How to knit a single crochet spring butterfly

I hope you all are experiencing some warmer weather.  When we moved here 12 years ago, down south, we were all told that warmer climate would help with aches and pains.  However that is just not true.  Unfortunately, we are getting a nasty carbon smell from the Interstate, mixed with ammonia and sewer.  The oainsof living in the Walthour Swamp. 

1 good morning good evening good afternoon 00:04 good night YouTube 00:07 Internet warriors we're going to make a 00:09 single crochet butterfly today we're 00:13 going to make eight single crochet 00:15 butterfly YS warrior thank you so much 00:24 for joining me thank you so much thank 00:27 you I appreciate it okay 00:30 we're going to get started here I'm not 00:32 sure how it's gonna turn out but we're 00:36 gonna get started here 00:37 do I smoke weed I wish I wouldn't even 00:44 know where to get weed if I had if I had 00:47 weed but I've heard it helps oxygenate 00:50 the body I that's what I read about the 00:54 studies say that weed helps put oxygen 00:57 in your bloodstream and helps it flow 01:00 and move better and so yeah I'm a 01:04 supporter of weed okay so let's get 01:07 started here with the butterfly okay 01:13 we're going to work a slip knot here 01:17 just like this and I'm going to work 01:21 let's do a chain one two three four five 01:29 six just like that 01:32 and then we're going to join with the 01:35 single crochet and I am using my nick 01:38 crate yarn I'm using my gray knit crate 01:40 yarn right here okay so I'm going to 01:44 work a chain one and then I'm going to 01:47 work three double crochet through the 01:50 loop that's one two it's 9:20 ghost 01:57 officials II says it is 9:20 p.m. in my 02:01 country nine twenty that is then that 02:04 would mean it must be 420 here it's 02:09 will you see oh let me see if it's 420 02:12 oh I missed it it's 420 would that's 02:17 good enough I missed it 02:21 Oh shucks okay so I got one double 02:26 crochet done 02:27 we missed 420 that's the time when 02:31 everybody's supposed to be home doing 02:34 nothing isn't it isn't that the theory 02:36 that if everybody's home doing nothing 02:38 then there won't be as much traffic on 02:41 the street isn't that the theory well 02:44 anyway we still need full legalization 02:46 of marijuana for recreational use I have 02:50 an advocate guys so thank you thank you 02:53 to my mentors for helping me I actually 02:57 think it would help me with my menopause 02:59 to menopause and aches and pains and 03:03 things like that and arthritis aches and 03:07 pains like today I have a lot of aches 03:08 and pains so we're working a chain three 03:13 and you know what this actually when I 03:18 was a child I had a lot of aches and 03:19 pains too and it's the only thing I 03:22 could think it must have been juvenile 03:24 arthritis because I mean I went to the 03:29 doctor and we're working a chain three 03:33 again and then we're knitting three more 03:36 double crochet I went to the doctor and 03:38 the doctor said there was nothing you 03:40 know about wrong with my knees and so I 03:42 was running and stuff and I had a severe 03:44 pain in my knees and in my ankles and 03:48 you know how they call it growing pains 03:49 you know how they call it growing pains 03:52 and so but then it then it's like I went 03:54 through puberty and then things got a 03:56 little bit better and then it's like and 03:59 someone had told me they said think back 04:00 into childhood so I did and it's like 04:03 wait a minute 04:04 so I'm experiencing the same pains I had 04:06 when I was a child 04:07 okay so we're working a chain three and 04:10 then working knitting three more double 04:15 crochet that's two and three okay so we 04:20 are right here this is 04:21 we've got right now I'm going to work a 04:23 chain one and then work then I'm going 04:27 to work a half double crochet no I'm 04:31 just gonna work a chain three and then 04:34 join I'm going to join right in here 04:37 just like this it's a little cooler 04:39 today here it's a little cooler but it's 04:44 nice out it's about 65 degrees we've got 04:47 a lot of pollen what is that sir John it 04:51 is 23 23 in your country 04:55 what is sir se Oh sir Serg EO and what 05:02 is surgeon 05:03 what is surgeon oh you want