Crochet Tunisian Butterfly

I recently did a tutorial for a crochet butterfly with the Tunisian Stitch and used Lion Brand Bon Bon Yarn.  I have to admit, it was a fun project that worked up quick and easy.  Give me some ideas and challenge me to makes something else out of the Bon Bon Yarn.

Make 1 large square and 1 small square
Large Square - Chain 15, 14 Stitches - 6 Rows
Small Square - Chain 13, 12 Stitches - 5 Rows

Skill Level - Intermediate

Size E/3.25 mm crochet hook
Lion Brand Bon Bon Yarn
Tapestry Needle

Row 1:
Pass 1: Put your hook through the chain, wrap the yarn over and pull through, work an extra chain *Put your hook through the next chain, wrap the yarn over and pull through,work an extra chain, continue across leaving all loops on your hook * until you have 14 loops on your hook.
Pass 2: On the edge only, you will wrap the yarn over, pull through one loop, The remaining stitches will be wrap the yarn over, pull through two, Wrap the yarn over pull through two until you work all the loops of your hook, there will be a total of 14.

Right Hand Crochet Tunisian Butterfly

Left Hand Crochet Tunisian Butterfly

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