Secrets to Selling Crochet Online

What crochet items do you feel are over saturated in the online sales sites like Etsy and Ebay? 

  • Make Something Unique -I have seen some sell crochet pieces for a fair higher price. However there are some unique elements to those pieces and they may have taken several days or weeks to complete.  To many advanced crocheters ask to little for their work with the time consuming pieces. They should be asking more.  To many beginner crocheters are selling basic element projects that should be kept private.
  • Do Your Research - I have tried my hand at online sales and went in the hole with all the fees and shipping. Each time you re-list, there was another fee involved.  The small quick pieces do not sell well online and there were a lot of other people making the same thing.  If you accept credit cards, you will pay the fee for the credit card.
  • Keep Trying- If I were to try selling again, I would host my items on a website and then advertise with Adwords or a similar site for promotions.
  • Find the Right Demographic -Often I see people promoting crochet items they are selling to other crocheters.  Not the ideal demographic. To sell crochet, you want to market to those who don't crochet.  Example: In my Crochet Community on Google+ , there are people who drop links to their Etsy site.  The group is for learning and showing off what they made, not selling.   

This is some of the hats I tried selling.  I think the most I sold a hat for was around $17.00 after multiple re-listings.  At the time I was selling, the relisting fees were around $.99 cents so that has taken the sales price down to $12.00 if the hat does sell.  These hats have been the inspiration for a lot of flower tutorials.



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