The red hot sexy knife challenge #1901

The red hot sexy knife challenge #1901

hello friends family and internet I'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to hang
out and explore the universe with me
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this is the red hot sexy knife challenge
so other people are doing it with the
blowtorch and all that and i decided i
don't have all that so I'm going to do
it my way so I found some red paper here
spud is gonna help me
oh he's biting my hand so let's look
see if we can do no let's see if we
can make when oh no come here
scissors could be as dangerous as a red
hot knife
I don't know if I'll get this done or not because
he's being naughty
oh goodness okay you sit no no oh hes trying to
oh this isn't gonna work out
oh he's gonna knock the camera down ok
let's see we need to cut the knife
no no okay nobody wants to see your butt
oh no Spud ok
oh no he's wound up how that hurts bit my hand
I hold my god what oh sit down sit leave
my paper alone now
ok let's see if we can get this back on
track oh gosh we've been doing this
oh no it says ok sit down Spud sit
okay this isn't working out very well
oh why are you biting my hand I would
sit down sit
go on
don't you mess with my paper you're
being naughty
ok all I want to do is cut it out okay so
this is my red hot sexy knife challenge
this is my knife
oh no here comes against good grief he's
crazy he's just completely oh now he
oh no he's finding my other paper no you
leave my papers Spud
oh ok let me know won't you eat my knife
so how many of those other ones have a
knife or you can eat it
this one you can eat this was red hot
and sexy those other ones are just
blow torched they're just full of hot air
this one's the real red hot sexy knife
that you can eat see if he does this
when he wants my hand to let go of him
he'll bite it because he doesn't like to
hold him so he wants to bite this is
kind of a bad habit because really he
wants this piece of paper
my hand he wants the red hot sexy knife
challenge don't you buddy you want the red hot
sexy knife goodness oh goodness
oh he's got it he's got a listen to him
crunching the paper
he's got it he stole my knife
okay well I want to thank you thanks for
watching please thumbs up this video
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leave comments suggestions ideas and I'll see you guys soon
peace love and avocados and he's crunching
away at my big hot red sexy knife here
yes he is now to get it out of his mouth
that's gonna be the challenge that's the
real challenge

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