How to Crochet with Several Strands of yarn

This is a demonstration on how to work with several strands of yarn at the same time.  It is not an actual project.  Working with several strands is slow and may cause discomfort in your wrist if you are not used to working with several strands.  You will want to take breaks and stretch your arm out on occasion to reduce potential discomfort.

The two following links will advance you to the segments in the video, for attaching more yarn and hiding the yarn tails.

How to add more yarn - Attaching New Color - Time Code 5:27

Hiding Tails - Time Code 6:58
How to Crochet with Several Strands of yarn

Crochet to Circle Square 3

Crochet to Circle Square 3

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Crochet to Circle Square 3

Video Tutorial:Left Hand Crochet to Circle Square 3

Skill Level - Intermediate

Size - 6 inch/15CM through round 5.

HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch
FPDC - Front Post Double Crochet
DC -  Double Crochet

Size I/5.5mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn - 2 colors - Scraps will work great for this project
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Instructions 
Picture Version of the Front Post Double Crochet

FPDC - Front Post Double Crochet - Video Tutorial
Left Hand  Front Post Double Crochet - Video Tutorial 

Purpose for Chainat the beginning of round - Many times I will use a chain at the beginning of the round. It will not count as a stitch.  I use it as a step up so I can work the full crochet stitch in place of the traditional chain.  I feel this technique has a neater appearance than working a chain.  You may use a chain 2 or 3 if you prefer using traditional crochet technique…

How to Receive an Individual Email Message for new Crochet Uploads

This video will show how to sign up to receive an individual email message, each time I upload a new crochet video to YouTube.  In order to receive the email message, you will need a YouTube account and be a subscriber to my channel,

Defining How to Join a Crochet Chain without Twisting the Chain

 Defining How to Join a Crochet Chain without Twisting the Chain 

 The foundation chain of a blanket worked in rows can also get twisted.

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Crochet amigurumi pattern giveaway - by Seema

Seema is hosting a Crochet amigurumi pattern giveaway.  Please visit her blog on the link below to enter her giveaway.