Comments are Changed Back to Google Account due to inappropriate comments

I have changed the comments back to moderation and Google Accounts due to a warning about inappropriate comments left on my blog.   While I do agree with our freedoms of choices & freedoms of speech,  I also have an appreciation for how women have been victimized & trafficked at the hands of the adult industry. Men have been victims too.  I am an advocate for evolving our thinking for all genders, to a higher thinking with gender equality in all aspects of life & the work force.

Speaking of human trafficking, another young college student approached my husband last night selling magazine subscriptions.  These folks are scammers & possibly being trafficked in the adult industry.  It's not just online that it happens as some lawmakers have people thinking.

We spent the day at the beach, Spud's first visit.  He had fun and even went for a swim on Hilton Head at Coligny Beach.   At one point it was really funny with all the dogs that showed up after 5:00pm.  One dog was leaving the water after going for a swim.  On the way out of the water, he stops to take a crap in the ocean.  The lady owner was laughing with her hand over her mouth as the doggy popped his squat in the surf.  The male owner gets the little black baggie, wades out in the water to look around for the poo.   I guess he had to make an effort.  I thought it was funny, especially thinking that a whale poo would probably be twice the size of the dog.  And a multitude of fish poo in the ocean every day.

Here are videos of Spud my Jack Russell Terrier.  I do have some new video I took of him at the beach yesterday that I will upload soon.


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