All Free Knit Crochet Granny Squares Blanket Trolls with Teresa Crochet Geek

Greetings fellow friends, family and Internet. All of my original knit crochet blanket all free video tutorials still exist on my all free crochet live streaming channel and my other crochet live streaming channel. I am vlogging and doing a mix of content now. You can live stream my content on TV by using a Google Chrome Cast or an Internet ready TV.  So I wanted to give you an idea where they are so you can find them.

I realize things may be confusing at times.  I still love to crochet, knit whatever you want to call it.  Sometimes there are trade secrets that people just won't share so you have to venture out on your own to figure it out, the magical secrets that is and ask questions. It makes sense that the status quo is threatened by new media.  My type of content would not exist if new media were not around. I am a content creator on YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and mobile. What I do is a genuine WORK FROM HOME JOB.  There are wonderful people behind the scenes who do help and I will forever be grateful to my invisible mentors who took the time to help me discover new avenues to content creation.  The biggest is discovering everything does not have to be so serious all the time.  We can play at home and work when we want to.

In order to go the step above and beyond, its important to unlearn what was taught.  The original teaching process may have been a roadblock, hurdle, deception or part of the learning experience.  I don't know but I am a Home Depot and Hubspot for content creation. My videos will be delivered to you faster than Federal Express or the United States Mail system.

How about that election.  I know, I am a heathen for hillary clinton.  I really wanted her to win, which she did with the popular vote.  Isn't it funny how so many weeks after the election, the mains stream, lame stream media is still dissecting her loss, even though she won the popular vote.  Everyone is scratching their heads and their butts to, why Donald Trump won this election.  He is a big nincompoop and apparently can say anything nonsensical he wants to say and get away with it.  He is like a big troll.  Maybe a media troll is a fitting expression for him.  I think its alright to talk about politics and discuss things that create a little drama on the side.  It keeps things interesting.

Thank you again for staying with me on this journey.  Friends stick around when times are tough and don't jump off the ship.  Please subscribe to me on all of my social media sites, watch my videos the whole way through and lets chug along hard on this journey together.

Love you guys,
Teresa Richardson aka Crochet Geek


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