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good morning good evening good afternoon good night Internet warriors crochet geeks I'm going to show you what needs to be done when you get a strike on your account and it I happen to get a strike on my account for using the word untitled okay here is the message it says hi Theresa warrior as you know our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow and don't allow on YouTube your video untitled was flagged for review upon review we've determined that it violates our guidelines we've removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike or temporary penalty to your account video content restrictions we are always constantly working to keep YouTube free of spam apparently they're calling untitled video spam or someone misinterpreted the use of the word untitled and tip in the middle of it I don't know okay this is the first strike applied to your account we understand this users seldom intend to violate our policies that's why strikes don't last forever the strike will expire in three months however it's important to remind that additional strikes could prevent you from posting content to YouTube or even lead to your account being terminated now the thing with this is I have lost the ability to livestream so I'm not able to livestream but I'm not gonna well well and the funny part is it's like the video it's I mean this is over using the word untitled even the video itself is me doing things with my hand and so it was like a three-second video I think it the video didn't last very long so okay I'm right here I just want to make sure this is working yep and I'm gonna show you how to get in there so I'm gonna go from here I'm gonna go to creator studio I'm going to go from to creator studio from my desktop my home page here to creator studio it's a little bit slow here and then I am going to go to channel and so you can see he come over here Oh spud he farted on me now you can see that I've lost the ability to livestream okay so this says see details violation of YouTube's policy on spam and deceptive practices and so I untitled and so appeal this decision so I'm going to appeal and that's all I do you have requested to appeal the community guideline warning strike for the following on title do you may appeal only you may only appeal each video once before proceeding or you recommend that you review the Community Guidelines do you still wish to proceed and I'm going to say yes so the thing is is untitled is a word it's a word that people use if I want to call my video untitled I can call my video untitled um and I so I'm going to put what am i what do I want to put I believe that this is an ear please review my video I'm going to put I believe this is an accident or mistake whoops by the you guys can't even spell that the right by the YouTube reviewer employee I believe this is an accident or mistake by the YouTube reviewer in pull thank you what do I want to say thank you thank you for taking a look you for taking a look at my account and fixing this error on a word that is a pape euler word you know untitled if you think of it untitled is a word that's a popular word it's not spam untitled is not misleading maybe I need to put that in in there untitled T L is not a misleading oh that's all the further I can go well okay then I'm going to take this part out because I think it's important to put this part in there untitled is not a misleading word nor is it spam and okay let me see if I can get over there is not a miss leading word and it is not not spam it's a popular word word so untitled if you think about it there's a lot of things that are untitled okay so thank you and we're just going to put thank you okay and now I'm going to appeal and we will see what happens so and see that's one of the things I'm going to explain this to you guys right now that's one of the things for me when you know looking at this stuff I had absolutely no idea because that's all people were talking about in the forums that's all they were talking about and saying well you're you're doing spam you're you're spamming and and and it's like okay but it none of it made any sense and then they started putting out these restrictions and guidelines and like well do you want all these videos coming in your feed and so then it got me to thinking about like okay so what exactly is the rules what exactly is the spam not explaining no one explained you know that that untitled is a trending word it's not spam so if you see a whole bunch of videos that just say untitled on them there someone decided to name their video untitled there's nothing wrong with that so so so all this time later so after the past two three years and you know and I I worked myself trying to seek a higher understanding of what trends are and I understand them a lot better now untitled is not spam and so it's so the the people who were in the YouTube forums who wanted us to believe you know those of us who didn't know or didn't understand they set a standard and was telling us things that was just a bunch of bullshit basically basically is what it amounted to and so yeah spread get down so yeah but that's it for right now oh I need to appeal anything I need to appeal okay so I'm gonna appeal and so then it goes back here so hopefully that will be taken care of and fixed but I just wanted to share that with that with you guys so that if that ever happens to you then you're not alarmed because it really it shouldn't have happened because I just see I see bad practices from other people that's the thing I see after all these years I see bad practices from other people because the thing is you don't know what you don't know and so even though I went to college I did not have a course on trends we were not taught in my multi media marketing course that I paid money for and you paid money for because it was the Pell Grant and so it was gov money for me to take a course to where all this stuff now is free you can learn about it on YouTube and so they left out the most important part which was the trends that's the part that they left out was teaching the trends and so how trends and advertising mold and shape public opinion that was the part that was left out and so that was a part for me that was most frustrating when people were saying well don't put all your eggs in one basket well one that's a cliche but at the same time if you make just video content on one topic and then and then it's not say that it's not promoted for one reason or another and I and I say that is in you know say that that someone pulls their advertising money from it then it then it might sink lower so that's what's happening is that the way that it's being done right now it's really strange I really like preferred it better with the advertising when we just had advertising on all the videos and we had commercials you know so so somebody somewhere is molding and shaping the algorithmic trends somewhere from somewhere and they know who they are and so they're manipulating it somehow you know because the thing is TV is digital of course the Internet is digital but but they never talked a lot about TV being digital which it is or the secret society of people who effected this prior to the internet prior to the popularity of the Internet so there's like echo chamber of people who are doing some stuff that it's just kind of coming to light for me right now so yeah at which I never knew existed you know they're they're on somebody's payroll somebody's paying them somehow somewhere and so yeah that's not completely come to light for me yet you know it's like well I want to get paid you know I want to be a multi-millionaire I want to make my own money I don't want to have to rely on someone else and I think that's how it should be for all of us for us to decide you know how how we want to spend our money instead of someone else deciding for us you know we should be all be able to decide it ourselves you know so I should you know none of us should have to go begging for sandwiches from a church or from a homeless shelter or from the grocery store you know or you know no one should have to do any fundraising and because fundraising who does that benefit so so they make all these sandwiches for people and then like you can only eat so much in one day but who are the who are the ones who are getting the biggest benefit from that but okay yeah that's it for right now so I want to thank you guys so much for watching please smash and hit the thumbs up button share this video with your friends subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas and I'll see you soon I love you peace love marijuana and avocados English


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