Crochet Heart Felicity

Crochet Valentine Heart Hat 2012

How to make a crochet heart hat

If you are a beginner, you can find a playlist for the basic crochet stitches by clicking on this link.  Beginner Crochet Stitches

Crochet Geek YouTube -

Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: 
Crochet Heart Felicity

Video Tutorial:  Crochet Heart Felicity Left Hand Version

Skill Level - Intermediate


TC - Triple Crochet - Wrapping yarn around hook 2 times
QC - Quadruple Crochet - Wrapping yarn around hook 3 times
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

Size I/5.5 mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle


Work a chain 3, join

Round 1: (First Triple Crochet will need to be a chain of 5 for the step up) *TC, CH 1, TC, CH 1, TC, CH 2, Complete 4 times total from *. Instead of the CH2, work a HDC in  4th chain to join.

Round 2:  Work 2 SC in the same space. *SC in stitch, SC in space, SC in Stitch, SC in space, SC in Stitch, 3 SC in CH 2 space. Continue around from *, work 1 SC in last space, join with a slip stitch to beginning single crochet.

Round 3: Rounded segments: (2 total) Chain 1, skip 3 SC.  *In the next SC work 7 Quadruple Crochet with a chain 1 between each stitch. CH 1, work a SL ST in the next stitch. Repeat from *.

Round 4: HDC Round:  CH 1, Work 1 HDC in each stitch  down to the center point,  work 3 HDC in the center point for an increase and so the point will lay flat. Work 1 HDC in each SC to the rounded sections.  *Work 1 HDC in each stitch, 2 HDC in each space. Slip stitch in center. Repeat once from *. Join with the beginning stitch.


  1. I am your newest member of your blog just now.

  2. Sorry, but the diagram seems substantially different from the (left-handed) video. The video seems to better match the finished heart, but I'd rather be working from a diagram. Do you have plans to fix it?

    1. I will have to look at my document to see how I have saved it. You are the first person to ask about a lefty chart. This is something I will keep in mind in the future when I am making charts.

    2. No, I work from right-handed charts all the time. But the stitches seem different. Chains are missing, the border on the chart looks to be a mixture of half-doubles & singles. And I am having trouble seeing where the rounds start. (Which might be me, but I'm suspicious of the chart)

    3. The half double crochet will be worked all the way around. The half double crochet edging that has been started on the first rounded section will be done all the way around the heart. It is the same as round 4

  3. Thank you for this lovely pattern!

  4. This is a beautiful heart! I have made some to give as gifts, and am currently making many more to stitch together to make a throw.

    I would like to point out a couple of edits. In the written instructions, round 2 should begin with a chain 1 (as shown in the video tutorial). Also, in the written instructions, there are 7 QC in round 3, as opposed to the video tutorial, which shows 1 TC, 5 QC, 1 TC.

    Either way it's worked looks decent, however, I've found that the 1/5/1 in the video tutorial produces a better looking heart.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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