Crochet Butterfly Sadie

Crochet Butterfly Fiona +CROCHET GEEK 

How to make a crochet Butterfly

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: 
Crochet Butterfly Sadie

Video Tutorial: Crochet Butterfly Sadie Left Hand Version

Skill Level - Intermediate


DC - Double Crochet

SL ST - Slip Stitch
SC - Single Crochet

Size I/5.5 mm crochet hook
4 ply yarn
Tapestry Needle

Optional: Chenille Wire stem for butterfly body
Optional: Magnet

Chain 5, join

Round 1: Chain 1 (won't count as a stitch), *2 DC through the chain, Chain 3, continue around from * 8 times total. Join with the beginning stitch. ( 8 sets of 2 DC, CH 3)

Round 2:  Work a slip stitch between the double crochet.  Work a chain 1, *SC between the DC. Working in the next chain 3 space, work 4 DC, CH 3, SL ST to DC, 4 DC in same space. Complete from * a total of 8 times.  Join with the beginning stitch.  ( 8 sets of 4 DC, CH 3 join, 4 DC, SC between DC)

Upon completion, you will fold and align the double crochet together so there are 4 sections on each side.  Sew together so they stay in place. Knot secure and sew in the tails.

Chenille Stem:  Approximately 8 inches.  Align around the butterfly.  Twist at the top and shape antenna. 

Magnet: Glue a magnet to the back for using on a refrigerator or magnetic board.

If you are a beginner, you can find a playlist for the basic crochet stitches by clicking on this link.  Beginner Crochet Stitches

Crochet Geek YouTube -

Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -


  1. I love butterflies and this is great, very very clear, defo going to give this a try

    Thank you

    Amanda x

  2. Hello, I'm from Portugal, and I love your work, thank you for helping others with your knowledge, I'm very glad I came around, feel like will learn a lot with you.
    (sorry if my english is not very good)
    If you like to visit my new blog, you will be very welcome.

  3. I was looking for a butterfly today; what a coincidende!!!
    Excellent explanation; thank you so much.

    I have a question (not about the butterfly, but about the crochet hook). Does the "orange" part of the hook make it easier to crochet? Is it to avoid "pain"??? I noticed that I started to have pain in my thumb after crocheting alot... I live in Argentina and haven't really seen hooks like that.

    1. Monica - The different color grips are pencil grips that I use on my crochet hook. They do help reduce tension on the hook. The pain comes from gripping to tight on the crochet hook.

  4. i've been looking for a tutorial on how to make these for a few days now! thanks for sharing, i love your blog


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