Thank You for your Support - YouTube 100,000 Subscriber Reward

Here on Crochet Geek, we continue in to ground breaking territory every day on YouTube.  I would not have been able to achieve this reward if it were not for the loyal and continued support from all of you.  Thank you for helping me achieve this goal.  Thank you to YouTube for this reward.

From the core of my soul, I just love what I do and I love all of you for supporting me.  

Thank you,

You can read more about this reward on the YouTube Blog


  1. That's awesome! I do love learning from your videos! Thanks for posting them and keep up the good work! =)

  2. You are a special lady, I have learned a lot and still learning. Thank you so much

  3. Dear Teresa! Thank you for teaching me how to crochet nice hats, flowers etc. :)
    Edina from Hungary

  4. Congrats Teresa you completley deserve your reward! Here is to 100,000 more viewers in the future!

  5. Congratulations Mrs. Teresa! deserved.Thank you for all your tutorials , I have learn from you so many tips and patterns too.Thank you , thank you ! :0)

  6. Congratulations! Thanks for all the tutorials!

  7. Very much deserved. Your videos and patterns are so incredibly helpful and wonderful and I am so grateful for the time and effort you put in to them!

  8. Thank you very much. Your videos are perfect helpful. Wonderful. Thank you¡¡¡


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