Tight Crochet Grip - Crochet Tip #57

Quite often, pain while you are crocheting, can be attributed to holding your hook and yarn to tight when you are crocheting. Repetitive motion may also cause pain.

When I was first learning to crochet, I would have pain in my wrist and arm from the repetitive motion with long hours of crochet. If I were crocheting with thread, I would run a groove in my finger. I was holding my yarn/thread and hook to tight but did not know I was at the time. It took quite a while for me to learn that I do not have to hold my work with such a tense grip. I attributed the pain to crochet. I have fine tuned my crochet style to reduce pain. The gel grips help a lot too.

I am sharing my experience because pain can be associated to how you hold your work and several hours of crocheting. If you are having constant pain you are not sure about, you should seek medical attention.

How to Join a Crochet Round

This video will show how to join a round. There are several clips of rounds being joined with slow motion following the "real time" segment.

Crochet Kingston Hat

Crochet Geek on YouTube
Crochet Kingston Hat

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Crochet Kingston Hat

Video Tutorial:Left Hand Crochet Kingston Hat

Skill Level - Easy

HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch
DC DEC - Double Crochet Decrease - Reducing two stitches down to one stitch.

Double Crochet Decrease - Wrap the yarn over your hook, insert the hook through the stitch. Wrap the yarn over and pull through, wrap the yarn over the pull through 2 loops. Leave the remaining two loops on the hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert it through the next stitch. Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it through. Wrap the yarn over and pull throught 2 loops. Wrap the yarn over the pull through the remaining 3 loops on the hook.

Size I/5.5 mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle

Chain 4, join

Round 1: Ch 1, pull up, *3 DC, CH 1, Work 6 times total from *. Work a single crochet, instead of the chain 1 to join. 

Round 2: CH 1, Pull up, * Work 3DC, CH …

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Filet Crochet Heart Doily

This is a Filet Crochet Heart Doily I created using my software program. The doily is created following the chart that I have included below. I used size 10 crochet thread. A size 3-7 steel hook will work with size 10 thread.

Congratulations to: slimjleo1955, Notthecoolmom, jeliwii

Congratulations to: slimjleo1955, Notthecoolmom, jeliwii, the three winners of Holiday Giveaway 2009. If anyone does not answer back in two weeks, I will draw alternative winners. Enjoy and New Year and Happy Crocheting! ~~Teresa

Happy New Year 2010

I hope everyone enjoys the new year. I have many, many more crochet ideas for 2010.