Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

hi guys ok now i told you when I started
this journey two years ago all over
two-and-a-half maybe that I was still
going to do crochet videos every once in
awhile so today is going to be a knit
crochet granny square for the mentally
ill it's a mental illness crochet granny
square yes and it's from the promoters
of mental illness get a good look at
that the promoters of mental illness and
ok so we're going i got a green crochet
this crochet hook came from
it could have been from some previous
mentally ill people because oh yeah oh
boye ok anyhow you know how us mentally
ill crocheters are when we just
can't spit things out
that's just one of the signs of mental
illness is losing your mind and dr. Phil
says so and so does dr. oz and TD jakes
and fox news and all those people the
Republicans tend to like to really call
everybody else mentally ill so yes we…

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The Best Crochet Puff Stitch Hat Every for woman Fast & Easy ASMR Video Class

The Best Crochet Puff Stitch Hat Every for woman.  Hey, there is lots of counting in this video so it is great for sleep, asmr as well.

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Humor: Poop Polls

The poop polls are in, looking good for the Dump Trump movement. Kinda gone to the dogs.

Quick Poll:  Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill or just Retarded?

#DumpTrump #hacked #poop

Screaming in Walmart

Jesus Hates Harry Potter!

Jesus Hates Harry Potter!!! You will all burn in hell for partaking in the sins of Satan. Babies will be burning in hell!!!  Join us on here and on Facebook for this heated discussion.

How to Crochet Harry Potter Scarf
How to Crochet Harry Potter Scarf Left Hand

Crochet Toilet Seat

What do you think of this yarn bomb crochet meme? Someone yarn bombed a public toilet seat. Flush the Insanity! Jesus Loves all poo!
Yarn Bomb
Caution Toxic Waste
Do not Eat
Got made poo and pee. He didn't make poo & TV.
Try flushing the next time.
Public Domain
Please do not flush the yarn!
Please do not share the poo as it falls under copyright infringement.

Not intended for anyone to be offended, however I know some of you will be offended.  Its a personal choice to be offended.

Crochet Ideas Basket Weave Style Crochet Hat

This crochet hat is made with the front post and back post double crochet, creating this very thick fabric.  I think it would keep you warm in the deep wilderness of Alaska and the north pole, it is that thick.  Keep this in mind for the upcoming cold weather events that take place with the upcoming holidays and christmas events.  Will the word christmas continue as we know it or will it evolve to something more generic?  I know its been suggested that change of season celebrations existed long before christians hijacked the winter solstice to force a way of life.  Politics and religion go hand in hand.  Almost like they were intentionally designed to accompany one another.  I'm looking forward to see how everything progresses over time.  Share your thoughts with me here on Blogger in the comments, on youtube in the comments or on facebook.