Please Donate Fundraiser Knit Crochet Toys Messy Bun Hat Charity Drive Sponsored by Wank Yarn

Please Donate Fundraiser Knit Crochet Toys Messy Bun Hat Charity Drive Sponsored by Wank Yarn
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oh hello friends family and internet i
am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out today and explore the universe
with me at home.
ok so we're having a charity fund drive
today please donate fundraiser knit
crochet toys messy bun hat charity
sponsored by wank yarn that's right wing
okay i'm gonna show hang on a second
here I might have to put my thing down
hang on a second here oh okay let's see
here is my this is the wank yarn working
with today and I've been working on a
messy bun hat so you see it has a hole
in it right there that's so well
hang on a second here let me see maybe I
have to talk louder because I put my
zoom zoom microphone and we're going to
talk about some things to some things
going to tell you guys a secret or 22
we're going to reveal some secrets
oh my dog is trying to play he was
trying to force me to play with him but
oh ok what you do
okay i don't think i have a ponytail
holder but this is what you would do you
like make sure messy but oh wait I think
I can probably i'm gonna make a messy
bun like this and so let's stab it
hang on a second okay I'm gonna see my
hair is messy alternative anyway that i
have a la make our appt I oak hill are
you doing splat I alright so i don't
have trouble ack messy at oh ok so we
have it with the crew shame i write like
ok let's stab it with another one okay
we're okay I got something going on here
so no this is my back when it's done
this is what its gonna look like hangin
here okay if i can get it through ok
there it missing but look at this but
that's actually pretty cool right there
yeah okay so i got my eye on a messy bun
half that's what I'm walking on and
actually I'm gonna have a problem matter
would you be quiet I'm want you here
be quiet spot
ok so tangled in my cords and everything
okay now I'm gonna have a problem though
if I want a crochet cuz i was using this
oh he's trying to unhook me you little
go get in the chair don't get the cheer
oh he got the chair behind he is so
obnoxious he just wants all the
attention like it's just like a kid when
you have a kid you get on the telephone
and then the kids start swatting acting
up and acting bad and stuff that's what
this dog does he's just completely
trained to to like when i turn the
camera on he's naughty he's really
really naughty but I think I hello as to
if you guys have questions leave them in
the comments section and please remember
to subscribe please subscribe and hi
Anna hello yes please subscribe and
donate to my fundraiser charity drive
for Nick crochet sponsored by wink yards
and messy bun hats
that's what we're doing here today is
yes we are
we got something really cool your your
dog is the same way I know
oh gosh my my dog is worse than any kid
I ever had
he's worse because he liked my kids
might have forgotten things but the dog
remembers everything it's just like
whoever said a dog lives in the here and
now is full of crap because my dog
remembers everything he doesn't forget
things and so like when he comes to me
at the exact same time a day
ok my dog can't actually tell time but
what he does is he follows shadows on
the wall so when it gets to be like
about five o'clock in the afternoon
he'll be out in the sun room and so he
starts looking at the walls when we're
doing things and looking for shadows he
even does it at night too and so yeah
it's truly strange and so okay I think I
need to get back to talking about messy
buns and charity and please donate
donate to my fundraiser for toys and oh
yeah for wank yarns my wank yarn crochet
knit what and my hat i'm working on my
hat but i'm actually not going to be
able to do my hat
well this is what i did i'm going to
tell you guys how to crochet knit this
hat i'm just going to tell you how to do
it because i can't actually do it
because my hook is in my hair because i
made a messy bun with my crochet hook
that's what i did and so we're knitting
a knit crochet hat messy bun hat hair
thing and I had to make a messy bun to
actually show you guys how it works even
though my hats not done and so okay so i
made a big chain i think i made a chain
of about thirty but i can actually show
you that right now so i made a chain of
30 and then I worked 30 that I joined it
together and work 30 single crochet
around and I will continue in the
continual round working single crochet
and knitting my yarn and my fibers
together with my wank yarn my wank yarn
right here this is the wank yarn i'm
using i I'm I'm gonna be probably using
another brand maybe eventually here but
right now i'm using this wank yarn brand
it's kind of fun to use right now and so
yeah but ok I want to explain you guys
the reason that i'm doing the charity
fundraiser is that
I realized that ok for all these years
that ok I'm kind of like a oh well if
you look at public broadcasting but do
any of you guys ever watch Public
Broadcasting TV so um public
broadcasting every quarter they beg for
money and oh thank us 2i haha odd thank
you very much and so they beg for money
every quarter and they say we want to
stay commercial-free and so and this is
the the thing that I'm kind of thinking
about is that they say they want to be
commercial free but we never actually
thought that the the the content that
they're showing on public broadcasting
actually was a commercial so we never
thought of it like that
Thank You iris Cervantes thank you very
much and so we never thought of public
broadcasting as being loaded with
commercials action so if you think the
sesame street and all the little
characters on there and then you see the
little characters and then you go to the
store and you see the characters and
even when I was a little kid
oscar the grouch was in the grocery
well not at I don't know about the
grocery store but he was in the store
oscar the grouch and so anyhow and I
loved watching public broadcasting but I
