How to make Crochet Earrings - Emma

How to make Crochet Earrings - Emma

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: How to make Crochet Earrings - Emma

Video Tutorial: Left Hand How to make Crochet Earrings - Emma

Skill Level - Easy

DC - Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

Size: 4cm/1-1/2 inches

Size 8 steel crochet hook
Size 10 crochet cotton
Small Needle

Earring Findings

Attach a slipknot to the crochet hook.
Work a chain of 10, join.

Round 1: Chain 1, Work 16 SC right through the center of the chain.  Join with the beginning stitch.

Round 2: Chain 4(Counts as the first stitch and chain 1),   *in the next stitch work a DC, CH 1, Continue around from *.  When you get around to the beginning, slip stitch in the 3rd chain up to join. (There will be a total of 16 stitches with a chain 1 between.

Round 3:  Slip Stitch in to the first chain 1 space. *SC, chain 4, SC in each space around, Continue around from *, join with the beginning stitch. There will be a total of 16 chain 4 loops.

Attach the earring finding to any of the last chain 4 loops.  You will chain 2, remove the loop from the hook, pull the loop through and continue with the remaining 2 loop.


  1. these are cute, Iv done squares :)

  2. I am curious. How come the name 'Emma' is in the title of this pattern?

  3. I cannot wait to try this Teresa, been waiting for some jewelry crochet

  4. Kat,
    I have two earring patterns posted now. I give most of my patterns a unique name for reference and search purposes.

  5. Cute, Teresa. The reason I asked is 'cuz I will (rather soon) be seeking out my new kitty. The Lord already gave me her name --> Emma. :-) I say "seeking" her 'cuz I don't know anything about her (other than what Jesus has told me), nor from where I will be getting her. Awesome, huh? Anyway, that's my "long tail" as to why I asked. tee-hee/mew!!

  6. Great idea. These could be sprinkled with gold, or silver and be cute holiday earrings. Maybe done in different colors for the seasons.

  7. Thank you, Teresa! I've made one pair of earrings. I love the result! Thank you for the graphic pattern!


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