Crochet Flower Marlow

Crochet Flower Marlow 

Written by Teresa Richardson
+Crochet Geek 

Video Tutorial:  Crochet Flower Marlow

Video Tutorial: Crochet Flower Marlow Left Hand

Skill Level - Intermediate

DC - Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

BPDC - Back Post Double Crochet
WK - Work

This set of instructions apply to both left and right hand, working in the direction you work.
Back Post Double Crochet - Insert your hook between the stitches, around the front post of the stitch and to the back.  Pick up the yarn, pull through.  Wrap the yarn over, pull through two loops, wrap the yarn over pull through two loops to complete the stitch.  

Size G/4.25 mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn - 2 colors
Tapestry Needle

Work a chain 4, join.

Round 1: CH 1, *SC through the chain. CH 3. Complete six times from *. 
Round 2: *SL ST in to the  next CH space. CH 1, WK 4 DC through the chain. CH 1, SL ST in the same CH. Complete six times from *. Join with the beginning stitch.  (6 petals with 4 double crochet each)  We will cut the yarn and change color.

Attach a new color of yarn to your crochet hook. Attach the yarn around the post of the single crochet on round 1. Insert your hook from the back, around the front of the stitch and to the back.  Wrap the yarn over your hook, pull through the loop on your hook to secure. 

Round 3:  *Chain 2We will be working 2 back post double crochet BPDC around each double crochet on the previous round.  Chain 2, work a back post single crochet. Complete 6 times total from*. join with the beginning stitch. Cut yarn and secure.

If you are going to use your flower at a later time, you may want to consider cutting of an extra long tail.


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