Shell with 3 Double Crochet

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Shell with 3 Double Crochet

Baby Afghan estimate: Chain 105. This will give you a 34 inch estimate for width with a size i/5.5mm hook.

Shell: For this pattern stitch, the shell will consist of 3 double crochet.

Multiple: 3 - This means that it takes 3 chains to make 1 shell of the pattern stitch.

DC - Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SH - Shell
* - repeat from (How many times you repeat will depend on how many chains you are working with)

Row 1: Work 3 double crochet in the 6th chain from the hook. *Skip 2 chains, work 3 double crochet in the next chain. Repeat from * for the width of the project. Work 1 double crochet in the last chain for the edge.

Row 2: Chain 3, turn. This first chain 3 will count as your first double crochet. *Work 3 DC(double crochet) in the 2nd DC of the next shell. Repeat from * for the width. End with a double crochet in the last stitch of the edge.

Repeat row 2 for the remainder of the length.

Congratulations to Tevy

Tevy is the winner of the crochet hooks and and magazines. A great big thank you to everyone that participated.

Since there are so many participants, I am also going to give away 3 boxes of Gooshy Grips.

The following are the 3 winners of the gooshy grips.

AnneB - annebreal

Crystal- Who left the happy crocheters cheer

Meredith - Just got back in to crocheting this past year

Crochet Character Cube

Crochet Character Cube

Written by Teresa Richardson

SC - Single Crochet
CH - Chain

Size G/4mm Hook
4 Ply Yarn

Video Tutorial:Crochet Character Cube

Chain 16

Row 1: Work 1 single crochet in each chain across.

Row 2-17: CH 1, turn, work 1 single crochet in each single crochet across. (17 single crochet total)

Make 6 squares total

Embellishing the Squares
This is where you will want to decorate your square with an embellishment of your choice.

How to Make Letters

Video Tutorial:How to Make Letters on Crochet

Video Tutorial: How to Make Letters on Crochet - Part 2 - Rope Technique

Joining the Sides
Align the square sides together. With the contrasting color, work 15 single crochet evenly across the edges to join.

Joining the Bottom of the Cube
Work 15 single crochet evenly around each edge, making sure you work a stitch in the joining seam of each side.

Joining the Top of the Cube
Work 15 single crochet evenly around three edges, making sure you work a stitch in the joining seam of …

Multi-Purpose Crochet Cloth

Recently I have been experimenting with making crochet cloths for bathing or washing dishes. I have found that I really like the look of the Tunisian crochet stitch. The real test will be when I put them to work and see the results with the various yarn I am using. Please share your experience with crochet cloths and which type of yarn you like the best.

How to Make Letters on Crochet

A question I get quite often is how to add letters on crochet. Unless the piece
is large enough, there is just not enough room to add a recognizable letter or number. Typically you may follow a chart and crochet the shape of the letter by changing color in the middles of a row. The integrity to the shape of the letter or number will be lost with smaller projects when following a chart. My solution is to use the embroidery chain stitch. There will be more options to choose from with the embroidery chain stitch. You will be able to use cursive or even mimic your own handwriting. If you have a larger space to work with, you may want to make two rows of chains for a bold or thicker letter that will stand out and be more visible.

Video Tutorial:How to Make Letters on Crochet

Video Tutorial: How to Make Letters on Crochet - Part 2 - Rope Technique

Closed - Giveaway #8 - Crochet Magazines & Hooks

This will be giveaway #8. I will be giving away the 5 crochet magazines and 9 crochet hooks. The giveaway will run from today April 20,2009 through April 27, 2009. I will draw the winner on April 28, 2009. Everyone from any country is welcome to enter.

Please do not post your personal mailing address in the comment section. That can be e-mailed privately if you are the winner.
Comments are open to everyone. You do not need to be registered with blogger to participate.
In the comment section you can leave a name, nickname or some way that I will be able to contact. If you are posting as anonymous, please leave something unique to identify you or I will not have a way to contact you.
I will also accept e-mail submissions. Please include GIVEAWAY #8 in the subject line.If you have previously won, I am going to ask that you wait 2 months to participate so everyone has a chance.

How do you store your crochet patterns?

A peek in my craft closet.

If you have been crocheting for any amount of time, you will start to accumulate crochet patterns. I have 3 plastic tubs that I store my old Crochet Fantasy, Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet. I put masking tape on top, writing the magazine names on the tape. This includes hardback books and leaflets. I have them separated by title, organized enough that I can usually find what I need. The Magic Crochet tub is getting to heavy for me to lift again, so I may need to utilize another tub. Individual patterns can easily be slipped in to a document protector and stored in a 3 ring binder. What is your favorite pattern storage tip?