How I got Started on YouTube

On Tuesday, Michael Humphrey with wrote a great article about how I got started on YouTube.  Maybe you want to start your own channel and turn it in to a business.  I offer tips that have worked for me.

Crochet Geek YouTube -

Crochet Geek 2 YouTube -


  1. Thank you for all your videos. I've subscribed for quite a while and have learned a lot from YOU since you are the only "help" I've had in this area of fiber art.

    The flower patterns are great, by the way, and I am making one now for a cloche hat.

    Thanks again, Nancy

  2. Love it especially the part about getting right to the tutorial with no talking. Please font change and start selling I hVe already deleted one person due to this aggravation. You should put up a DONATE button on your Site. I'm sure there are many that would including ME.

  3. Urmymom - I do not understand about the font change.

    I will not use a donate button unless I would be raising money for a charity organization.

  4. Teresa I read the article on Forbes and I just want to say congratulations!! And thank you for what you do. You are such a great teacher, I have crocheted many things with your help. :)

  5. Congratulations, Teresa! You'we made it so far, I'm really happy for you. I love watching your videos, as much as I love to crochet, and your guidance helped me so much, I never thought so many things can be made of thread :)
    Thanks for everything you do for us!

  6. WOW - I watch your videos all the time (at some point you replied to one of my comments too :P), I learned how to crochet from your videos in the first place, but I never knew it was a business of yours! That's amazing, great job!


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