Crochet SnowFlake 7

If you are a beginner, you can find a playlist for the basic crochet stitches by clicking on this link.  Beginner Crochet Stitches

Crochet SnowFlake 7

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Crochet SnowFlake 7

Video Tutorial: Left Hand Crochet SnowFlake 7

Skill Level - Beginner/Intermediate

DC - Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

TC - Triple Crochet

Size 1 steel crochet hook
Size 10 Crochet Cotton
Sewing Needle

Chain 3, join with the beginning chain.

Round 1:
*Chain 3, SC in the loop, Complete 5 time from *, chain 1, HDC in the first chain to join.  We want to end in the center of the last loop.  (6 loops total)

Round 2: CH 1 SC in the same loop,* CH 5 SC in the next loop,  continue around from * 
join in the first SC (6loops total)

Round 3: Chain 1, *SC in the same SC, Chain 6, TC, CH1, TC, CH1, TC, CH 4, SL in the same stitch, CH 6 SL ST in the same ST, CH 4 SL ST in the same ST, TC, CH1, TC, CH1, TC, CH 6 SC in next SC, Complete 6 times total from *, SL ST to join with the beginning SC.


  1. Wishing you all the best in the New Year! Thank you for all of you wonderful instructions!

  2. Wonder how many people began to crochet using video on the internet? I learnt from early internet pictures and it wasn't too easy.

  3. Thank You Teresa. I didn't even know I was following you until now, but I am watching a video that you put on YouTube for a beret.

    So far so good. I am on round 6. Thanks again.

  4. Happy New Year! I just wanted to know if I could post your blogspot link onto my blog? I absolutely love your tutorials! I have yet to meet a better teacher and you have helped me learn how to crochet since I began a little less than a year ago! I would just like to give you your credit where it is due and maybe, fellow new crocheters will happen across my blog and know that you are the best teacher there is!

  5. Hello Teresa, I look for an email address for you however I could not find one. I was hoping to talk to you. I am planning on doing a week on crochet designing, with guest bloggers, tips, etc... I was wondering if you would be interested in being apart of it. I know your a busy women and popular. I though since you have so many followers maybe you could share your knowledge on how to become a designer and be a success. you can check out my blog at then email me at mariecozycorner@ and let me know. looking forward to hearing from you. have a great crochet day.

  6. Encantada com seu blog.
    Coisas muito lindas encontrei por aqui.
    Te seguindo.

  7. Hi Teresa, I take the opportunity to thank you. Although I am not a beginner in knitting still I found your blog and the videos in your youtube account fascinating. Thank you ever so much for sharing all this information free. I will be studying meticulously your blog. Have a lovely day.

  8. Hi Teresa, I wanted to share this with you I thought it might interest you. Thanks for all your tips and patterns.
    Crochet butterfly's for Houston Holocaust Museum

  9. Thanks Miri,
    I think a lot of crocheters will find the butterfly project fun.

  10. Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. I have awarded you the Stylish blog award. Please pop over to my blog to accept the award.


    Dana @

  11. Just found your blog and am loving it!


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