wouldn't realize actually that it was a
commercial and being a little kid I
probably didn't think about commercials
much and but actually the truth is those
are commercials but here's the kicker
so they do the quarterly fundraising and
so they get us to pay for commercials so
us the consumers are paying for
commercials and that's just like cable
TV so like you think about our cable TV
delivery system so we're paying inflated
prices for commercials to come to us and
so I was just thinking the other day
when I was down the street walking I had
my mobile device its half-assed working
fast is still pass broken and so anyway
I get this alert clear as a bell that
there's a missing child and I'm thinking
so you can deliver to me that there's a
missing child that's like four or five
hundred miles away in the state that I'm
in but you can't give me free internet
access on my same mobile device and so
if i was down the street and I wanted to
say something to you guys i want free
Wi-Fi to be able to give it to you guys
and and so I'm thinking if it's all an
anyway it should be free so we the
consumers have been suckered into paying
for advertising and that's the same
Oh like with crochet magazines even to
what everything is an advertisement you
can look at everything as an
advertisement with product placement
that's kind of what YouTube has taught
me is that everything is an
advertisement and so the inside the way
that us on YouTube can earn revenue is
either we have to work with an
advertiser who pays with something and
some of them you know stuff like that or
we get that the real commercials and I'm
thinking I want to go back to the real
commercials so you know so i get stuff
on my channel i want the real
commercials I wouldn't mind working with
an advertiser but as well you know if
you know but the thing is to be
transparent but the the traditional
delivery methods have not been very
transparent that's kind of what I'm
seeing right now is they haven't been
transparent with us and so if you think
about that think about the news and the
election and all that stuff and now that
they've got this thing where they're
saying that Russia that have played a
rule within the election so I'm
wondering like is that truth is that
part of the fiction that that a company
has come up with a part of a story that
somebody has come up with because
they're threatened by the internet
yes they're threatened by the internet
because it's a new system and really we
shouldn't be paying for average
rising I mean the consumer should not
you know back in the day
ok and i was writing to my daughter
about this this morning on facebook back
in the day we had um a like two or three
TV stations you know we lived in the
sticks in Iowa who live in the sticks
and so we had two or three TV stations
they they would play come midnight one
o'clock depending on how much
advertising the head to give us they
come they play the star-spangled banner
and they shut it off and then there'd be
the big sign thing across and it would
go be in the end it would just go blank
and it would be just be nothing so I
never thought of that as like oh that
they didn't have advertising to play all
night you know any because there i would
want at that time I was young and I
would have watched TV all night i guess
a lot of young folks nowadays they do
watch TV all night and sometimes if I
can't sleep i'm more awake in the middle
of the night or I have been in the past
and you know I might have turned the TV
on or something
so now there's a lot of different
avenues and places to put um content and
but it's just gets it just kind of it
drives me insane to think that we are
paying for advertisements and I guess
that's what I think that like even when
i think of these crochet magazines their
advertisements and that's a funny thing
when you talk about copyright i'm going
to show you guys like okay um
Oh like this one right here i don't know
i'm going to be able to read it
that's an advertisement so you see the
advertisement right there the specific
just the second and say it
the specific brand and see I kind of
caught on to this a few years ago but I
didn't know how deep all this went it
says coordinate a crochet cotton so
they're advertising coordinate crochet
cotton yarn but yet the delivery method
is that we pay for it in all reality
to be creating advertising for free we
should be getting it for free instead of
us paying for advertisements so like I
mean I hope that kind of makes sense and
so yeah that's kind of what's been
sticking on my mind and so then when it
comes to let's go back to public
broadcasting it goes back to public
broadcasting and every quarter or so I
remember I what I love Public
Broadcasting I didn't realize that there
I never even knew about product
placement and so like in the middle of
public broadcasting public broadcasting
ok so when you watch those knit crochet
shows those are advertisements you
because ok you see the sponsors at the
end of the show and that's kind of like
bob ross when you watch bob ross the ego
you'll see advertisements for Michaels
and so but then they still do the
fundraising all we've got to find a way
to keep this station running and I'm
thinking now Arthur sponsors paying to
keep the station running you know so
they're creating this this show and and
showing products that they want to show
you know which is scissors yarn paint
any kind of thing you know and well
there might be some value a little tiny
tiny bit of value is just like cooking
shows you know when you watch a cooking
show you watch rachel ray or something
like that they're using their products
they're selling products to you and and
so you can look at every show that they
have and see the products that that they
have within that show and so so goes
even further and I guess which i'm
thinking to the news and so like to me
that's the biggest thing right now is
like how much did that sway the election
and a lot of the fake news stories that
they created which are advertisements
hello advertise
basements and now they're blaming it on
