How to make Flower Laurel - Thread Crochet by Crochet Geek

Flower Laurel - Thread Crochet

Crochet Geek will demonstrate a crochet flower. This flower is worked with thread and a steel crochet hook.  Subscribe Today for free crochet lessons -  and hit the like button.  

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Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Flower Laurel - Thread Crochet

Video Tutorial: Left Hand Flower Laurel - Thread Crochet

Skill Level - Intermediate

SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

TC - Triple Crochet

Size 1 steel crochet hook
Size 5 Thread
Tapestry Needle

Stitch Instructions and Definitions:  

Triple Crochet: Wrap the thread around your hook twice,  insert through the top loops of the previous stitch or below the chain, wrap the thread over, pull through.  Wrap the thread over the hook, pull through two loops, wrap the thread over the hook, pull through two loops, wrap the thread over the hook, pull through two loops.  This completes the triple crochet. 

Chain 5, join

Round 1: Chain 3, this will count as the first stitch, DC through the chain ring. *Chain 2, 2 DC, 7 times total from *, work a final chain 2, join with the beginning chain 3. (2 Double Crochet, Chain 2 - 8 total) 

Round 2: SLST to the chain 2 space. CH 1, SC in the same space, *CH 5, SC in the next space, 7 times total from *, chain 5, join with the beginning single crochet. (There will be a total of 8 chain 5 loops with a SC between)

Round 3:  SL ST to the chain 5 space. *CH 2, work 9 triple crochet through the chain 5, CH 2, slip stitch in the same space, slip stitch to the next chain 5, Complete 8 times total from *.  (There will be 8 petals with 9 triple crochet each and a chain 2 on each end)




  1. Massive fan of this site, so glad I stumbled across it! :)

  2. Great patterns, as all of yours are! I usually save them on Ravelry, but I couldn't find this one there. Will it be posted there as well? Thanks again for your great tutorials!!!

  3. omg I love it will send a pic of my completed flower.. Thinking of using it as the center piece on my openwork vest

  4. Hello, I'm a young woman from Sweden and I'm so happy to have found your blog and your videos on youtube! I have reasently started crocheting and your videos have helped med so much :) They are so easy to follow and. Thank you! /Madeleine

    1. Madeleine - I appreciate your kind words, thank you.

  5. Hola soy tu fan, me encantan tus videos, y he aprendido mucho, encontre un sombrerito que me gusto mucho pero no le entendi al pattern, podrias alludarme o hacer un tutorial de este pls, si puedes te dejo la url espero puedas ayudarme :-) <3

  6. Hi Teresa, I really loved the way of your representation in videos which helps a lot for beginners like me. Since last year am following your blog and videos in youtube. And guess I could directly start with the project of making caps, booties and headband which I gifted to my friends. And everyone loved it. So I take this privilege to thank you from bottom of my heart with such a wonderful work you are doing. I already had a cooking blog of Indian cuisine and recently started my craft section too. Please do have a look of it. Definitely I'll add your blog list to mine. I hope you don't mind :)Once again thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you Sailaja. I really enjoyed your blog and have subscribed.

  7. thank you so much :)


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