to be a 05:08 sergeant a sergeant oh you want to be a 05:11 surgeon okay I hope you you can be a 05:16 sergeant you can be anything you want to 05:17 be if you want to be a surgeon 05:19 B I want you to be safe though that's 05:24 what I wanted you to be safe and not put 05:26 yourself in harm's way that's what I 05:28 would hope will be the surgeon of wheat 05:36 marijuana this could be our break I'm 05:40 the general 05:41 I'm the jet marijuana general how about 05:44 that I'll be the general I'll be the 05:47 four-star general no a person who dose 05:52 operations oh you want to do operations 05:55 on people I'm the general 05:58 okay guys from now on I'm the general 06:00 I'm a warrior but I'm a general male - 06:03 and this is my rank this is my rank I've 06:06 got I'm a gold I'm a gold leaf I'm a 06:12 gold leaf general that's what I am a 06:15 gold leaf general 06:19 a gold leaf and green leaf - we can have 06:23 green leaf generals we can have gold 06:25 leaf generals and we can have silver 06:28 leaf generals platinum leaf generals and 06:31 diamond leaf generals how about that 06:35 good that's really good actually 06:38 yeah my army will have gold leaf 06:41 generals 06:42 I'm the general general I'm the high top 06:44 general but we can have gold leaf 06:47 diamond leaf I need a diamond tholi I 06:51 need a diamond belief that's what I need 06:54 okay so I worked a gene one here okay I 06:57 need to get working my butterfly here so 07:00 I worked a chain one here did I I didn't 07:02 make enough crap I was talking I need to 07:06 make two more I need to put in six okay 07:13 I need to put in two more but I follow 07:16 you from Romania I love everything you 07:19 do thank you so much Catalina marina 07:22 thank you thank you so much and so yeah 07:25 so and ghost official Z is wants to do 07:28 operations so so what do you do okay let 07:34 me ask this 07:35 so Catalina marina what do you do in 07:38 Romania are you a student are you an 07:41 adult and then ghost Z what do you want 07:44 to operate on ghost officials Z I'm 07:47 curious 07:50 operations operations just that sounds 07:54 really really detailed I know that 07:58 there's a lot of yeah I mean there's a 08:02 lot of people who do operations a lot of 08:06 different ways to do operations and like 08:10 I've heard there's doctors I've heard 08:12 that there's doctors who are like on one 08:16 coast of the United States like on the 08:18 east coast of the United States and 08:20 they'll operate on someone on the west 08:23 coast of the United States 08:24 isn't that so cool to think that you can 08:27 have a doctor operating on you that is 08:31 three or four thousand miles away 08:34 ghost officials II says I'm really 08:36 interested in medical treatments and I 08:40 highly want to do heart ones or back 08:42 operations operations well what would 08:46 the back opera I mean I I have concerns 08:52 about back operations myself do you 08:57 think that it's possible that there's 08:59 there's back operations that have been 09:01 performed necessary is that a 09:04 possibility do you think I'm just 09:07 curious I'm just asking like back 09:10 operation seems I don't know I mean I 09:15 get it makes sense because I know 09:17 there's people who have been hurt really 09:19 really bad too and it would be helpful 09:21 to them you know so I mean I know I've 09:24 fallen down the steps myself when my son 09:27 was six months old 09:29 okay now I'd worked a slip stitch over 09:31 to the center double crochet and I 09:35 worked a chain one and now I am going to 09:37 work three double crochet I'm knitting 09:41 three double crochet through the chain 09:43 three ghost officials ease well hello 09:47 Stan Smith I am great how are you doing 09:51 and then ghost officials II says of 09:53 course where do you think all this 09:56 information has came from it has come 09:59 from experience 10:00 they tried things and figured out the 10:02 right way the right way so hmm well I 10:12 mean cuz I I know like yeah they figured 10:16 out the right way I mean I just just 10:20 have concerns a little bit though I have 10:23 a little bit of concerns or a lot of 10:24 concerns about back operations Catalina 10:30 says I'm a mom but all congratulations 10:32 you're a mom I do the same like you 10:37 you crochet