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My partner, called the barbershop, for a hair cut today, which specializes in his type of hair cuts, since most white people can't cut hair how he likes! The guy, his regular barber says, he can't do it, but he has a white woman barber, named Lexi, who can cut his hair, who was trained before she went to work for him! It's funny & ironic, he takes the Lexus, to the barber, which is a synchronicity, & a reminder of the past! When I lived on Fort Riley Kansas, I new a soldier, who went by the name Lexus, & he was from the virgin Islands or so he said! That was where I learned a lot of soldiers & troops are storytelling! He would buy peach body mist, because he liked the smell! I was thinking he was a two way swinger, for liking womens products, but I didn't care, because he was a nice guy & funny! The body mist was like a room deoderant too! He would take a cordless phone, from the barracks outside, & when we went driving around, he was holding the phone up to his face, pretending he was talking on the phone! He was funny, & like he was poking fun at something I was not aware of! Like he was a jokester! Which in my eyes he was! Who takes a phone, which has no service, & carries it around in public, pretending to talk on the phone, when no one is on the other end? The Virgin Island is tourism! What other opoortunities are there for kids on a caribbean island, other than tourism or join the US Military, is what he expressed to me? When we went driving around Lake Milford, he said seeing a lake was wierd to him, because they didn't have lakes, & were just surrounded by water! He said his whole life, he was surrounded by water on a tiny island, & that was his life!

I should also mention, when I worked for AAFES, which is Army Air Force Exchange Service, which lasted about 3 weeks, because I quit! They sent me to Role Playing class! We did various scenarios on how to deal with customers! One thing that stuck with me, is they taught us we have INTERNAL CUSTOMERs, & EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS! This is kind of like the USB technology, with computer ports! We have the masculine giving plug, & the feminine receiving plug, which mirrors our anti-diverse society & sentiment towards feminine! Radio Shack even referenced the plug & play as male/female adapters! If you look at Google Home & Alexa Apple, homes & mobile computers, there is a giving end, & a receiving end with the ports, in order to charge them up! If you cut off the giver, then no one is charged, so this will stop! So the giver, spreading his Johnny Appleseed, & pollinating all over, will have to cut holes in his pockets, for his own entertainment!

When I lived in Germany 1997, I met a soldier trucker, who said he was from Suffolk Virginia, & he said when he was 12, he used to sell cocaine on the street, near the school, for his brother! I asked him if he ever got caught, & he said no he was lucky! He also said he graduated high school a few years later, to get his GED, so he was in high school as older kid! I used the word, "YOU PEOPLE", & he got an alarmed look on his face, & said, what do you mean YOU PEOPLE? I was kind of shocked, because I was thinking YOUNG KIDS, young people! This soldier was also, talking about music at the time, Toni Braxton & Unbreak My Heart! Kind of similar to my current partner, with football, he graduated later, same year as younger brother, having been held back, having been held back in school, but was never military! (He said the coaches were telling them this was an investment in their future, whatever that meant! His grades were changed to prevent football career!) Germany soldier trucker, liked having his picture taken near appliances, such as the refrigerator, which was strange! 

When I reference a person on TV, & say that person looks like someone else, he(current partner) always says, OF COURSE, WE "HIS PEOPLE" ALL LOOK ALIKE TO YOU! As a military spouse, & even in college, people were always telling me I looked like someone else, & I never took offense! There was a guy who told me his neices & nephews said I looked like the cartoon, Dora the Explorer, with my hair cut! I thought it was cute & funny! 

I moved to Fort Riley Kansas, came across another soldier, who bought a brand new coat! He like having his picture taken in his brand new coat! It was like back in 1997, some of the soldiers were seeking out people to take their pictures!

Kind of like in 1989, in Germany, the soldiers had fun being recorded as they are diving off the bridge & being careless & unsafe or safe, depending on personal context! Currently the United States Military is deemed unsafe, censored & not appropriate for online consumption! 


If this woman didn't have arms, then she should not have been a problem! What officer in their right mind would attack a pregnant woman with no arms! #policeweek2019

BUT who would consume & eat the soldiers anyway! That would be canibalism, right?


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