knit GRAPH CROCHET flower POWER chart DES!GN.mp4 Music Video Newsletter

Dear Knitters, Crochet folks, Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Afternoon, Good night, YouTube,  Internet, Warriors, Knitters, Crochet Geeks, here's wishing you an inspirational week of crafting.

I made you a special music video of the flower power graph.  So please loop the video, if you need more time to play the video to complete your graph knit flower.  What you will do is right click over the video on desktop, then click on loop for the video to keep playing.

My husband planted a box garden a few weeks ago when it was warm.  It's gotten very chilly, and his plants got cold and shriveled up a bit.  We are hoping the plants come back around and survive.  It was so hot last summer, the plants ended up getting some rot, due to all the heat and humidity.

As many of you know, we don't have medical insurance in 2018.  It would have cost us $18,000 for the year, $1533 a month, $10,000 deductible plus copay using Ambetter.  Way to go Georgia to treat a middle age couple with no health care, my husband who is a senior citizen.  To refresh, my husband has diabetes, high blood pressure, & blood clots.  Let's recap, 2016 he was in the intensive care for 4-5 days.  The hospital charges were about $150,000.  Once the bill was sent to the insurance company, the hospital was paid $20,000.  That is a big difference.  At the time I wasn't feeling well in 2015, which I still think is related to electromagnetic frequencies, and we had insurance, the cost of the CAT SCAN was $99,999 only I didn't get a summary for how much the hospital actually received.  This whole thing seems so odd that my husband and I have similar symptoms with pain & anxiety.  It makes sense that things are stressful with the changes with medical care affordability.  I've never been able to afford insurance or medical care, so the stress comes from those who feel a need to tell me what I need, yet I can't afford it.  2018 was the year my husband decided he didn't want to pay an insurance company for what amounted to a new car in price.  I always felt like we needed a universal health care so everyone is covered.  I hate the tier system. 

My husband is paying out of his pocket right now for all his medications & doctors visits.  Yesterday, he had to pay $104.00 just to get a referral for an MRI, which will cost $500 + tax.  He is also paying out of his pocket for his medications.  To him, these are reasonable prices, even tho he is taking retirement money out to pay medical expenses.  TO me they are not affordable with what I make & based on what I have made the past 20 years, with the odd jobs I've had. This is the difference we have, because he always had a very good paying job, that paid a living wage.  I asked him how homeless people & low income people are supposed to pay these outrageous prices?  What good are all these screenings, when a person doesn't have money to pay for additional care?   Now he is falling for the dental plans, which are a rip off.  He bought one again just for a cleaning, even tho he had a dental plan in 2017, and the dentist office raised the price on cleaning, even with the dental plan.  It's really frustrating for me, because his medications do have side effects, even tho the doctors never want to admit there are side effects.   This is not how I envisioned aging.  Like people say, we have hospitals & doctors spending customer money, for their wall street profits.  My husband retirement money is going to pay for medical expenses.  WE did get penalized & have to pay back the subsidies for the Affordable Health Care Act, when my husband took retirement money out to pay for medical expenses.    I would just like legal marijuana for recreational use across the USA & a Universal Health System in place.  When I add things up, 90% of our pay is going to price gouged services & goods.  My pay has gone down, not up like it's supposed.  If Wall Street is not going up, then why is my pay not going up?

March 9, 2018
knit GRAPH CROCHET flower POWER chart DES!GN.mp4 Music Video Newsletter


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