Crockett things and sewing a 10:41 dress I have a 24 year and a 1 year old 10:44 boy I 1 year and 4 months you love you 10:51 so much thank you so much Kathleen thank 10:54 you so much so you have a 24 a 24 year 10:59 old and a bit little baby or a 24 month 11:02 old and one year one year old and one 11:05 four months old 11:06 Stan sews looking good okay we always 11:17 know what Stan is looking at okay let's 11:19 do a chain one then we're going to work 11:22 three more okay three more we're 11:29 knitting three more double crochet and 11:31 then a chain three and then three more 11:36 double crochet so I want to thank you 11:38 guys so much for being here and oh and I 11:41 would really like to get more people 11:44 involved 11:45 I really would like to get more people 11:47 involved more people watching like kids 11:51 because I know kids talk about weed and 11:54 marijuana and crochet I think it would 11:57 be great if everybody watched you know 12:00 if everybody watch that's what I think 12:03 how do I get more people on researching 12:07 on Ebola or cancer or research oh you 12:11 want a research on Ebola or cancer oh 12:14 that sounds interesting to a bola hello 12:21 Rachel Cooper no Stan I'm not going to 12:27 take my shirt 12:41 that's funny though oh my gosh can you 12:48 imagine we're driving down the road and 12:51 someone says and you're in the car and 12:53 so this is take off your shirt and 12:57 yelling that to other women take off 13:00 your shirt 13:04 that's funny 13:06 okay so I've knitted a whole bunch more 13:09 right here I know this is looking kind 13:12 of grannyish ghost official Z says 13:15 there's nothing better than the feeling 13:17 of helping people you get that feeling 13:22 that you have well done yeah that's true 13:29 I actually would like uh that's why I 13:35 would like for marijuana to be legal 13:38 because I feel like it would actually 13:39 hope the pain in my body that's kind of 13:43 what I'm thinking because I'm someone 13:46 who wants to use things alternative 13:48 medications so I think it would help 13:51 because like today I have a little bit 13:53 of swelling and so I would really like 13:58 alternative medications because it hurts 14:02 because I have pain in my body really 14:06 bad but I don't think that but I don't 14:14 think that now I'm working a chain three 14:16 I don't want to have to have surgery and 14:19 I know that there's been stories of 14:22 doctors who have done performed 14:24 surgeries and there's there was even one 14:27 in my own family that was really scary 14:29 and so you know that doctors can overdo 14:34 surgeries and that is my biggest concern 14:37 of you know of a doctor performing a 14:41 surgery that's not necessary so that's 14:44 just my other side of it 14:46 you know so but but the thing is this is 14:48 the thing I understand though too is 14:49 like if somebody has a compound fracture 14:52 or something like that they didn't need 14:54 sewed up and that is understandable that 14:56 is fully fully an understandable type of 14:59 surgery to do you know when people have 15:02 bonafide but but the thing is has me 15:05 wondering some of this back pain related 15:07 to menopause or something else Oh like 15:13 directed-energy you know sometimes about 15:16 that because I'm gonna share this with 15:18 you today it was I think it was right 15:20 around 3 3 p.m. and I was laying I just 15:24 got out of the shower cuz I cleaned up a 15:26 little bit 15:27 ghost officials II says I live in 15:30 England and I speak fluently and I think 15:32 it would suit me that's great yeah no 15:37 I'm not trying to discourage you I'm not 15:39 trying to discourage you at all 15:42 I just want marijuana legal but see I 15:53 had you know I have a family member who 15:55 had several surgeries in the last one 15:57 actually almost killed the person and so 16:02 that I think that's really scary and but 16:08 yeah oh I was I was talking about there 16:11 was an airplane that flew over I was 16:13 laying down in the bed I just got 16:15 another shower and sometimes I'll lay 16:16 down and take a little nap just to dry 16:18 off I'm being lazy so I'll take a little 16:21 mat just to dry off and there was and so 16:24 I felt this buzz I felt the buzz in my 16:27 head again it was kind of like a zap