Hand Winding yarn around Cardboard Tube

This technique for winding yarn around a cardboard tube was suggested by a viewer so I am sharing it with all of you.  

  1. You will get a cardboard tube of your choice. I used a toilet paper cardboard roll
  2. I cut two slits on one side and 1 slit on the opposite side
  3. Run the yarn up the center of the tube
  4. Wrap the yarn through the first slit to the outside, back to the inside and across to the opposite side
  5. This will keep the yarn from falling into the inside and getting caught in the winding process
  6. You wrap the yarn around the bottom of the tube building a ball
  7. Upon completion, you will be able to pull your yarn from the center of the ball, eliminating rolling balls.

How do you like to manage extra yarn?

Do you wind yarn balls?


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