How do you turn crochet into Art - What are your thoughts?

What is Art?  Art is an interpretation of something, adding your own unique twist.

It is a fact that fiber stitches and patterns have been around for generations. There are thousands of libraries of stitches from around the world, found on the Internet.  When you look at paint, the paint strokes and brushes have been around for generations as well.  Nothing unique about paint or brushes.  Look at the words in dictionary,  they are all the same.  What is unique about words?

One of my favorite activities is spending time with nature, at the beach.  I was out on the Tybee Island pier one day and these two young men were doing something in the sand with a rake. At first glance, I thought they may be maintenance people. The closer I got, I realized they were drawing something in the sand. Is it possible that sand is art?  Does anyone remember the bottles of sand?  Some have detailed images, where others were simply different layers of colored sand.  Here is a video example of sand art.

Without a doubt, there is nothing unique about sand or the rake in their natural state.  It was the final outcome that turned their sand and words into art, using a rake.  They took initiative to form words, by moving around grains of sand.  The two young men who did this sand art, added the unique element and made it different from the rest of the sand.

This is my expression of crochet art, using a common set of stitches to make a hat and what I consider ugly yarn using a felting technique. It is not my intentions to offend anyone who likes the yarn in the state it was sold.  If I saw someone in public with this yarn, I am not going to run to the other side of the street because they are wearing it.  This is what makes us unique.  We like different things and different ways to use it, adding that unique element, to make something stand out from everything else, creating a "one of a kind".


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