Stateroom 9623 Cabin Tour Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship Day 1 Vacation

Dear Friends,

My husband and I got back from a cruise earlier this month and I've been vlogging and sharing my travel vacation.  I would love it if you give me feedback and comments in my video comment section.

Stateroom 9623 Cabin Tour Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship Day 1 Vacation. This is a cabin stateroom tour showing what is in the rooms on the ship.  I noticed the closet was really dark and did find a light in the closet.  There are 3 110 volts places to plug in things and a usb socket to plug in devices. There is a hair dryer in the cabin.  I really liked the shower with the hard sliding door, which keeps the water from spilling on to the floor.  The toilet was in an odd position so I found I had to set on it sideways.  At first I thought we would not have enough room but we did.  Our bed was pushed right close to the wall on one side.  Then I realized that I can push the bed away from the wall to make more room.  Suitcases can be stored underneath the bed.  Initially I stored mine in the closet until I realized I could move the bed.

Norwegian Pearl 10 Day Panama Canal Cruise April 3 -13 2017
Miami Florida April 3 2017
At Sea April 4 2017
At Sea April 5 2017
Oranjestad Aruba April 6 2017
Cartagena Colombia April 8 2017
Panama Canal Gautun Lake Panama April 9 2017
Colon Panama April 9 2017
Puerto Limon Costa Rica  April 10 2017
At Sea April 11 2017
At Sea April 12 2017
Miami Florida April 13 2017

Thank you for watching!  Please ring my bell to follow my adventures.

Peace, Love and Avocados, Teresa


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