Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

Knit Crochet Granny Square for Mentally Ill & Mentally Enslaved Morons Teresa Crochet Geek

hi guys ok now i told you when I started
this journey two years ago all over
two-and-a-half maybe that I was still
going to do crochet videos every once in
awhile so today is going to be a knit
crochet granny square for the mentally
ill it's a mental illness crochet granny
square yes and it's from the promoters
of mental illness get a good look at
that the promoters of mental illness and
ok so we're going i got a green crochet
this crochet hook came from
it could have been from some previous
mentally ill people because oh yeah oh
boye ok anyhow you know how us mentally
ill crocheters are when we just
can't spit things out
that's just one of the signs of mental
illness is losing your mind and dr. Phil
says so and so does dr. oz and TD jakes
and fox news and all those people the
Republicans tend to like to really call
everybody else mentally ill so yes we're
making we're dedicating this square to
mental illness to the mental illness of
people calling each other mentally ill
when they maybe they need to take an
inventory of their own closet and so
yeah okay so and you know i think that
like maybe i'll just make a granny
square crochet granny square of a lot of
other things you know maybe it'll just
be the same crochet granny square over
and over again maybe it won't
don't know because you know the thing
I'm thinking is that this is working out
right now you know do make changes and
some of these things so okay yeah i
ramble rambling is a sign of mental
illness mentally enslaved people
enslaved to a i-don't-know-what mentally
enslave morons like okay so this is
dedicated to mentally enslaved morons to
so we ok so we finished this particular
first round and so i'm going to work a
chain one and work three double crochet
right up here in the corner so yes i like
it like the longer i was in the South
the more retarded i become then mentally
enslaved by become living in the south
and yeah okay so we're working a chain
two and then working in the corner again
here with this crochet square for
mentally enslaved morons or no wait
did I mentally enslaved morons or was a
mental illness i think it was mental
illness and not only that i need to add
in some schizophrenia and for the
mentally enslaved morons and mental
yes this is dedicated not only to
crocheters and knitters it's a knit
crochet granny square for mentally enslaved
morons and mental illness that men
and women all around the world
well actually the truth is from my
understanding is the people around the
rest of the world don't deal with the
same mental
illness that we have here in America
here in America it's a lot worse it's
epidemic proportion the mental illness
that we have is an epidemic proportion
yeah you know with really i mean like
they need a lot more shows like dr. Phil
I mean we need like a here on YouTube we
need a doctor Phil for mentally
enslaved morons
oh I said it wrong i meant mental illness
so this granny square for mentally
enslaved morons its kind of two still
turning out pretty good so far and or
no mental illness is the word and
schizophrenia yeah we can dedicate part
of this the schizophrenia and what else
pills some psycho pills and psychotic
you know people going into a fit of
psychotic craziness and nauseous and
throwing up because it's cold and flu
season now and and everybody is getting
oh spud is down oh what the hell my dog is
crazy too i have a psychotic dog he's
down here growling at the floor
see it's contagious a lot of people say
mental illness is not contagious but
it's contagious
I mean why would everybody who crochets
do this it's contagious all crocheters
and knitters are mentally ill and
sick and they spread it through church
christianity spreads it
ok so i know it just makes no sense does
oh gosh i got a hair in my boob
oh that's one of the things that happens
when you're mentally ill you get hair
and strange place or wait that's
menopause but right they call people who
go through menopause and have hormone
changes are mentally ill as well and
mentally enslaved and yes the man behind
the curtain the wizard of oz the great
and powerful oz has spoken and ok so
we're finishing up this granny square
for mental illness so I think there's
going to be a probably a lot of I have a
lot of more ideas a lot more this is
kind of fun now yeah
oh my goodness sometimes you live you
learn and you know I have to say thank
thank you to somebody you guys know who
you are thank you you guys know who you
let me put it that way and I want to
thank you guys for the help that you
folks who say thank you to god and jesus
so like you know we all have a higher

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