zap 16:30 and then I heard the airplane so it was 16:32 like it sounded like a fighter jet 16:34 passing over I don't know where it was 16:37 from I didn't see if it was the Air 16:39 Force I didn't see if it was Gulf Stream 16:43 ok now I'm all the way around and I'm 16:46 working a chain one here just like that 16:48 and so I have no idea who did it oh I 16:52 did it wrong I 16:55 they did it wrong what okay I'm just 16:58 gonna ignore that I'm just gonna go 17:00 ahead now I'm gonna pull it out I'm 17:04 gonna rip it out we're ripping we're 17:06 ripping the stitches because I want to I 17:08 want to do it how I was gonna do it okay 17:10 so I'm working this out like that cuz I 17:13 wanted to do the chain 1 and a slip 17:14 stitch between the stitches but I was 17:17 talking and so I got a little distracted 17:19 that's normal that's okay yeah and so 17:23 anyway I was laying down so this is how 17:26 I'm doing it like that I'm doing a slip 17:28 stitch in there and then a a chain one 17:31 and then three we're knitting three 17:34 double crochet just like that and so I 17:37 was laying down the bed and I felt this 17:40 ABS app in my head but this time it it 17:42 really you know it was kind of like and 17:44 then I felt like an immediate pain right 17:46 up here in the crown of my head 17:47 surgery service to be carried out in 17:51 serious and serious precautions okay 17:55 that sounds that sounds like a 17:57 legitimate bona fide yeah I mean and I'm 18:00 sure your services are there's a 18:01 probably a lot of people that sounds 18:04 like a really admirable profession to be 18:06 part of for surgeries carried out in 18:10 serious conditions because a lot of 18:13 people there are a lot of serious 18:14 conditions that people have so yeah I 18:18 mean I I wish you the best and I I hope 18:21 you become you know I hope it doesn't 18:22 take you a long time to become a surgeon 18:25 I hope it doesn't take you a long time 18:28 to become a surgeon 18:31 you know and that that it doesn't cost 18:33 you a lot of money you should be able to 18:34 go to school for free for oh and that 18:37 reminded me yeah I think I'm done with 18:40 my story about the airplane but I just 18:42 had his app and then I had that pain in 18:44 my head it's kind of it makes a headache 18:47 right here and hurts my spine so it was 18:49 kind of like I felt the directed-energy 18:51 as you know as the plane was flying over 18:54 but what I was gonna say this is this is 18:57 what it reminded me of you know being a 18:59 surgeon this is what it reminded me of 19:01 and I was thinking most companies when 19:04 they hire their employees that they pay 19:06 to train them and I was thinking why in 19:09 the world do those people have to pay to 19:13 go to school you know when it comes to 19:16 being in the medical field because I was 19:19 just thinking shouldn't the hospitals be 19:21 paying you know for the people that they 19:26 want in the hospital shouldn't they be 19:28 paying for them to go to school that's 19:31 what I was kind of thinking but yet 19:33 there there's an awful lot of people 19:36 with these huge student loans and so it 19:41 just got me to thinking about that 19:43 because I know when I lived in Germany 19:46 they had a training school but the thing 19:50 is the school was paid for it I mean the 19:53 the Germany paid for their student they 19:59 paid for their students to go to school 20:02 and so yeah and I think you should be 20:08 able to go to school for free I don't 20:09 know if you do in England or not but you 20:11 know and that's just like here in 20:12 America if the hospitals want people to 20:18 go to school they they should actually 20:21 be paying for them you know they should 20:24 be paying for four of them instead of 20:26 individual people ending up with all 20:29 this debt so I think there should be a 20:31 debt forgiveness for all these students 20:33 who have not been able to find jobs I 20:36 think that's terrible that all these 20:38 people have all those death 20:40 that's a terrible so ghost officials II 20:43 says I do read a lot of books I'm kind 20:46 of a bookworm a bookworm and I do read a 20:52 lot of books about health and safety and 20:55 I like things that the surgeon would 21:00 read because I want to learn and I'm not 