3000 pound Shark Hooked off of Hilton Head Live Stream Knit crochet tooth

Live Stream Knit crochet tooth 3000 pound Shark Hooked off of Hilton Head

hello friends family and internet I'm
thrilled to pieces you have chosen to
hang out today and explore the universe
with me
so today and making a 3,000 pound
shark's tooth hooked shark
yeah I'm hook crochet hooking a shark tooth
a shark
yeah okay so this was inspired by my
local news WJCL they have this story
about this fisherman first they said
that they caught the fish that's right
first they said they caught a 3,000
pound shark off of hilton head
well then they said that it was just
hooked and so and I was just thinking
how in the hell do you actually know
that a shark is 3,000 pounds if you've
just hooked it and you didn't even get
it out of the water and so this is so
that's what i'm making is a shark's
tooth right here so i just made a circle
and i decided to make it red
yeah I don't know why I just wanted to
make a red sharks tooth and i'm just
working a little bit of increasing here
you know i'm increasing tiny bit don't
want to increase a whole lot just a tiny
little bit and yeah so I'm sure there's
some of other you can't even talk
there's others of you who will want to
make sharks tooth for whatever reason or
maybe that's like the houndstooth
pattern but look isn't that lovely we've
got a red shark's tooth right here
yeah that's right we've got a red
shark's tooth that we are crocheting
that we're croshitting as some of you put
your right croshitting which is kind of
funny right there croshitting
oh and and we're still using wank yarn
yep my what is it called my my pilot
company my pilot company wank yarn and i
was supposed to have a fundraiser today
a crowdfunding fundraiser but we're
getting a new internet company a new
cable let's put it that way
AT&T and DirecTV are putting down a new
cable out in front of our house like a
big round orange cable so we have some
competition so yeah we have some
competition and that's right so yeah
this is a pretty good shark's tooth
right here right there like that
look at that just in just a few minutes
we've got our own little fish tail here
we've got our own little fish tail and
the sharks tooth maybe its found off of
hilton head as well yeah that's right
this sharks tooth can be found off the
hilton head especially if i were to go
throw in the water now if i was going to
do that i'd have to throw in the water
so nobody sees me so it's not considered
yeah we don't want to be throwing are
knit crochet sharks teeth and littering
in the water so anyway that looks pretty
good for right now so we've got a little
point here see that
yup there's our red sharks tooth
oh that looks kind of like a tongue
wait a second huh
ok alright I'm having too much fun here
and I thank you guys for watching please
thumbs up this video share with your
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suggestions and ideas and i'll see you
guys soon peace love and avocados.

Thanks you so much for watching my shark week story.

Teresa Richardson

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