Donating for a Cause through Crochet

During tragedies, there are always scammers that will set up shop over night, to take advantage of the good nature of human beings.  Don't let that stop you from donating! Just be aware! When donating during a tragedy or any time, keep in mind that emergency supplies and support will have priority entering the devastation zone.  If you send a handmade item, it could set in a cargo bin for months as emergency needs are met first.

Here are some tips to think about when you are making your decision on how you will donate.
  1. Research thoroughly, with donating monetarily or sending your handmade work
  2. Find a trusted non-profit organization or church that has direct ties in the country
  3. Make sure there is a need
Food for Thought: How would you feel if you made several crochet blankets, to discover they got dumped in the garbage? Maybe they end up on Ebay through misrepresentation, with profit going to a scammer, instead of the place you intended them to go!

I often feel that fiber artists are exploited through tragic events. What I would like to do is to challenge crocheters to look "Outside Your Backdoor" and find a way to help neighbors in your local community. No matter what community you live in, there is always a need!


  1. I agree with you Teresa. I have made a few chemo caps and to make sure they have gone to the right place, I have physically walked in to the local cancer center and hand delivered them. This way I know they have received them and they are not going to someone who claims to be charity when all they want to do is make a profit off of it.

  2. Donating money is so scary - we always do our research first. Anything over seas we really have to be careful because like you said our items can sit for months. The Church is a leading source and it's one we go through... Thank you for reminding us to open our eyes and not to assume anything.... Now more people can be helped!!

  3. The church I attend is also the most trusted charity in the world. They never advertise that they are collecting for a particular cause but will always accept donations and put them to use where they're needed most. If you donate hand made items (beanies, scarves, blankets, etc) I'm sure they will be put to good use. The name of my church is "The Salvation Army" and if I'm going to donate that's who I'll donate to.

  4. An example could be the Joshua House in Tampa,FL. They give children a home until they can place them in a foster home or find them adopted parents....I am sure they will love to have blankets for them and I believe when they get placed in a home they get to take the blankets with them....I am sure there are many local places like this one that would benefit from our donations.....

  5. It's funny you should mention that. Not too long ago, I saw some people in need in Missourri, and was thinking maybe I could make some knit hats for people over there.

    But then I was thinking, there could be people who might need them right here in my own neighborhood. So I called a hospital right here in the area, and in turns out that they accept handknit preemie and baby caps.

    And all I had to do was make a phone call.



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