little…

My Live Stream Crowdfunding Knit Crochet Urinals in Public Women Bathrooms

All in a long tough days work, with the all time low, in all we know, all about that bass, all about that bass, all about that bass.

OK, having a bit of fun here with some word play and wordplay logic.  Its the holiday season approaching. I've noticed there are a lot less lights this time of year than what there used to be.  I am guilty of it as well and don't decorate for holidays. I don't even have a place to store decorations if I did have a bunch of them.   You see in the south, we don't have basements.  I guess where I live in this development, they are trying to cram and pack us together like sardines with how close together they are building the houses.  Don't get me started on home association dues.  Uggggg, I'll save that for another time.

Lately I've been feeling a lot like writing again.  Mainly because I have a better understanding about some things that escaped me in the past. You don't know what you don't know. It's sort of like a…

I'm deleting my channel for good knit crochet wank yarn

I'm deleting my channel for good knit crochet wank yarn

hi guys
ok hello friends family and internet i
am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out with me today and explore the
well okay so I have some sad news to
tell you about i'm going to delete my
that's right if Hillary Clinton gets
selected by the electorate's what they
say the 19th of december i'm going to
delete my channel so yeah I really wish
that I could say you know do like
pewdiepie when he says that well with
you said he was going to delete his
channel which turned out to be
jacksepticeye2 so what do you have like a
million subscribers on that one too so
he gets so he does a publicity stunt
pretty much click bait with deleting
your channel and how in the heck he got
that many subscribers on the
jacksepticeye 2 i'll never know i would
really like to know and figure that one
out because they seem to be able to do
it really really fast i want to do it
fast too so yeah I've…

Fundraiser Donations with Wank Sock Yarn for Knit Crochet

Hello Friends Family and Internet, I am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hangout and explore the universe with me.  I am having a fundraiser with Wank Sock Yarn Brand for Knit Crochet.  You can donate to me through Paypal, Patreon and Google Wallet.  I will also be working with another Powered by Lithium yarn brand as well real soon.  Powered by Lithium featured Chrome yarn, Windows Yarn, Carnival Yarn, Pixel Yarn, Yahoo Yarn to name a few of the favorite sock yarn brands at this time.  Another future venture of mine will be the News Yarn featuring PBS Yarn, CNN Yarn, OWN Yarn, ABC Yarn, CBS Yarn, FOX Yarn, MSNBC Yarn, Universal Yarn, Time Warner Yarn, Viacom Yarn and NBC yarns.  The video from YouTube is featuring a messy bun knit crochet hat.

I was thinking since the yarn companies are typically affiliated with PBS and fundraising and asking for money, I should do the same.  Good grief, we wouldn't want anyone to think there is advertising on PBS or CREATETV in the middle …

Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

hi guys ok now i told you when I started
this journey two years ago all over
two-and-a-half maybe that I was still
going to do crochet videos every once in
awhile so today is going to be a knit
crochet granny square for the mentally
ill it's a mental illness crochet granny
square yes and it's from the promoters
of mental illness get a good look at
that the promoters of mental illness and
ok so we're going i got a green crochet
this crochet hook came from
it could have been from some previous
mentally ill people because oh yeah oh
boye ok anyhow you know how us mentally
ill crocheters are when we just
can't spit things out
that's just one of the signs of mental
illness is losing your mind and dr. Phil
says so and so does dr. oz and TD jakes
and fox news and all those people the
Republicans tend to like to really call
everybody else mentally ill so yes we…

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