If god is so good, how come he doesn't cure cancer and let's people die?

If god is so good, how come he doesn't cure cancer and let's people die? Live Day Vlog #1894

ok guys answer me this if god is so good
how come he doesn't cure cancer
how come all these years there hasn't
been a cure for cancer or a cure for
muscular dystrophy remember all the
years of the Jerry Lewis muscular
dystrophy telethon and they raised all
that money what they do with it
how come there's and it's always a cure
raise a you know for raising money for for
a cure but yet no cures ever happen
no cures ever happened with cancer but
yet they have medication for everything
if god is so good why do people die from
why does he let people die from cancer
yeah that's the thing all these diseases
and they get the people who are the
sickest out raising the money for
feeling sorry for corporations they're
the ones doing the legwork raising all
the money but yet nothing ever gets
solved it
it never nothing ever gets cured so yeah
that's the question of this video's if
god is so good how come
cancer is still around.

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  1. God never said that there would not be suffering. He never said "believe in me and you will never suffer or have bad things happen to you". He did say that he will be our rock when we are weak and feel like we can't go on. He has promised if you follow him the prize at the end, heaven, there will be no suffering. We may never know the reasons for the things that happen, our plans are not Gods plans. We have to trust and by knowing him that we will see our loved ones once again in heaven. ❤

  2. They will NEVER find a cure for cancer or let's just say there is a cure for cancer although the general public will never know much about it because cancer is such a money making illness Big Pharma can not allow their "Golden Egg" to ever be cracked. It's the same as with GMO's and the poisons they put on our foods. The FDA knows that Glyphosate is a cancer causing chemical yet due to the politicians in Washington, DC and their greedy mindset they will ALWAYS allow poisons to go into our food because the AgraChemical companies own the politicians in DC. It is not about human life, it is about the subhuman life that is voted into office with promises of keeping us safe. That's the first lie they tell us. As long as those who consider themselves Elites can profit off of the rest of us as we spend our money going to the doctors for them to give us more poison to take which is supposed to stop the poisoning from the food they sell in the grocery stores they will continue to pretend they care as they slowly kill us. G-d didn't create cancer, man did and even if G-d did cure cancer, Big Pharma would never let it take place because there is away too much $$$$$$ to be made off of the death of humans. The sub-humans just will end up killing each other because those who die with the most toys win!!!

    1. You are so right! Its all about population control! The price of a salad is double what a hamburger is ! All healthy foods are over the top in cost and if you ask the Organic farmers, they will tell you that the Government charges them so much in regulations that they have no choice but to charge a high price for the healthy foods. Cancer is coming from all these pesticides and chemicals and most likely the activity waves in the air around us from all the devices we think we must have in order to survive . A lot of times we don't realize the things we are eating because we can't pronounce it. One day, I do believe we will find out that they had the answer to Cancer all along, but like you said it was a money maker to them so it was covered up. I agree with you too that we should never blame God for our bad choices. Saw a sign the other day that said, '' the choices you make are yours , not anyone else.''

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  5. Some words if you heard you wont agree those words or you will feel angry who said those words. I will say one thing. just answer the one question. What is the shape of water ? In my point of view nobody will say answer for this question. Like this way only we cant grade the qualities of god like good or bad. God always warns you while you are doing some wrong things at that time we won't listen. And after if any thing happen bad we blame to god. Is it right thing ? no never it gonging to be a good thing. God is a faith you takes a positive way you will get always positive.

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