Little Mittens, Small Hands - One of my early crochet pieces

I was looking through some containers today and stumbled across these little mittens.  They were made for my daughter Amanda when she was really small, 3-5 years old.  That makes them 25-27 years old, which is also a testament to how long yarn can last.  The yarn is small, so I am thinking they were made with the 2 ply worsted and probably a size E crochet hook.  I didn't follow a pattern so this is one of my first engineered projects where I crocheted some and then measured the piece next to my daughters hand to get the right size.  I added some embroidery flowers with a lavender color to make them girly and different.  She loved to wear these mittens, even in the house and when it was warm.

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  1. WOW! What an amazing find - I just love this <3 I hope one day I come across one of my baby pieces and that it'll still look as lovely as these. Thanks so much for sharing the great find.


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