21:02 gonna give up that is great to not give 21:05 up never give up never give up keep keep 21:09 working hard Cuba offers free medicine 21:14 they do Cuba offers free medical school 21:19 and you know isn't that funny to think 21:21 that we've been told that you know they 21:23 they talk so poorly about Cuba I want to 21:26 go to Cuba so bad I want to go so bad 21:30 but it's just I guess it's just not in 21:33 the cards right at this moment visit you 21:39 know it's just kind of like it's kind of 21:42 it was kind of like when I went over to 21:43 East Germany after the wall came down 21:45 that was fun to drive across the border 21:48 because one day you couldn't go across 21:50 and then one day it was just all going 21:52 on everything was just gone 21:54 and then you could freely travel between 21:57 the well between the country you know in 22:04 the country so hopefully I'll get a go 22:08 ghost officials II says but the NHS 22:11 needs the money so they can't give all 22:15 the money out they need money for the 22:19 medical stuff well okay so then it seems 22:27 like it you know this is what it seems 22:29 like is that if the hospitals can't 22:31 profit and they can't pay for school it 22:36 sounds like the hospitals are a feeling' 22:38 business model then it does it sounds 22:42 like the hospitals are failing business 22:44 model as they are right now so that and 22:47 and so it sounds like Great Britain or 22:49 over in the UK has something similar 22:51 here in the United States I thought that 22:53 does the UK have free medical care 22:55 that's what I'm curious now I'm working 22:59 the chain 1 and a slip stitch so does 23:02 the UK have free medical care and the 23:06 NHS stands for National Health Service 23:08 oh the National Health Service the 23:13 National Health Service so is that the 23:15 government so is this like rhetoric or 23:18 something implying that the National 23:22 that the state that the 23:25 government-funded program is feeling is 23:27 that what it's implying 23:31 ok so now if I wanted to I could stop 23:34 right here oh oh that's cute oh that is 23:40 really cute look at that that's cute 23:43 and we could even have a star we could 23:45 even have a star right there - you see 23:48 that we could even have a star so is 23:54 that what you're implying 23:57 is that what your the NHS I mean because 24:00 I I don't believe that because the one 24:03 thing I know for sure is that us 24:06 collectively we're paying all this money 24:10 to we're paying all this money into the 24:17 government work for all these services 24:19 and we get nothing in return basically 24:21 so basically we get nothing in return is 24:25 is what's happening okay I'm gonna keep 24:28 working on here a little bit and I'm 24:29 gonna spit it up here a little bit I'm 24:31 gonna work I'm gonna work a chain three 24:35 move on up here to the corner and then 24:40 I'm going to work I'm going to work one 24:43 we're knitting two three double crochet 24:48 let's do four four double crochet and 24:51 then a chain three we're making a picot 24:54 we're making a picot right like that and 25:01 then how going to work we're knitting 25:04 for more double crochet one two three 25:12 okay so I'm not quite sure you know 25:15 because I think I know collectively here 25:18 in the United States 25:20 we would actually you know we have the 25:26 most amount of money now we're paying in 25:28 all this money and getting very little 25:30 services from what we pay in we don't 25:33 know what they're doing with the money 25:34 well yes we do like they said Warren 25:38 Buffett see you later take care of the 25:54 gate okay 25:59 so I'm working a single crochet this is 26:02 what we have and so so yeah that's what 26:04 I'm thinking collectively we paying all 26:07 this money and so and I know I'm Terry I 26:15 know 26:15 I'm parroting what I heard off the TV 26:18 and so if if Warren Buffett is a real 26:21 person or he could be Warren Buffett 26:24 could be NHS is the I'm out of all 26:28 hospitals what does that mean I'm out of 26:31 all hospitals National Health Service 26:33 I'm out of all so the government is 26:36 running hospitals then is that what that 26:37 is okay you know so yeah it owns all 26:51 hospitals you know the one thing I have 26:56 to say is that I