I'm deleting my channel for good knit crochet wank yarn

I'm deleting my channel for good knit crochet wank yarn

hi guys
ok hello friends family and internet i
am thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out with me today and explore the
well okay so I have some sad news to
tell you about i'm going to delete my
that's right if Hillary Clinton gets
selected by the electorate's what they
say the 19th of december i'm going to
delete my channel so yeah I really wish
that I could say you know do like
pewdiepie when he says that well with
you said he was going to delete his
channel which turned out to be
jacksepticeye2 so what do you have like a
million subscribers on that one too so
he gets so he does a publicity stunt
pretty much click bait with deleting
your channel and how in the heck he got
that many subscribers on the
jacksepticeye 2 i'll never know i would
really like to know and figure that one
out because they seem to be able to do
it really really fast i want to do it
fast too so yeah I've been working on
this channel for a year but I still
probably have some things to learn so
but yeah anyway so yeah but apparently
Hillary Clinton she gets elected as
president by the electorate's the 19th
i'll delete my channel so yeah I want to
thank you guys for watching please
thumbs up this video share it with your
friends subscribe leave comments
suggestions ideas I'll see you soon peace love
and avocados


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