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hello friends family and internet i'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out at home with me today and
explore the universe and so this is a
new channel and I'm trying some new
things at home i'm using live streaming
and mobile and yes we just want to do a
lot of things at home and you know start
some things start some things and power
them up and use our mobile cameras and
devices and oh touch on some gold
golden ideas gold gold and diamonds you know the
golden diamonds of life the mines mining
things and make some money along the way
you know how it is when you make money
and you really like making money
yeah and so yeah we're going to hang out
more often
we're going to hang out oh I got it
ding and ding ding from facebook a ding from
facebook while I'm hanging out with you
guys so I'm hanging out with facebook at
the same time hanging out with you guys
yes and so I don't know do you guys know
how to dab I don't know what dabbing is
but I saw some guy dabbing in the middle
of the street when I went to pick up
some takeout and he stopped and he was
dabbing and playing in the sandbox with
his iphone he had an iphone sandbox
scoop and then he got on his iphone and
sent an email the emails and the email
server he sent it to a Google pixel at
home you know the home page the home and
then he went and he got the snowflake
the snow shovel climbed up on the roof
and started pushing
snow down with the snow shovel he was a
police officer and he was helping this
little old lady who needed a lot of help
with the diamond casino she was losing
her money and so then he helped her get
it down and then they posted a picture
of it on facebook and instagram and
Yahoo and did you guys hear about the
hacking at yahoo today
yeah and it seems like everybody's
having a lot of hacking but yahoo sent
me a notice to change my password so
that my emails would not be stolen by
the hackers possibly the Russian hackers
and Putin so yeah and so anyway I think
that's it for now we're going to see how
this works and i want to thank you guys
for watching and please thumbs up this
video subscribe please subscribe
subscribe we want subscribers a lot of
subscribers and share it with your
friends across the internet thumbs it up
leave comments suggestions ideas and
i'll see you guys soon peace love avocados


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