you know the the the 27:01 the military when they did the it was a 27:05 socialized health care system 27:08 he did it and it worked great the only 27:12 thing yeah I think it worked great I 27:16 mean oh and over the years they started 27:18 hiring more people they brought in more 27:20 people now the only thing the only 27:24 problem that I see is that a lot of 27:27 times the people who want to put the 27:30 rhetoric out they get caught up in 27:32 wordplay and semantics so then they want 27:34 to catch us up so we have to split 27:37 things things need to split so the thing 27:40 is we need healthcare but we don't need 27:43 this excessive amount of running to the 27:45 doctor for all this excessive amounts of 27:48 stuff you know so it's kind of like 27:50 every time they talk about the cold and 27:55 flu season and stuff like that and 27:57 allergies they're basically selling 28:00 something and you know sometimes it's 28:05 like when I go out on my sidewalk it's 28:07 like we have this excessive amount of 28:09 pollen that came from who knows where 28:12 now I'm gonna sound like a conspiracy 28:14 theorist we've got yellow all over the 28:17 sidewalk they came from who knows where 28:21 we have free operations and checkups and 28:26 what well I would like free dental 28:29 actually it's not free because you pay 28:30 for it with your you pay for it with 28:33 your taxes so your tax dollars actually 28:36 pays for it so so technically it's not 28:44 free it's a service that's being given 28:47 to you and so it will function more 28:50 efficiently because health care should 28:52 not be about health care should not be 28:56 about Wall Street profits it should 29:01 actually be about people being well not 29:04 sick and so in order for Wall Street 29:08 profits to keep making money than the 29:12 Machine the the health the medical 29:16 matrix has to keep bringing in more and 29:19 more sick 29:20 more and more sick people that's kind of 29:22 like the prison system in order for them 29:24 to make more profits they got it they've 29:26 turned people into assets that's 29:28 horrible 29:29 that's a horrible way for human beings 29:32 to be assets to Wall Street that's a 29:36 terrible way to treat people I think 29:37 that's my opinion though so you know I 29:42 think that's terrible so you know I mean 29:46 and you can't predict the things that 29:49 you might need you just can't predict it 29:51 and that's why the insurance companies 29:54 here in England has the best military 30:00 England has the best military the soil 30:05 the soil the soil what I'm not sure what 30:09 that means but okay 30:14 I wasn't feeling well my husband went a 30:17 year ago we went to the Panama Canal 30:21 we did a cruise through the Panama Canal 30:23 and England soldiers have to be 30:30 professionals to be sent out to war to 30:34 be professionals and so we were in Costa 30:39 Rica and my husband took some video and 30:42 he had the man driving him around he 30:44 said everybody is welcome to Costa Rica 30:46 they don't discriminate they let 30:48 everybody is welcome they don't care who 30:50 comes to Costa Rica he and there was 30:53 this huge bird flying over and and he 30:56 and he pointed out to my husband he says 30:58 that's our Air Force the birds flying 31:02 over is what he was calling their Air 31:04 Force and and so he was being a little 31:07 you know in the end so he implying that 31:10 they don't have any problems you know so 31:12 down there in the Caribbean they don't 31:14 have any problems and 31:19 you know and I just think that that's a 31:22 you know a good a good way to be because 31:25 the truth is most normal people don't 31:28 want to argue and fight 31:30 they just don't most people just want to 31:33 live in peace and harmony you know and 31:37 especially legalize this for 31:44 recreational we need full legalization 31:46 for recreational use so that's something 31:51 I'm doing on my own I don't even know 31:54 what it'd be Li you know I don't even 31:56 you know that's just something I'm 31:57 choosing to do because I recognize 32:00 freedom of speech now I recognize what 32:03 freedom of speech freedom of expression 32:05 artistic you know because and and and 32:09 it's like and everything is so fresh 32:12 from when it happened then it's