Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip Review Live with Teresa - Collaboration

Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip Review Live with Teresa - Collaboration.   Please share my video with your friends and subscribe to watch everything I do on youtube.

hi YouTube okay I want to show you guys what I got today I've got something really really fun I'm going to show you the packaging first this is from Lilla rose and it is what's the comfortable durable and unique it is I was really really surprised at what I got I'm going to show you guys here it came in this packaging inside inside this package bubble wrap really nice packaging and it's this little hairpin here I'm going to show you guys the back this is the first one but I have a second one I'm going to show you okay I want you guys to get a look there so you can see the email and the website where you can go to buy these you can find them okay Lilla Rose dot biz Kerry Bear okay so this is a little bobby pin look at how pretty that is and so you can take and put it in your hair and check this out if you wanted to you could place it on a hat just like this you see that now you I know you guys might be able to put it in there better than I did but just like that you could put it in there and this is the other thing okay this is what I was thinking so say you wanted to put something temporary on your hat this is how you would do it so you could take your little bobby pin here and it probably would be helpful if I well let me try try something a little different here I'm going to take it off my head and then pin it through here just like that okay so say that you wanted to have a pretty little thing and a temporary ball on your hat you could do this hole and then you'd have a pretty little design here now I know you guys will be able to attach them in there better than me but this is just showing you guys I wanted to show you some different ideas now I'm going to show you the signature piece we're saving the signature piece and so okay it was all wrapped up in here now this this is for your hair so it came in this pretty I would call it it's a combination between purple and pink it's not pink but it's really pretty it matches the packaging so I'm going to place that in there for right now now this is how it is when it's together just like that because I was looking at it and I'm thinking how in the heck does that work but it's not as hard as what it looks you see how it's flexible it's a flexi clip here so and there's little gouges here in the back where you can clip it and then it'll hold on so but I want to show you guys this this okay I'm going to take it right here put it through the Hat and then clip it onto the Hat just like that I totally love this I totally totally love this maybe I put mine on too high but this is another way that you could wear your clip so if you wanted to have different jewelry styles this is how you can do it on your hat I'm going to put it down a little lower because I that's that's too high but that's just how easy it is that's how easy it is just I love this I totally totally love this oh now here's something else this is a little thicker so I'm going to show you guys right here like this I'm going to put pierce it through here and then put it up over here so it's going to have some bulk in here and so so this bends and then you put it through and then you push the clip through just like that and then it latches a hold in there just like that so if you wanted something you know say you wanted to put this up a little higher so I'm going to do I'm going to show you guys again so then to undo it you push it through just like that unclip it now I'm going to clip it a little bit higher up here okay and this is just perfect for hats okay I'm going to put it Pierce it through there and then put it up on the other side on the inside and then I'm going to bend it and then push it through and then latch ahold of it and so you can see this is on the first latch right there I still have two more latches that I could hold on you know that it would grab ahold of just like that so it would take in more bulk if you had more bulk or you wanted it closer together like that it would take in a lot more bulk just like that so I'm going to show you guys here let's put it on my head and then there that's what it looks like I love this I totally love this I think this is a great idea and this is what I'm thinking about so say that you have a holiday but maybe st. Patty's Day or the fourth of July I'm there's all kinds of pins that you could use with your hats all kinds of pins you could use with your hats so if you're like me I like wearing my hats and I will wear them from time to time and I think they're fun the hats especially a lot of fun they're practical and they're fun you kind of show off your personality there's a lot of places where you can wear your hats to a lot of events you know at all that's kind of a way of expressing yourself so yeah I I think two thumbs up so I'm going to show you guys to the literature that came along so you can see in here they did come inside this bag - I need to mention that it was inside of a pretty little ziploc bag maybe I should have mentioned it at the beginning I'm mentioning it now and so okay this is the Lila Rose fashion hair accessory from under ten look at that there are my flexi sizes are extra small small medium large extra large and mega so if you had a lot of hair then you would might maybe you'd want to get the mega and that's what I'm thinking for me I like to put my hair in a ponytail and like when I go somewhere say to the beach or you know like when we're on the ship this would have been perfect for me we just got back from vacation not too long ago and this would have been perfect I had tired of using ponytail holders and then they hurt and I did clip this in my hair it did not hurt it didn't get tangled in my hair and so let me give you a little demonstration but first I'm going to show you the other piece of literature that came with it this is the other piece of piece of literature this is what's inside and it gives you cleaning and finish knowing your clip how to style your hair and okay this is what I'm going to do I might end up looking funny but that's okay that's me okay so I took it out now I'm going to put it right up here I hope you guys can see that so I probably don't this is what I'm going to do I'm going to just put this right up here like this so say I want to clip my hair up just like that then I'm bending it over and so I push it back and then over just like that so you can see how easy that is to put it up there just like that then you have a pretty little thing in your hair just like that so two thumbs up I totally totally I'd say Lilla Rose you rock and so I want to thank you guys so much for watching go to Lilla Rose and buy hair clips thank you so much for watching and I'll see you soon peace love and avocados love you guys Live with Teresa Savannah Georgia. 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