How to Auto Add YouTube Video to Playlist

in this video, we are going to learn how to automatically add a video to a playlist
now this is my playlist
from the youtube homepage
its the sixth option down here where the playlists are at
i'm going to click on playlist settings
i already have one rule set up with crochet geek
if its in the description
some of my videos may be private or
they don't have crochet geek in the title
so i'm going to add a rule
some of the recent videos i've been doing
are showing how to use youtube
i'm going to add youtube into the title
now any future video with youtube in the title
will be automatically added to this playlist
another way to add videos is right here
and you can search for youtube videos
then they come up and you can add them right here
you can do a video search if you want to add someone elses videos
or you can add the url
this video, this one right here
i'm going to add this one to my playlist
i'm hovering over the link
right click
copy link address
i'm going to go back here
paste it into the box
then the video comes up and i can add video
and evidently i must have already added that video
because we get this big red box
so i just go on ahead and click it like that
and that way its telling me the video is already in my playlist
which I didn't know it was so
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