kind of 32:15 like the stuff that people were telling 32:18 me was a bunch of bullshit so the people 32:19 who who were implying that they were 32:23 actually helping me where they weren't 32:25 they were actually making things worse 32:27 so but there were a lot of people who 32:30 did help me and I I'm thankful for that 32:33 I am very thankful for that 32:37 so but yeah we there's a lot of things 32:41 legalizing this marijuana would help a 32:44 lot would help our country a lot a lot 32:48 of ways and it needs to be done 32:54 it just does it needs to be done okay 33:04 I'm working a chain 4 and then we're 33:06 working a slip stitch down here and 1 2 33:12 3 4 ok and now I'm working I'm knitting 33:20 four double crochet that's one two three 33:27 and four then I'm working a chain four 33:32 we've got a chain four and then a slip 33:35 stitch at the top here like this and 33:39 please ask your friends to subscribe and 33:43 watch you're working a one two 33:50 three and four and you owe and bail me 33:54 you can bail me the little bell down 33:57 there hit the bell for notifications 33:59 that's what I'd like and work one two 34:02 three four and so ghost says the Queen 34:07 Elizabeth owns most countries well how 34:11 does she own most countries that doesn't 34:13 make sense to me how she owns how does 34:16 the Queen Elizabeth all most countries I 34:18 mean that doesn't really make sense to 34:21 me oh are you talking about the 34:23 Caribbean because someone wrote 34:26 something up on a piece of paper 34:29 Oh Association and they used the wording 34:33 about the Queen of England or something 34:36 about upon the queen of England's death 34:39 or something that like we would be 34:40 released from we'd be released from like 34:45 set free or something it's kind of like 34:54 countries countries I thought God the 34:59 countries which God is us so I thought 35:02 we the people I thought that's what I 35:07 thought you know so you know so God 35:12 being the unexplainable unexplainable 35:18 what we can't explain the word for what 35:21 we can't explain so and that's the 35:25 that's the part that I can accept I can 35:28 deal with 35:36 I'm just not but I will talk religion 35:42 though reminds me I read something and 35:51 we're working a slip stitch right here I 35:53 read something about Sigmund Freud 35:55 Sigmund Freud's that he thought religion 36:00 was a mental illness which was kind of 36:02 funny that you because I was because it 36:05 was kind of an interesting thing because 36:07 I was looking up the I was looking up I 36:12 was looking up something about mental 36:14 illness and it's so funny because you 36:16 have religious people calling uh you 36:19 know other people mentally ill and then 36:21 you have like other like psychiatrists 36:26 and people calling religious people 36:28 mentally ill so it's like there's this 36:29 huge thing going on I want to show you 36:34 this real quick there's this huge thing 36:43 oh here's the butterfly oh my gosh that 36:48 would you look at that we've got a 36:53 butterfly and a scissor so a minute I 36:58 still have some brute strength there so 37:04 okay we got the butterfly had done the 37:08 spring butterfly do you see that okay 37:11 let me see what ghost official Z says 37:15 the world war of Queen of the treaty in 37:19 all the countries had to sign and most 37:23 countries signed it's all most countries 37:26 signed it the world war the queen of the 37:29 treaty and all the countries had to sign 37:31 and most countries signed it okay so so 37:36 what does that mean then right so the 37:38 countries signed the treaty so the 37:41 United States signed the treaty too we 37:53 just are like we own it so we don't 37:56 maybe maybe we don't have to pay rent 37:59 maybe we do have to pay rent but it's 38:01 just like it gets really really 38:04 expensive to living in the United States 38:07 that's the thing that's happened it's 38:09 really really expensive for us to live 38:11 in the United States I think do people 38:13 know that outside of the country why 38:15 would they want to come here when it's 38:17 so freakin expensive 38:20 yeah that's the thing that doesn't or 38:24 should I have said so fucking expensive 38:26 it's it's like everything is inflated 38:30 high in price it is inflated