Crochet Shell Cross

Crochet Shell Cross

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Crochet Shell Cross

Size 10 Steel Crochet Hook
Size 10 Crochet Cotton

CH 4, Join.

Center: CH 3, 2 DC through the CH loop. *CH 3, 3 DC, 3 time total from *, CH 1, SC in the beginning CH 3 to join.

The cross will be worked in 4 individual segments for the remaining part of the main cross.

Long Segment: *Turn, SL ST over 2 DC to the CH 3, CH 3, 2 DC, CH 3, 3 DC in the CH 3 space. Complete 6 times from *. There will be 6 shells on top of each other.

Short Segment: Attach thread in next CH 3 space. *SL ST over 2 DC to the CH 3, CH 3, 2 DC, CH 3, 3 DC in the CH 3 space. Complete 2 times from *. There will be 2 shells on top of each other. This segment will be done 3 times for each short segment.

Edging: Attach thread to the ending shell point of any shell. * CH 6, SC in the next shell edge point continue from * for each segment until you get to the center. You will do a CH 2, then a Popcorn Stitch in the center DC, CH 2, SC i…

Crochet Tension - Crochet Tip 36

The video tutorial shows how I hold my thread/yarn in my hand. You don't have to hold it exactly like me or like a book says, to accomplish different tensions. You should hold the yarn/thread any way that is most comfortable for you. There are two ways to adjust tension.
Let the thread pass through your hand looser or tighter.Use a larger or smaller crochet hook. This will adjust the outcome of your stitch size.A good way to learn tension techniques is to practice, focusing on the hand you hold your thread. Let the thread pass looser through your hand making a few stitches. Then hold the thread tighter making a few stitches. You will see a big difference. Practice doing this a few times to get the feel for tension. Your tension never has to be the same and you can change it at any time.

First Crochet Project

The first project that I completed and didn't throw away, was a baby afghan for my son. It was done with the shell pattern stitch and three colors of blue. It had a white edging. How I wish I had a picture of that afghan. I thought I did but I am not able to find it. You all would get a big kick out of it and the horrendous colors I put together. The blues may have been alright but I don't know what I was thinking with a white border.

I am including a picture from a trip to Universal Studios California in 1987 of me and my two kids, Amanda and Justin. Caleb was not born yet. I had been crocheting about 4 years and decided to make a sweater, which is the one I am wearing in the picture. This sweater project is where I learned in detail about crochet gauge and how to improvise when things are not working quite like they should be. I was very happy with the sweater in how it turned out and loved to wear it. The sweater pattern is from an old Crochet Fantasy magazine. Plea…

Favorite Things about Crochet

I have several favorite things about crochet so I will only name a few.
When I travel, it is easy to carry along because it can be small, compact and easy to pack.
There are many styles, techniques and always something that will keep me interested.I have a great appreciation for the flexibility that comes along with crochet. If something is not aligning up right, I can usually ease it in to place.Crochet makes great gifts. I have given away many of my projects to people all around the world.Many projects are quick and easy and can be completed in a few hours time.What are your favorites about crochet?

Crochet Cross 1

Crochet Cross 1

Written by Teresa Richardson

Skill Level: Beginner, Easy

Size 10 Steel Crochet hook
Size 10 Crochet Cotton

Size: 8 inches long, 4 inches wide

Note: You will be able to adapt this pattern to yarn and aluminum hooks.

See START on image for this section of the cross.
Chain 12, turn
Row 1: DC in the 3rd chain from the hook, 1 DC in ea of the next 2 chains, CH 2, Skip 2 chains, 1 DC in ea of the next 4 chains.

Row 2 - 30: CH 3, turn, 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, CH 2, 1 DC in ea of the next 4 DC.

See ATTACH on image for this section of the cross. You will attach the arm segments opposite each other. You will be working in the sides of the chains and double crochet on the long segment of the cross.
Attach Yarn, Chain 3
Row 1: Do 3 DC evenly across the side of the previously worked double crochet, CH 2, skip 1 double crochet. Work 4 Double crochet evenly across the side of the next DC.

Row 2 - 5: CH 3, turn, 1 DC in ea of the next 3 DC, CH 2, 1 DC in ea of the next 4 DC.


Crochet Eyelash Yarn Fun Fur- Crochet Tip 35

Crochet novelty or eyelash yarn can be very hard to work with and hard to see the stitches once they are completed. It is much easier to crochet if you add another similar color strand of yarn along side it, working both at the same time.

Video Tutorial:How to Crochet with Novelty Eyelash Yarn

Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

Skill Level: Intermediate

Written by Teresa Richardson
Video Tutorial:Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

Gauge: 12 Stitches = 4 inches; 14 Rows = 4 inches

Size I Crochet Hook
4-ply Worsted Weight yarn
Yarn Marker - Scrap yarn tails work very well

FSC = Foundation Single Crochet
SC = Single Crochet
Ch = Chain
SL ST = Slip Stitch
EA = Each
ST = Stitch

Note: The purpose of the yarn markers is to know where the first stitch is at. It is easy to lose track when working in a continual round.

I will be providing two ways to start the mittens.

Start 1: 7 FSC
Start 2: Chain 8, 7 SC in chain

Round 1: CH 1, 3 SC in the same stitch, 1 SC in ea of the next 5 SC, 3 SC in the same ST. 1 SC in ea of the next 5, join. This is the only round that will be joined in the project. (16 Single Crochet Total)

Round 2: CH 1, SC in the same ST, 3 SC in the next ST. 1 SC in ea of the next 7 St's, 3 SC in the next ST. 1 SC in ea of the next 6 St's, do not join. Mark the b…