How to make a Tassel

Tutorial is showing how to make a tassel.  The tassel in the image was worked with thread.  The tutorial is worked with yarn.  The thread tassel has a strap with a sheer ribbon woven through the center stitches.  There is a crochet covering the top of the tassel to give it a more finished look.

The tassel could be used as a curtain tie back or for a pull on a ceiling fan.

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Step 1
  • cut a piece of cardboard
  • cut slits at both ends to secure a strand of yarn that will be used to secure the top of all the strands
  • wrap the strands of yarn to the thickness for tassel

Step 2
  • tie the top of the tassel to secure the strands

Step 3
  • remove the tassel and cut the strands at the opposite end

Step 4
  • you will get a long strand of yarn to wrap around the center of the tassel.
  • secure strand to the top and wrap 
  • make a knot to secure all the strands
  • sew the strand to the center and down with the other strands

Step 5
  • Work a chain 10, size G crochet hook.
  • work 2 rounds of single crochet.
  • cut an extra long strand of yarn for sewing the decorative ring to the center

Step 6
  • Work a chain of 25 to replace the strand of yarn through the center top
  • pull the chain through and attach at the top
  • secure the loose tails

Step 7
  • cut the ends to even them up
  • make sure all tails and ends are evenly in place


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