Creative Moving Day Tips for Artists

 Creative Moving Day Tips for Artists

The words “creative,” and “artist,” typically go hand-in- hand. Artists are known for their
incredible ability to splash the world with color, express life in a unique way, and turn the
mundane into a one-of- a-kind experience. They take what they are given and transform it to a
dynamic, boundless story, woven with silver lining.

Meanwhile, the word “moving,” is usually considered anything but creative. The monotony of
separating the old from the new, the useless from the necessary, and the sentimental from the
frivolous is unmatched by any other task. Moving day is best known for its uninspiring ability to
steal an entire weekend, while making you wish you had a vacation from your days off.
Now, I know what you are thinking. That description alone is enough to make you want to
rethink the entire move. Sure, moving can be difficult, but you can save money by shopping
around, and have the added advantage of facing the challenge with one of your greatest assets
as an artist: creativity. So how can you creatively handle this move? Here are a few steps to
inspire your inventiveness, and spark the visionary inside of you.

Sketch Out Your Plans
Now, this isn’t meant as a literal sketch (although that might help your stress level), but it’s a
good idea to outline your move before you get started. Create a to-do list, complete with the
amount of time you need for packing, the date the movers are coming, the date you need to
notify your utilities, and the list of the friends who have volunteered to help you throughout the
process (mostly for the amount of thank you cards or pizza you plan to buy them afterward).
Keep your masterlist with you in the weeks leading up to the long awaited day and check off the
tasks as you go. It will keep you on track and encouraged that everything is on schedule.

Upcycle Items as Packing Materials
Being an artist, you are extremely familiar with using recycled items in art pieces, or being
resourceful with what mediums you can get your hands on. Just as easy as using an old tin can
as a utensil caddy, you can find loads of random supplies to upcycle as packing materials. If you
contact a local convenience store, they may have extra, outdated newspapers, which you can
use to wrap breakable pieces. Paper towels, dishtowels, sheets, and blankets can be used to fill
extra space inside of your boxes or between canvases. Some local stores will save their
shipment boxes, if you call ahead to request them. Packing is a lot less stressful when your
materials are readily available and free.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Your art pieces are valuable in more ways than money can justify. Because artwork is among
the top items commonly damaged during a move, it is worth the extra time to read up on your
moving company options. Review reputable moving companies, and look into their insurance
plans so that you are well-informed about what you are paying for. Then, be involved and give
clear instructions on the day you move. Remember, paying for excellent service is a lot less
expensive than what it would cost, financially, emotionally, or otherwise, if the moving company
is less than the best.

The Box is Your Canvas
Seriously, write, draw, and create a story all over your boxes. Legibly label several sides of the
boxes with a concise description of the contents or to what room the items will belong at the
new space. Keep all supplies together, to avoid the frustration of losing your favorite brush or
paint color. The worst part about packing, is the disappointment of eventually unpacking odds
and ends that belong in opposite ends of the house. The more creative you are with the labeling
process, the more fun it will be to unpack later.
Moving isn’t easy or as tangible as a masterpiece made of paint and or clay. However, it is a
work that you should be proud of. You will have done what you do best: taken something less
than desirable and created something worthwhile. When it is all said and done, sit back and
admire your creative move.
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