How to make Rojo Red knit Crochet Lace Heart Tutorial English Spanish Su...

00:00 this tutorial will show how to make a 00:02 crochet heart I am using left over yarn 00:05 this is the variegated yarn and a size K 00:10 crochet hook so I'm attaching a slipknot 00:14 to the crochet hook I'm going to work a 00:17 chain of three joined with the beginning 00:23 chain wrap the yarn over pull through 00:25 pull through the loop on the hook work a 00:27 chain one and now I'm going to work 00:30 three double crochet thats 1 2 3 chain 1 00:44 work three more double crochet one 00:56 two three chain one work three more 01:03 double crochet one two three chain one 01:14 work three more double crochet one two 01:19 three I'm going to work a chain one and 01:26 I'm going to be working triple crochet 01:28 in the third double crochet over we will 01:32 work one work a chain one two chain one 01:45 and the double crochet is wrapping the 01:47 right yarn around your hook twice put it 01:50 through the stitch we're working all 01:51 these in the same stitch yarn over pull 01:54 through two yarn over pull through two 01:56 yarn over pull through two and that's 01:58 how you work the triple crochet work a 02:01 chain one this is stitch four 02:23 five 02:28 six 02:36 seven will skip one stitch work a slip 02:41 stitch in the next I'm going to work a 02:45 chain one skip one stitch and we will 02:48 work seven double crochet with the chain 02:50 one between each stitch one 03:03 to 03:09 three 03:16 for 03:23 five 03:31 six 03:37 seven in the chain one space work a slip 03:41 stitch and that's where I'm ending this 03:45 is my heart like that yarn pull through 03:52 give it a tug then you'll so in all your 03:53 tails and that completes the heart let 03:58 me know in the comments section what 04:00 crochet tutorial you would like to see 04:02 me make next please remember to rate the 04:06 video and subscribe if you are new to 04:08 crochet geek thank you for watching and 04:11 I will see you the next time this will 04:13 be how to make a miniature Christmas 04:15 tree English (auto-generated)


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