Crochet Basic Stitches

This is two crochet playlists that provide the basic steps needed to learn crochet.  The first playlist is for the right hand.  The second playlist is for the left hand.  Each will provide an amount of slow motion, along with an option to reverse the video player when you want to see a specific step more than once.

I recommend practicing with the basic stitches when you are new to crochet. This will also help those of you who have stepped away for a while and refresh your memory.  Practicing the basics will make it easier when trying more advanced techniques.  We all have a different learning speed. Some will catch on faster than others, which is normal.  The key is to keep practicing, until you experience those ah-ha, moments.  The times when you shout, "Oh, it makes sense now"!

There is no right or wrong, as long as it stays together and you like it. If it falls apart, that just means you missed a step or two. This happens to everyone.  There are many different ways to achieve the same outcome when creating your masterpiece.

When I complete a project, I like to set my work aside for a couple weeks and then look at it again.  You will notice a different perspective from when you are in the middle of the project, to some time passing and you forgot about some the challenges along the way.  So if you forget, others will never even notice.

Practice is key and try not to be critical of yourself.  Imperfection creates the illusion of perfection.

Left Hand Crochet


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