Secret Tips Magic Knit Crochet Winter Tricks: How to Sewing in Tails Eng...

is is going to show how to sew on the
tail and I'm going to make a little knot
right here in the corner like that and
I'm leaving it between the stitches
going down here in this direction and
I'm going just right through the fibers
and back in the opposite direction and
then I found that I like this way a
little bit better than just leaving a
tail between the stitches because we
don't want this coming apart I have had
people over the years
bring afghans to me and think that they
were coming apart when really it was
just the tail coming out because they
had washed it so that's something to
keep in mind when you're giving
something that's crocheted is someone to
let them know if the tails come out just
to sew them back in because it is
possible that they could come out and
I'm going to weave them over in this
direction right in here and then make
another knot and then make them close so
that they go down in between the
stitches and then the knot is hidden and
when I pull it like that and you can
pull it over and then the knot is hidden
between the stitches and then cut off
the yarn and that's sewing in the tail

Teresa Richardson


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