Camera Set Up on Crochet Geek

The image shows how I record crochet tutorials.  I have always used a tripod, however the one without a handle works the best.  When you are working so close to the tripod, it will pick up any sound if you brush up against it with the slightest movement.  

I was always hitting the handle hard, which would cause the camera to move. Even my hair brushing up on the handle would cause a strange echo noise.  Some vibrations are going to happen so I have come to terms with minor noises along with airplanes flying over, dogs barking, kids playing, cars driving by and construction.  Those sounds are a part of life and a part of where I live so my videos will have every day noises in the background.  Early on YouTube, I tried using music because the videos felt like something was missing. I quickly learned about ownership rights.  Every day noises have filled in, where music was not permitted.

Just a few weeks ago, two different music entities placed claims on my two different crochet videos that had no music.  One was from shoes thumping in the dryer.  The second was just a vibration in the tripod from each time I would make a stitch.  Both claims were released fairly quickly.  This also validates how no entity owns music or sounds.  All the sounds and noises have been done.



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