Crochet Baby Cap Two Pom Poms

Please Note:  The pom poms in this video have yarn threads that could come out.  Please use responsibly!


  1. Oi Teresa.
    O video está ótimo.

  2. This is a very cute hat, worked one with your video last night and I must say I really love the way mine came out. You said you have a pattern for a fuzzy pom pom, do you mind showing me where. I did not find it on your blog. Thank yo so much for this lesson!!!

  3. j aimerai savoir c est du combien de moin ? merci de votre reponse et bravo pour votre site que j adore j ai beaucoup appris avec vos video bisou isabelle

  4. As usual, simple, clear, beautiful. How can we express our deep thanks ?

  5. hi there... tried to watch your video Teresa, I was told I couldn't- it is private?

    First time this has happened BTW and I also will say this, your videos really rock ;O)

  6. Hey Teresa! I watch your videos and they help a ton! Especially because I am such a beginner. I have a question about your Jester beanie with the two pom-poms...Will that hat work the same way if the whole thing is Single Crocheted? (So without the blue band at the bottom?) And would it be the same concept where you would make a chain of 42 and then just single crochet from your chain and the last few steps would be the same? I'm sorry if that seems confusing! Thanks for all your help!!

  7. Are the pattern counts/directions any place or am I missing that? Thanks for your amazing videos!

  8. Does anyone know of the written pattern for this hat? I would like to print it out so I can work on it when I am not at my computer. Thanks!

  9. Andrea - This is one of the patterns that I have not posted the written instructions for yet.

  10. I clicked on the Left Handed link and it went to a Hobo Bag video. Is there a video for this hat for left handed?

    1. I have corrected the annotation and included the left hand version with this post.


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