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Crochet has made a big comeback on the Internet in the past few years. There are some thoughts I want to share with those of you who earn revenue on your crochet, knitting and crafting videos.  This will apply to sites other than YouTube as well. 

I know many of you participate in account monetization on YouTube or have gone on to become a full partner. The type of videos we make take a lot of time to produce.   I have been approached by a few 3rd party sites who want to purchase my videos for a flat fee and then upload them on their YouTube channel.  Some have said the future videos I make can only go on their channel.  Others have requirements that make the videos look like spam.  They can embed and link our existing videos on their sites if they are really interested in our existing content.  

I have done many Google searches for professional video production. It starts from $1000-$10,000 on up for a 15-30 second commercial video.  

Something else that is often looked over is our crochet expertise. I  have over 28 years of experience with crochet.  What we have is two fold.  The knowledge of crochet and producing a professional quality crochet video, that can be in production for several months. 

These 3rd parties want to redirect traffic to their channel or site but not pay what the videos are worth. These offers are nothing but a bad deal.   When someone makes an offer to pay you a monetary value up front, they know it will go much further. Most likely tens of thousands of times more than their measly offer of $15-$50 dollars for a video.   

One day some of you may get real offers.  Right now I have not seen anything legitimate.

My suggestion! Stay Independent, you don't need a middle man to do what you are already doing.

Please share your experiences and questions you may have.

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  1. I don't make videos myself but I appreciate the time and energy you take to produce them. You are very right when you say don't accept those offers!

    It is better to stick with YouTube's monetization-- at least you know that is legitimate.

    I crochet as a hobby but I work as a writer and marketer ( If you ever want advice on monetizing your own website, let me know and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

    I am actually planning to put out a series of free reports on marketing (all free methods) for writers because so many of my fellow authors are lost when it comes to promoting their work online. But these may help you and others who crochet and make videos.

    Your contributions are so worthwhile. I never would have been able to take up crocheting again (I first learned when I was a teen, over 35 years ago) if not for you and others. God Bless!


    1. Thank you Marige - I would be interested in reading your reports when you get them posted.

  2. Excellent thoughts Teresa! I have collaborated in one area but it had other benefits for exposure. I am limiting more this year in what I've done in the past now that my audience is for established (mostly loom knitting). I do partner with other YouTubers to mutually help one another. But selling our productions outright Would be a giant mistake. I totally agree!

  3. I agree with you. The offers I have gotten were not worth the time and deadline requirements they had. 28 years experience you!!! amazing

  4. Thanks for posting this,Teresa. I totally agree with you. I have been approached with offers of publishing a crochet pattern book or buying my patterns wholesale and reselling them. I knew it was not in my best interest and love being independent.

  5. @Marige....I would really be interested in your reports as well. I'll stay tuned!

    Teresa - thanks for your thoughts. I think you're right on the money. Thanks for your hard work and thanks to you a once-newbie crocheter is now a budding pattern-writer. I learned from you.

  6. hi teresa,
    I'am really interested on this topic because I'am pretty new in this field, I mean of video producers, If you remember me , I ask the permision to make some tutorials in italian with some of your paterns, on my youtube channel,so now I want to ask you a question as I've seen that you are a independent producer, what actually that means, I thought that you were a youtube partener or something like that, escuse my ignorance but actually I decided to make my youtube channel because I love crochet and also teaching, (in my country, romania, I used to be a teacher of english and italian, but now I live in Italy)and now I made another one in english too, because I want to share my pasion for crochet with more people, but that's all; I know nothing about the financial advantages and disadvantages of this, so I hope you can illuminate me a little bit , of course if you like to share some of you long experience in this field
    thank you

    1. Oana - The idea for this post is there are networks who approach people like us, and want us to sign on with their company. The problem is there are no guarantees to how much you will make with them, if anything at all.

      Some of the other sites want you to make a video for them for $15-$50 for each video. That was why I posted my example estimate for how much it would cost to get a video made using a company. They are taking advantage of people who create "how to" and "educational" content.

  7. I' ve gotten things too and at first I was so excited because I learned to crochet from you and another of youtube only around 3 year ago. But once I did the math i would be making a video for like 5 dollars an hour.... :/ and I would have to mention a website on it like 5 times in a ten minute video. One thought I did have was that it maybe worth it to get your video seen more and help get a larger audience? What do you think?

    1. Mary - It is not worth it at all. The links in the video and mentioning the site name look like spam. $15 to make a custom video and include a link is a ripoff. I have had offers for $50 and up for links alone but I won't do them either. It benefits the site more than you. If these places want to commission a custom video, they need to pay for our expertise.


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