house 38:39 prices are inflated high and then 38:43 they're doing some crap with them you 38:47 know but anyway yeah but fortunately 38:51 [Music] 38:53 fortunately the house across the street 38:56 for me the flags are gone the flags are 38:59 gone so maybe I should show you guys 39:03 they're gone they packed up and left 39:06 hang on I'm gonna show you guys so 39:09 whoever was there is gone now okay see 39:14 all the flags are gone the balloons are 39:16 gone they took their signs and they left 39:20 which is so I'm thinking about it mean 39:24 that that might mean that they're done 39:30 selling houses here so home Association 39:39 I hate home associations there they suck 39:43 their shit and then oh the other thing 39:48 too okay so I'm done with my butterfly 39:51 so I'm gonna just talk a little bit here 39:53 the other thing that I learned today 39:57 well I put this thing on Cora Cora calm 40:00 qu o RA if you guys don't know what that 40:03 is and and so just hold my butterfly 40:09 here so you guys can see my neck crochet 40:13 butterfly and so I was trying to find 40:15 out oh I made a video trying to find out 40:19 what the rust color and rust color and 40:23 the black multicolor stuff is that is 40:26 coming up out of the ground and someone 40:29 had said leachate which is spelled l ec 40:31 h a te and so i've been taking pictures 40:35 and stuff so leachate comes from me from 40:39 a burrow pit we do have a barrel pit 40:41 that is oh maybe a mile away at the most 40:45 and so you know but I don't know there's 40:53 still a lot of things I think there's 40:55 something else going on 40:57 say I do I think there might be some 40:59 other corrupt stuff that's happened or 41:02 they built someplace they shouldn't 41:04 build that's what I think but because we 41:07 got some nasty little crap that comes up 41:09 out of the ground I would move to 41:15 England if I was you because North Korea 41:18 is going to have a massive war with 41:20 America well where is the war going to 41:23 happen how is Korea going to have the 41:26 war and where is it going to happen 41:31 that's what I want to know 41:36 she said North Korea I think that's a 41:40 dumb I think it's really stupid that our 41:43 country there is already war where is 41:47 the word other than the media I see a 41:56 media war going on an info wars intern 42:01 what an internal war is that what it is 42:05 an internal war I don't know I know oh 42:13 they said Donald Trump was supposed to 42:17 he was supposed to be don't believe 42:20 media whatsoever well I know some of 42:26 that stuff that they put because some of 42:33 the stuff that they put on there this is 42:35 crap and I think they're just talking 42:40 out their ass basically they're talking 42:42 about a bunch of nonsense you know it's 42:45 it's kind of like we could have someone 42:49 else running the country and you know 42:52 like right now NBC is just doing a bunch 42:54 of crap it's basically what it is the 42:56 traditional media is just putting a 42:58 bunch of crap on TV it's really a big 43:01 turn-off it's a huge turnoff it's 43:05 depressing really you know that's the 43:07 thing I found is when they started to do 43:09 and all this stuff the way they do it it 43:11 it's it's depressing g TG when will i do 43:16 another live stream g-e-t what is grand 43:21 theft know is that what is GTG I was 43:24 going to say when will I do another love 43:28 stream what's the love strip a live 43:30 stream I don't know what GTD is ghost 43:34 officials Z and then Marie's family says 43:37 they're doing this so we don't see what 43:39 is really going on I can't watch TV 43:42 since four years 43:44 okay so I don't watch every I don't 43:48 watch much I watch a little bit thank 44:16 you so much for watching they smash and 44:18 hit thumbs up button share this video 44:20 with your friends subscribe leave 44:21 comments suggestions ideas and I'll see 44:23 you soon I love you guys thank you for 44:26 watching my butterfly peace love 44:28 marijuana and avocados


  1. Theresa are you on any psych meds? If not I think it's time to get some balance going on in that brain of yours....rambling rambler I could see myself having long convos with you about cat poop and pizza u deary
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