Changing the Color of your Crochet Project

Changing colors is nothing more than, cutting your yarn, securing it, then attaching a new color. There is no special way to go about doing it. It is no different than if you ran out of yarn in the middle of your project and had to attach a new skein. It comes down to your personal preference when attaching a new strand of yarn. Below are several videos that touch on changing colors.

Tunisial Crochet Color Change This is a video tutorial for the changing color of a row with tunisian crochet.

Video Tutorial: Tunisian Crochet Color Change

This is a video tutorial for changing color in the middle of a granny square and in the middle of a row.
Video Tutorial: Changing Color in the Middle of a Project

Circle to Square
This is another good example of changing color with rows.
Video Tutorial: Crochet Circle to Square

Reggae Rasta Slouch There are several color changes in this tutorial. Video Tutorial: Reggae Rasta Slouch Popcorn Cap - Part One Reggae Rasta Slouch Popcorn Cap - Part Two

Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2

Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Miniature Christmas Stocking Variation 2

It takes two rows to complete the star stitch.
Size I crochet hook
Chain 13

Red Yarn
Round 1: CH 1, 12 SC on ea side for a total of 24, join.

Round 2: First Part of Start Stitch: CH 3, 13 Star Stitch. Join in Beginning.

Round 3:SL ST in to the center of the previous stitches. CH 2, HDC in same space. 2 HDC in each joining space around. Join. (26 HDC)

Round 4: Repeat round 2.

Round 5: Repeat round 4 skipping 4 star stitches at the toe. Continue around, join (18 HDC) This is a good place to turn it inside out to sew the toe shut. Evenly sew across the top of the toe. Knot and tie in tails. Turn it right side out when finished.

Round 6-9: Repeat rounds 3 & 4 two time. This will be two more complete star stitch rows. (9 star stitches in all) Calf of stocking.

Round 10: With white yarn, SC around, join.

Round 11: Ch 1, SC, Long HDC Spike down 2 or 3 rows. Continue around with…

How to Create a Yoke from a 3-Sided Motif

How to Create a Yoke from 3 Sides
Pattern by Teresa Richardson
I am using the magic circle. You can use a chain if you don't want to use the magic circle.
Round 1: CH 3, 3 DC, CH 2, 4 DC, CH 2, 4 DC, CH 1, SC in Beg CH 3.
Round 2: CH 3, 2 DC in previous CH Space. DC in each of the next 4 DC. 8 DC in next corner space. DC in each of the next 4 DC. In the next corner, 3 DC, CH 2, 3 DC. DC in ea of the next 4 DC, 3 DC in corner, CH 2, SL ST in beg CH 3.
I am using 9 motifs in my example. The top, curved section of the motif will be the 8 DC . Matching right sides together, Slipstitch or whipstitch 9 DC together. Picture image will show joining stitches.
You will decide the placement of your armhole chains and where they will go. After that is complete, you will crochet the skirt to your dress with the pattern stitch of your choice.

This size yoke is a variation to the yoke for the Solomon's Knot baby dress. It could be used to make a larger baby dress. You can also make the motifs larg…

Crochet Christmas Wreath

Crochet Wreath

Video Tutorial:Crochet Christmas Wreath

Green Yarn With green yarn Chain 35.

3 SC in each chain across. It will start to twist and be very uneven.

Straighten the section out so the twist is turning one way. Run a pipe cleaner through the center of the wreath. Secure the ends of the pipe cleaner. Twist the yarn section in the direction to tighten the yarn on the pipecleaner. This will grab the fibers of the pipecleaner and tighten it up nice and neat. Sew the yarn ends of the twist so the wreath will not come apart. Sew in all the tails. You can hotglue or dab craft glue to the pipecleaner and yarn so it will stay in place and not come apart. You can add a french knot embellishment for berries on the wreath. I have found that fishing line or clear craft line will work very well for an invisible hanger.

Inspiration for Solomon's Knot Baby Dress

The time of the year was spring of 1983 near Dayton, Iowa. The little dress was something my former mother in law created for my baby daughter. It is made from solomon's knot which is a stitch that is unique, light and airy. Amanda was about 10 months old in this photo. She just turned 26 the 20th of July. I always loved the dress. I didn't know how to crochet much at this time in my life but I knew I wanted to know how to master this stitch. This dress was my inspiration for the Solomon's Knot Baby Dress.

Common Crochet - Fair Use or Copyright - DMCA

A false accusation towards me, has led me to the following thoughts. The person has apologized but it got me thinking anyway since the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has been a hot topic of conversation.

My main goal from the start has been to teach people how to crochet. You crochet because you love to do it. People don't get rich from selling crochet items or patterns. Maybe the publishing companies might make money. If there is a way, someone please share it with me. I did some research and found that under "Fair Use", people teaching can use copyright material. I am doing nothing more than teaching and sharing my knowledge of crochet. I choose not to use copyright material. I teach basic stitches, shapes and concepts, in addition to the patterns I create.

BUT...................................... how can a basic shape or basic set of increases be copyright? The art of crochet is estimated to have been started around the 1800's, somewhere between Europe and…

How to make Crochet Baby Dress - Solomon's Knot

Crochet Baby Dress - Solomon's Knot
Size F Crochet Hook

Baby Weight or 3-Ply Yarn

Chest Measurement: 18" around

There are a couple of ways to make the dress larger or smaller. 1. You can change the hook size to an E or G.
2. You can add a couple more stitches to the under arm of the yoke. You could use 6 or 7 chains or chainless foundations stitch if you wanted to make the chest larger.

The chain can be used instead of the chainless foundation.
Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:
Crochet Baby Dress - Solomon's Knot
Chainless Half Double Crochet Foundation

40 Chainless HDC or 42 Chains, HDC in each chain.
The foundation row was not counted as a row in the video. It is a row, however I am leaving the instructions so they match the video.

Row 1: CH 2, *HDC in next ST, 2 HDC in next ST, continue across from *, turn  (60 half double crochet)

Row 2: CH 2, HDC in ea ST across, turn    (60 half double crochet)

Row 3: CH 2, *Hdc in next ST, 2 HDC in next ST, continue across from …