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My Crochet channel on YouTube - Crochet Geek, has been featured in a YouTube report.  Thank you to each an every one of you who visit my channel to learn crochet.  I learn from each of you, with the comments you leave me and the heartwarming stories you share.  I am humbled by the challenges that many of you have shared with me in learning to crochet.  Your stories help me become a better crochet teacher.  I continue to learn from you to this day, through reading your wonderful comments! I did not realize that The Art of Crochet was fading away until I started my crochet channel in 2006.  Now we are in the process of bringing Crochet back to life.  YouTube is powerful!  I am excited to see where we go next!

Crochet Love and Stitches,

YouTube Report PDF

Crochet Geek YouTube -

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  1. I discovered you on Youtube when I was starting out. Just yesterday I sent a friend of mine a link to your youtube page. She is just starting out in the crochet adventure. You are an excellent instructor.

  2. Hola Teresa, gracias a ti me he iniciado en el arte del crochet.Suelo mirar tu blog a diario y tambiƩn lo he recomendado a mis amigas. Bueno espero que sigas enseƱandonos mas cositas. Un abrazo desde las islas canarias, Lynda Sanjuan.

  3. I think you are awesome, and I have learn so much from you. I am still learning, learning never stops. Thank you so much, I enjoy creating. Madeline

  4. Congrats on all of the positive YouTube experiences. You give a lot to the crochet community!

  5. Hi Teresa...i found your video on Youtube last week.. I'm still new on crocheting ..and your video help me so are awesome.. i wish you happy life..:)

    Daisy - Indonesia

    PS.I'm so sorry my English is not good enough..:)

  6. Thank you Daisy! Your English is very good!

  7. Can you do a video to show me how to do the "ripple" to crochet a blanket? I want to do a baby blanket but the pattern calls for dc3tog and I don't understand what it's expecting me to do!

  8. Can you do a video showing how to do dc3tog? I can't find a good video anywhere and I want to do a "ripple" blanket.

  9. Hi Teresa, I have just created my first blog and mentioned you in it, you have been a great inspiration to me and it's good to be able to say thank you for helping me get where I am right now in my crochet journey :)

  10. D'arcy - I will do a tutorial for crocheting 3 together.

  11. D'arcy - I will do a tutorial for crocheting 3 together.

  12. You've inspired me to try and make a video.

    I don't think it came out as good as yours, but hopefully, as I make more, I will get better.

    Thanks for inspiring.

  13. Dear Teresa,
    You're really wonderful, thanks to you I can crochet. I love you and love all your creations, they're all amazing! You will never know how much I appreciate what you've been doing...
    Take care of you, hope your days are always great! Thank you!!!
    Lovestitch, xoxo

  14. What a GREAT blog you have, and you are sooo kind to tape videoes of your crocheting. I have linket to one of your videoes from my blog Thank you again, and sorry for my bad english writing(norwegian)

  15. Congrats! You deserve it! You certainly are a fabulous teacher and your videos are so easy to follow! Thank you!

  16. Hi, I was hoping you could help me. I ordered a hat pattern from someone online and the pattern calls for stiches that aren't in the pattern legend.
    The stiches are: SSC and TSC to be knit in the round.
    I'm actually quite frustrated and wondering if you have a link to a video that show's how to do these stiches when knitting in the round.
    Thanks so much!

  17. Hi Teresa
    I found you during the winter storm of 2010 and didn't even know how to make a chain ... Since then I haven't been able to stop crocheting. I have made my daughter over 30 sets of hats and scarves and given many scarves as gift all because of your great tutorials. I am even making baby dresses, booties and blankets all thanks to you!!! You are the BEST teacher thank you sooooo much for showing me and so many other this beautiful art !!!!


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