Russia so they create a story and which
may or may not be true did the CIA you
know actually are find evidence or is
that something that they're just making
up just to create a story because they
can regarding freedom of speech freedom
of the press
so which means that is anything that was
from the news ever actually real or true
so is it was there ever any stories in
the media in the press that were ever
really true
that's what I'm curious about you know
where they ever true was any of them
ever true so yea even in the newspapers
all of it you pay
we're paying as consumers for
advertising we are paying when really
the advertisers should be footing the
they're the ones who have a product
they're making money from their products
they should be footing the bill
that's that's my thinking and so instead
they create these fake news stories and
I guess that's what i was thinking about
like with the jcpenney news story the
other day you know like uh are are they
really marking their private well they
very well could be because so things are
so blurred right now the lines are so
blurred and I'm sure that that's how a
lot of these entities like to keep
things is with the lines blurred keep
people confused and so they don't don't
know what to do a don't know how to stay
engaged and you know but it's the I
guess the thing that I see is a big
business politics politics the media
business and politics
it has all kind of been running the show
and us as consumers are the ones for
getting fucked over
that's that's that's the conclusion that
I've come to is that we're the ones who
get screwed over and make bad decisions
based on some advertisements oh really
like where is the truth
was there ever really any truth in
anything that they do and so yeah that's
kind of um yeah that's kind of a thing
where i'm at right now is you know
because being on YouTube has taught me a
it's actually taught me a lot in the
past 10 years so I'm and its kind of
help to see through the matrix the
matrix of how all of this is working
I wanted to see how it worked and you
know so yeah um I'm gonna keep playing
and but i just wanted to get that off of
my chest today during my fundraiser
because since it's actually relevant and
and so I'm actually hoping I'm teaching
you guys something that is one of the
secrets that may not have been revealed
you know so it's not something that you
think about and you know another one of
the things i think about regarding the
mainstream media is they're threatened
because the internet right now is very
very popular that's the future where
things are so if it's free they could
lose a huge source of revenue if
everything shifts to the internet so
they would actually have to advertise
more to get people over to their to
their sites and things like that they
would end and they have to do a lot a
lot of advertising because you know some
of their new stuff is really stupid
it's like and so like I I don't even
have I have zero trust for CNN for ABC
NBC CBS News any of that stuff I have
zero trust you know i can look at some
of their other stuff is entertainment
you know yeah blah blah blah but but i'm
thinking at least with YouTube red when
when uh with YouTube red they actually
provide a service so you pay a fee a
monthly fee and you can take your
content with you
how many of you can take your content
with you with cable TV
you can't go with you to bread you can
take it with you
you can take it to go you can order it
out take it to go take it with you on
YouTube red and there's a lot of other
things that you can watch as well and so
yeah and so anyway so if you guys want
to donate there's a lot of places you
can donate to 2 i'm on patreon to google
and 20 gosh I'm having a brain fart
what's the other one that I a PayPal
PayPal it's on my main channel in under
the about section and like I'll stick it
in the right here in the a comment
section so you can go find those if you
want to donate to my cause and so yeah
for charity and so and we're making the
messy bun and so it any questions anyone
have any questions so about anything I
mean because a lot of this stuff it's
kind of like you know you don't know
what you don't know right
you don't know what you don't know and
so sometimes things have to be revealed
to you and taught to you then you know
when you know better you do better kind
of like Maya Angelou always said when
you know better you do better and and so
uh yeah so it's kind of easy now in
hindsight so i can take where I'm at
right now in life and think back over 40
45 years and and and it kind of really
resonates a lot you know so so if you're
not doing something related to the media
it's going to be a quite a bit more
challenging to understand how it's done
and so and and the thing that I think
about too is that like so by keeping
eyes focused on just one very narrow
place then a certain segment of the
population controls controls everything
they basically control the country so
they can control advertising they can
control consumer habits they can control
politics they control arm how things
people do they control trends they
control a lot of things you know they
can plant seeds of good they can plant
seeds of bad and we've seen that like
with the mainstream media planting the
seeds of bad and um I have any way you
know regarding a lot of the crap it's
like the things that they do in the way
they do it right now with the news is
just really a huge huge turnoff like I
don't uh I would just be happy to not
have to have zero cable TV right now
because it's to me it's a big huge
but that's just me so you know my
there's two of us and my husband likes
it for some unknown reason but anyway so
yeah any questions anyone questions
leave them in the comments section
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to the end and so yeah I'm glad you guys
liked my messy bun hat here so we're
going to just keep doing things I've got
other channels that i'm posting on as
well and so yeah but I want to thank you
guys for watching and please thumbs up
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