Flat Braid Crochet Method for Joining Squares

This technique is not specific to any square. This is another technique for joining squares of the same pattern and size. It can also be used for joining random squares from different patterns. You will be using an even amount of chain 3's around your square and on each size. The picture image has 3 chain 3 loops on each side for a total of 12 for each square. I will be describing joining the square on the left, to the square on the right. On section A of the diagram, you chain 2, drop the loop from your hook. The red arrow represents putting the hook over the chain 3 loop on the right. With the square on the right, insert your hook over the top, around the chain and pick up the chain 2 from the square on the left. Chain 1 to complete the connection. Do a single crochet in the joining square. Continue with joining your chains.

Section B on the diagram represents joining the corners so there is not a hole. You chain 2 on your joining square, drop the loop from your hook, ins…

Crochet Tips - Sister Blog

Crochet Tips

I have added a new blog specifically for crochet tips. It is a reference blog along with the convenience of finding all the crochet tips. I realized not to long ago that tips 1-5 were not listed here. I am going to include them here and over on the new blog. You will be able to find links to any of my crochet blogs under the "View My Complete Profile"at any time.

Crochet Tip 1: Yarn Bobbins

Crochet Tip 2: For Extra Chains on Foundation

Crochet Tip 3: How to Extend Plastic or Fabric Projects

Crochet Tip 4: How to add Beads

Crochet Tip 5: Adding Hair or Fur to Crochet

Contest Winner - Congratulations to Vidya V

Congratulations to Vidya V.You are the winner of my first contest, the 3 Hats - Pineapple Doily Crochet Giveaway - October 20-31 2008. My husband drew the name out of the hat this morning.Thank you everyone who entered. I have much more to give away.

Crochet Thread Angel - Ornament - Book Marker

These can be used for ornaments or as a book marker. I have just added a simple braid to the book marker.

Crochet Thread Angel

Video Tutorial:Crochet Thread Angel

DC = Double Crochet
CH - Chain
EA = Each
LP = Loop
MC = Magic Circle
SP = Space
SK = Skip
SL ST = Slip Stitch

Written by Teresa Richardson

Size 2 Steel Crochet Hook
Size 10 crochet cotton

Start with a magic circle

Head Round 1: CH 3, 11 DC in loop, join. Pull Magic circle snug. (12 DC total)

Head Round 2: CH 3, DC in same DC, 2 DC in ea ST around for a total of 24 (24 DC total)

Head Round 3: *CH 2 SL ST in EA ST around. Continue around from *. SL ST in the BEG CH. SL ST in the CH 2.

Wings Row 1: CH 3, 5 DC in the same CH 2 SP. (6 DC total)

Wings Row 2: CH 3, Turn, DC in the same DC as turning CH, 2 DC in ea ST across. ( 12 DC total)

Wings Row 3: CH 3, Turn, DC in the same DC as turning CH, 2 DC in ea ST across. (24 DC total) Cut thread and secure.

Angel Dress Row 1: Skip over to stitch 11 and attach thread in stitch 11. This part …

Different Brand Crochet Hook, Different Size - Crochet Tip 24

Looks can be deceiving when you purchase a lettered crochet hook. The following images will show three different brand crochet hooks, all lettered with the same size letter K. You will visually see a big difference. When you crochet a project with the same letter and the results are different, it could be that the author of the pattern used a different brand crochet hook. Keep in mind that individual tension will play a role in addition to hooks.

The top blue hook is a Boye. The center pink hook is a Susan Bates. I don't have a name brand for the green hook but the back says made in Germany.

When we look closely at the profile of the crochet hooks, this is where we see a huge difference. My favorite brand is the Boye crochet hook. I like it because of the rounded hook. The Susan Bates hook has a flatter hook. The narrow gap between the hook and handle of the Susan Bates will make your project smaller. When we look at the hook Made in Germany, it is much larger than the Bo…

The Meaning of Numbers and Letters on Crochet Hooks - Crochet Tip 23

When I learned to crochet there were two standard types of crochet hooks. Steel and aluminum. I know that there is a variety of shapes and sized hooks sold in the stores today. You just need to find something that works for you. The images below are example of the sizes for steel and aluminum hooks.Numbers are used with steel hooks. Alphabet letters are used with aluminum hooks.

Steel Crochet Hooks - The hook gets smaller as the number gets larger.

Aluminum Crochet Hooks - The hook gets larger and the letter get larger.

Tunisian Crochet - Taming the Curl - Crochet Tip 22

Anyone that has crocheted with Tunisian crochet or the Afghan Stitch has experienced the curl. You can block your piece with light starch or with weight to reduce the curl. It is no different than the process for pressing flowers. You will what to make sure your piece is slightly wet with water. You can add a light amount of starch to your water. Cover your piece with a towel to absorb the moisture. Add some weight to the top of your piece. A plastic storage container or the lid will work great and you won't have to worry about it getting a little wet since it is plastic. Add some books inside your plastic container or on top of the lid and you have a moisture resistant weight for Tunisian projects.

Most skeins of worsted weight acrylic yarn do not recommend ironing the yarn.